Sennheiser Orpheus Headphone Worth of $50,000

Headphone Worth of $50,000


The real shit is coming Sennheiser orpheus’ Head phone worth of $50000 , yes you read it right fifty thousand dollar.Now you are thinking what on the earth who spend $50000 on head phone but there are some music lover who dont think of much before buying this headphone.

The birth of Orpheus

A German head phone artisan Sennheiser called Orpheus, make this awesome gadget and they are not new in this business , in 1992 they come up with a $16000 worth of head phone.the first Orpheus electrostatic head phone system is widely considered the best sounding set ever made.

The Design of Orpheus Headphone

It is the imgination of senneiser’s to put affort on a great piece of technology that worth enough money that customer not feel himself to be steal. This manufactured from 6000 different component.the system is decked out with motorized vacuum tubes and custom control knobs, a brand new hybrid amplification system,

The system is powered by a total of 8 vacuum tubes, looks like a spy gadget from james Bond movies when they open slowly come from the there cave,  along with a secondary amplifier built right into the head phones themselves.

The sound


Now the best part the sound is like you are sitting in front of your favourite Band and artist and they sing for you . The whole system is like a gift of god , Its like God are using them and finally you are also use them but a huge price but for the music lover is not that big and if you are not a music lover than surely you gonna love music after you hear your worst song in this Head phone.

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