How to Install Hidden Cameras for Home Security


Security and safety are important no matter where we are, but most of us can probably agree that it’s a big priority in our homes.  Dealing with a home invasion or robbery is terrifying, after all.  While some of us out there can arm ourselves to defend ourselves, it does not apply to everyone.

Additionally, what happens if we aren’t home to defend ourselves?  As you can see here,, robberies are one of the most common crimes here in the United States.  All of this is to say that finding other ways to protect ourselves is critical.

What are Hidden Cams?

Before you get around to purchasing and installing one, you have to know what they are.  Thankfully, it’s not that hard to figure out.  They’re a form of surveillance that private citizens can purchase, and there are a ton of different models.

Their biggest goal is to help keep our homes protected.  One question that we see a lot about them is why we would want to keep them hidden.  Don’t obvious cameras serve as a form of deterrence for criminals?

In certain cases, this is true.  However, for others, it would simply serve as a warning to avoid those visible cameras.  A lot of families opt for a mix of both hidden and visible ones to keep themselves as secure as possible.

Are they Legal?

Something else that many people worry about is whether or not it’s legal to place surveillance cameras around our property.  In most states, the answer is “yes.”  If you aren’t sure, though, it doesn’t hurt to check resources like this one to get a better idea of whether or not you should go for it.

Shopping and Installation

There are a ton of surveillance and security options on the market right now.  At brick-and-mortar stores alone, we have hundreds of selections to choose from.  When we factor in the online retailers as well, it can start to feel overwhelming.

However, there are ways to sort through and find one that will suit our needs.  Before you start shopping, you may want to consider where you want to install the cameras.  So, think about how many you want to be stealthy, and if there are any “obvious” spots that you’re comfortable with installing one as well.

All of this can play into what system you should get.  After all, if you only need one or two hidden cameras, you probably won’t want to purchase a huge security system that comes with more than that.  The “perfect” choice just involves far too many variables for us to safely recommend one option over another.

Are They Worth It?

With all of this said you may still be wondering if it’s worthwhile purchasing a security system.  Since it costs money, there’s always a reasonable level of caution to approach it with.  However, considering the benefits that come with having surveillance cameras around your home, it’s hard to deny their value.

For one thing, they’re a valuable tool for keeping most criminals at bay.  We mentioned this briefly earlier, but if you have signs up in the yard warning that there is surveillance on the property, many criminals simply won’t bother.  Having them hidden only serves to add an extra layer of protection, since it means they won’t easily be able to avoid being spotted.

Another benefit that we don’t often think of, though, is that they can also protect us from certain liability issues.  While this may not be universal depending on the neighborhood that you’re in, if you notice someone sneaking in to use your pool or something like that, you can spot it and install fences to protect yourself in case of an injury. 

The trick will be to ensure that you hide them properly and that you spread them out enough to get full coverage of your property.  There are plenty of guides that can help with that, and you may want to check out some of the resources we’ve provided to get an idea of it as well.  Generally speaking, though, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who thinks more security is a bad idea for our homes.


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