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Express WiFi By Facebook App Download: As we mentioned, earlier the programmer required users to download an app from a telecom operator to reconfigure their phone settings, the new app will make the programmer’s roll out in other regions much smoother and easier. Meanwhile, a Facebook spokesperson has confirmed the app’s rollout to TechCrunch, saying, “Facebook is releasing the Express Wi-Fi app in the Google Play store to give people another simple and secure way to access fast, affordable internet through their local Express Wi-Fi hotshots.”

Express WiFi by Facebook App Download

Facebook has launched an app that will let users in developing countries access its paid Wi-Fi service. The social media giant has unveiled an Express Wi-Fi app for Android smartphones to go along with its distributed Wi-Fi network. The Express Wi-Fi is a carrier-provided connectivity service that claims to provide “affordable Internet.”

facebook express wifi

The app will essentially provide users with a way to buy Internet connection from telcos rather than purchasing expensive connections, and in some places, slow connections. As of now, the app is reportedly available in Indonesia and Kenya.


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What is Express Wi-Fi by Facebook

According to With Express Wi-Fi, we’re working with carriers, internet service providers, and local entrepreneurs to help expand connectivity to undeserved locations around the world. We’re currently live in India, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, and Indonesia.

Empowering Local Entrepreneurs

Express Wi-Fi empowers local entrepreneurs to help provide quality internet access to their neighbors and make a steady income. Working with local internet service providers or mobile operators, they’re able to use software provided by Facebook to connect their communities.

Better Internet for Everyone

When people are able to purchase fast, affordable and reliable internet, they’re able to explore the range of information it has to offer including news, education, health, job postings, entertainment, and communication tools like Facebook.


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