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Have you seen the New Era Market? If you haven’t, you should but before you head off let me tell you a bit about it so you know what to expect. So, let’s get right into it.

Working Deep web link of NewEra market Place:- neweram2ko7qacon.onion

The first thing to talk about is the USER INTERFACE. It’s the first thing you see and the first page you operate on, so that’s why it was chosen as first. Now as far as the user interface of New Era Market generally goes, it’s simple, easy to navigate and looks kinda like Amazon.

It had a top bar with all the important links such as wish list, account, cart, and the header features a search tab.

The rest of the screen is divided into two major parts, the right sidebar which holds featured vendors and featured products and recently viewed items tab. Followed by the product listings, featured products, latest products, and top-rated products.

So as far as this review goes, it’s quite straightforward, easy to understand, and easier to navigate. it’s no harder to understand than Dream Market or Empire Market.

The Services and Good Offered

Now we are getting to the main dish. This is an aspect of the marketplace that is not impressive at yet, with just 2 vendors and 7 products.

Arsenal – 7
Carding – 0
Digital – 0
Drugs – 3
Services – 0
others – 0    

They are lacking in stock, this may be attributed to the fact that the marketplace is barely 1 week old. Even though it is basically empty, it might be the place where everyone would be in the future. The categories listed above are the main categories, they all have subcategories.

The arsenal products are products that are nonlethal, fireworks, ammo and a means of self-defense.

The carding products are the same with most markets, credit cards, debit cards, pay pal, etc

The digital products are products that can be sent digitally through the website, the sub-category includes, bank logs, software, eBooks, etc.

The drugs are well drugs, the sub-category includes, benzos, cannabis, opioids, etc.

The services include hacking services, spying services and more.

As for others, we assume it’s for categories that can’t be classified or are out of place. Like maybe a bean weevil vendor.

Lastly, If New Era Market stocks itself up as good as Empire Market, or any other established deep web marketplace well in that might be hope for the marketplace. The list might just continue to grow so I’ll end it on this note “time will tell”  


Now, this aspect deserves grave attention, we know accounts, money, and data can be lost, hacked so we must prepare.

Here are some of the security features of the marketplace.

PGP encryption
Unique password
Guest checkout
Wallet Less

PGP encryption is literally the strongest encryption protocol existing out there which is extremely easy to use.  It is optionally available to buyers and sellers on the platform. The encryption keeps your communication more secure, so it’s a great feature.

A unique password is basically the strong password you created during sign up, you can use to login to your account.

Guest Checkout means that you don’t have to create an account to place an order, you can just tick the guest checkout option and send your package to the mailbox. That’s total anonymity, so that’s why I mentioned it as a security feature.

Wallet Less System means that you do not store your coins or money on the marketplace website, it’s a great feature to have as it reduces the probability of an exit scam by the marketplace and brings peace of mind knowing that your coin is your own wallet till you want to buy.

Escrow is pretty standard among most deep web marketplaces, the escrow release duration is set to 2 to 48 hours and confirmed delivery of your products. The availability of escrow makes sure your payments aren’t instantly delivered to the vendor without the product being dispatched, and for vendors, it functions as a guarantee of getting paid once the product is dispatched.

So New Era Market has a $200 featured vendor bond in place, it is optional. The bond fee makes sure not every Tom-Dick and Harry can be a vendor. With that been said, it is advisable to pay the vendor fee to gain trust as a vendor.

Additionally, every bit of information about a vendor can be obtained from their profiles, including:

Vendor Followers
Total Reviews
Vendor Biography

So yes it’s transparent.

You might notice many features here are common among other deep web marketplaces, some are unique to the New Era market, but it does mean the New Era market is taking it’s security seriously.

Payment and Currencies

One of the prime differences between New Era Market and the other markets is its acceptance of different types of currencies.

New Era Market lets you buy/sell using Bitcoin as well as Ethereum and Lite Coin as of today, and has plans of adding other currencies including Monero, Dash Coin, Bitcoin Cash, etc . in the future.

The other currencies would surely bring down the transaction fee quite a bit, considering how it’s pretty high with bitcoin. Also, bitcoin may not be available to everyone, so there are more options to choose from. So in conclusion, having more than one currency for payment is surely a feather in the cap for this New Era Market review.

Search Functionality

This would be the last feature of this review, the search functionality. There is a search tab in the header where you can type what you’re searching for and get it instantly, it’s really useful for when the product stock increases. You can also add filters to your search like price, ratings, reviews, featured.

So they made sure you can find what you are looking for.

Wrapping up the review

Before you access this market place, beware that going to these types of market places is illegal and you can’t access it on your simple chrome browser or smartphone. you need a tor browser and some strict precaution before accessing these market places or any other .onion websites.

Read More:- How to browse Deep Web/Dark Web safely on smartphone

So this is where I share my final words, viewpoints and perspective on the market in question.

As for NewEra Market, I would start by saying that as far as features, security or user-interfaces goes, they’ve aced it. Simply because it’s simple to use, easy to navigate, loads decently and still manages to look good. period.

As for the availability of products, right now I’m obviously not satisfied, but I’ll try not to judge and give it a couple of months before I update this article again with a more solid verdict about their products.

Currently, nope they aren’t  product rich

As for their vendor fees, a $200 vendor bond won’t burn a hole in your pocket if you are a serious vendor and it does help curb scammers, so it’s a great policy. It’s optional but the featured vendors get extra attention.

It’ll be interesting to see the fate of the marketplace a couple of months from today, anyway that’s all I have to say in this Empire review, folks. 


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