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LG 98-inch 8K TV, LG’S 98-INCH 8K TV

LG 98-inch 8K TV (7680 x 4320 pixels)

LG all set to launch there first ever 8k resolution(16 times the resolution of normal 1080p)  98 inch LED TV. Korean company are not saying much about this monstrous TV but you can bet it is the best TV in the world till date . 98 inch display your own home theater and if you use Sennheiser Orpheus Headphone Worth of $50,000 than you have a heaven right in your home and you don’t want to go anywhere just sitting in your room with you 98 inch Big TV forget about your all tension.

Old 4k resolution tv from LG are now acient talk because they are using web OS 2.0 but this giant television contain Web OS 3.0 . The level of detail this TV was producing is hard to overstate. Pixels were all but invisible from as close at 6 inches, and completely invisible from 3 feet. The result is a picture that comes as close to reality as we’ve ever seen, due in no small part to the sense of depth that is created by the intense resolution. For the first time upon approaching a TV, we weren’t entirely certain it wasn’t a framed work of art. After a few moments of watching moving footage.


Sharp’s 8K Tv costs about $130,000, LG not reveal its price but one thing is confirm that LG 98 inch 8k Coast more than $130000

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