Is Bitcoin Can be Considered as an Option for

Bitcoin is often viewed as an investment option because its value has increased in the past. However, in any investment, there is always risk involved. You can check twitgoo.com for more info.

Bitcoin may not be the best savings option because its value is not always stable. For example, in January of 2018, the value of one bitcoin was around $14,000. 

However, by December of 2018, the matter had dropped to about $3,500. This means that if someone had invested in bitcoin in January, they would have lost around $10,500 by December.


Another reason Bitcoin may not be the best savings option is that it can be difficult to access. For example, if somebody wanted to trade bitcoin, they would need to locate a purchaser willing to spend the current trading price. This can be difficult, especially if the value of bitcoin is low.

8 Ways How Bitcoin is not Considered as an Excellent Option for Savings

1. Volatility: 

The Bitcoin price is highly volatile, and it can go up or down in a short period. For example, in January 2018, the value of one bitcoin was around $14,000, but by December 2018, its value had decreased to $3,700. This makes it a risky investment option.

2. Limited acceptance: 

Many merchants do not accept Bitcoin as a form of payment which reduces its usefulness.

3. Lack of protection: 

Bitcoins are not insured like bank deposits, so if your bitcoins are stolen or lost, you will not be able to get them back.

4. Complexity: 

The buying, selling, and trading of bitcoins can be quite complex, making it difficult for beginners.

5. Limited supply: 

The entire Bitcoin produced is restricted to 21 million, implying a finite quantity. 

6. High electricity consumption: 

Bitcoin mining requires a lot of electricity, leading to increased energy costs.

7. Risk of fraud: 

There is a risk of fraud when dealing with bitcoins as there are many scams online.

8. Tax implications: 

Bitcoin ownership may be complicated and varies by nation. For example, in the United States, bitcoin is considered property and not as currency which means that you will have to pay capital gains tax on any profits made from its sale.

Cryptocurrency is often considered a fast and convenient way to pay bills, send money abroad, and more, but the truth is that it’s not necessarily the best option in all of those situations. 

Many businesses will only accept cryptocurrency if it has been transferred in a form that they can verify. Unfortunately, this usually means that sending money abroad is extremely expensive and time-consuming.

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6 Ways How Bitcoin Can be Considered as a Good Option for Savings

1. Bitcoin is deflationary by design. The total number of bitcoins that will ever be created is capped at 21 million, which means that the value of this digital currency is likely to increase over time as it becomes scarcer. 

In other words, if you invest in bitcoin now, your purchasing power will likely be more significant in the future.

2. Bitcoin is highly portable. Bitcoins can be stored on a computer or mobile phone and carried with you wherever you go. 

3. Bitcoin is global. Bitcoins are accepted globally in virtually every country and easily exchanged for local currency.

4. Bitcoin is divisible. Bitcoins can be divided into smaller units (called satoshis), suitable for smaller transactions.

5. Bitcoin is deflationary. The total number of bitcoins that will ever be created is capped at 21 million, which means that the value of this digital currency is likely to increase over time as it becomes scarcer. 

6. Bitcoin is highly portable. Bitcoins can be stored on a computer or mobile phone and carried with you wherever you go. 

Despite these drawbacks, there are some benefits to using bitcoin as a savings option. For example, bitcoins can be stored offline, making them less susceptible to theft. 


There are many reasons why bitcoin can be considered a good option for savings. It is deflationary by design, highly portable, secure, global, and divisible. As the value of this digital currency continues to rise, it is likely to become even more popular as savings.


What Is The Best Value Xiaomi Phone?

You’ve probably heard a lot about Xiaomi but now you want to know what is the best value Xiaomi phone. What follows are some of the best-rated Xiaomi phones for your consideration.

Xiaomi Mi 11

This is considered Xiaomi’s flagship phone for 2021. And yes, it’s one of the most expensive Xiaomi phones on the market today. This phone is perfect for those who are into photography because it features camera modes. You’ll surely love taking pictures with this phone. It has a good-looking high-resolution screen with a high refresh rate. It’s also very fast thanks to the top-of-the-line chipset that it’s using. It’s not a perfect phone, however. The company would have included a better battery. The fingerprint scanner also doesn’t work all the time. Still, it’s a great phone. And the price tag is justified. Some people consider it as the best value Xiaomi phone this year.

Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC

When Xiaomi released the Poco X3 NFC it really surprised a lot of people. It’s a very affordable phone. It’s hard to believe its price considering its great specs. When you get this phone, you’ll really feel that you’re getting more than what you’ve paid for. It is a very powerful phone and it has a long-lasting battery to boot. The 120Hz screen is something that you’ll definitely love. Some people complain that it is too large though. Plus, not everyone is a fan of how the back of the phone looks like. Users have reported issues with the camera as well. But the pros still outweigh the cons so this phone is definitely a good buy.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro is probably the best phone from Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi. Though it has high-end specs, it has a very reasonable price. One of the best things about it is that it has a massive 5,020mAh battery. This is definitely enough to get you through the day. This phone also has excellent stereo speakers so it definitely would appeal to music lovers. It’s also good for watching videos and movies. One disappointing aspect of this phone is that it doesn’t have 5G connectivity considering that it came out when 5G phones are already coming out. The phone also lacks 4K stabilization. If having a 5G-ready phone is not important to you then this phone is a solid choice.

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

The Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro is a big phone, probably too big for many. But if you have big hands then you surely won’t have any problems using this phone. The processing power of this phone is excellent. Plus it also has a reliable fingerprint scanner, unlike other Xiaomi phones. The back is made of some glossy material that has the potential of being a fingerprint magnet. But if you’re going to use a case then it’s not going to be a problem. It is a great addition to the Mi 10 series of phones. Some may consider this as the best value Xiaomi phone.

The Pandemic and Technology

The Impact Of The Pandemic On the Global Technology Market

The Pandemic and Technology

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created huge problems for the world, beyond the immediate and obvious health effects. It’s also had a deep impact on technology and the way we work

The Pandemic and Online Technology

Those into history will be acutely aware that while the COVID-19 global pandemic has affected the health and economy of the entire world in negative ways, technological possibilities have made this much easier to bear than in the past. Even a few decades ago, online working would have been impossible, and medicines could not have been created to allow vaccination programmes so rapidly. However, the technology sector itself has also been dramatically affected by the pandemic in a multitude of ways.

The use of modern technology has significantly reduced the still large and negative effect of COVID-19 on the economy, as many workers have been able to move to online activity. However, this has not only been a contributing factor in chip shortages but it’s also created a potential security risk. Fortunately, workers have various means to keep safe online. Nevertheless, there have been far more hacking and scamming incidents due to the sudden rise in people working online who normally have real-world jobs.

iGaming and eGaming

Video games are now a huge part of the entertainment sector, with a total value exceeding that of Hollywood. Running the gamut from bright and cheery games for kids through to grim and gritty stories with all the acting, plot, and musical accomplishments of blockbuster movies, video games have had a very mixed time during the pandemic. On the one hand, they’ve proven to be something of a huge boon as a distraction, particularly during initial lockdowns which saw a combination of disrupted sporting schedules and a large proportion of the workforce stuck at home. However, the healthcare crisis has also coincided with the launch of a new console generation for both Playstation and Xbox, which has been less than ideal and made game development far trickier. Limited supplies of both new consoles coupled with widespread scalping have created significant shortages both at launch and months down the line, driving up second-hand prices and denying many gamers the chance to get their hands on the latest tech.

Businesses that are strictly land-based and offline including casinos have been dramatically affected, particularly when online casino alternatives exist. In much the same way, while traditional sports had their schedules hugely disturbed, eSports (competitive video games) have seen a surge in interest.

Rising Robotics and Chip Shortages

This double-edged sword has been reflected more broadly in the way technology has been utilized to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on the general economy, according to Professor Phillip Brown of Cardiff University. Increasing demand for robotics has been seen with companies that produce so-called cobots (collaborative robots), such as Cardiff’s X-STK. Robots need not worry about social distancing or self-isolating, but there is a chance that this boom in robotics might strip away jobs from people on a permanent basis, as has happened in the past.

Working from home through the internet, whether that’s simply sending work in via e-mail or conducting meetings via Zoom, has enabled many to work who would otherwise have been confined at home and unable to earn. However, there have been some knock-on effects, beyond the psychological stress that many have felt. The surge in working from home has put pressure on the supply of laptops, driving up prices. At the same time, there’s been a shortage of computer chips, making it difficult for people to upgrade or replace their existing hardware. Three-quarters of semi-conductors come from sources in East Asia, with many made in Taiwan. Given an increasingly bellicose Chinese approach to the island, this has increased fears the supply could end up being subject to disruption in the future, whether due to blockade or outright war. Although firms are doing their best to ramp up supplies, this shortage is expected to continue throughout most of 2021 and perhaps into 2022 as well.

A Mixed Picture for the Future

The world of work has been significantly shaken up by the effects of both the pandemic and countermeasures (particularly lockdowns). This has led to an unusual divergence in economic activity, with some sectors practically on ice for prolonged periods (hospitality especially) and others entering a boom period (manufacturers of PPE). Those able to work from home have done so, with commuting off the table, and this may have long-term implications for the world of work that lasts beyond the pandemic. In cases where work cannot simply be shifted from offline to online, many workers have been forced to explore new employment options

Experts in technology, social change, and communications were canvassed by the Pew Research Center and Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center with a view to understanding what the prolonged impact of the pandemic might be on society and the way we work. One serious negative aspect that was predicted by many respondents was increasing divergence between a smaller number of well-connected and technologically astute individuals who will do better, and a larger number of people who have less technological proficiency and may find it difficult to compete for jobs as increasing numbers of employment opportunities are lost to robots, AI, or otherwise eliminated by progress in technology. Alarmingly, the spread of misinformation was another commonly held and negative prediction, which is not helped by the rising power of large firms due to the increasing potential of AI.

However, it’s not all bad news. Increased flexibility through more remote working can improve the balance between work and life for many. Of those queried, 47% of experts said life would be worse for most people in 2025 compared to pre-pandemic, but 39% said it would be better for most people.

Technology has allowed us to collectively weather the pandemic storm far better than we would have in the past but at the cost of reducing chip availability and seeing some jobs be lost to advancing AI and robotics. Looking to the future, with or without a pandemic technology will continue to dramatically alter the shape of the economy, to the benefit of some and the detriment of others.


Tips For Having A Healthy Relationship With Your Electronics

Electronics are all around us and although they provide a multitude of uses for us as humans, they can be something that we can often be too reliant on. It’s important to try and balance your relationship with these electronics so that you can function without them where possible. With that being said, here are some tips for having a healthy relationship with your electronics. In an age where technology is everywhere, it’s important to have some control over it.

Image Source

Monitor Your Usage

Firstly, it’s important to be aware of your usage. Most of your electronics like your computer or your phone will be monitoring how much time you spend on these devices. This is information that is definitely worth you knowing too. It can be helpful to see just how much or little you are using of your electronics as it might inspire you to make conscious changes to how you use your tech. For some, it might not be that surprising, but nowadays with so many of us active online, it’s likely to be a higher amount of time spent than you’d expected. 

If you’re looking to see your usage, then check on the settings part of your app and that should have a section to tell you about your usage of the phone. It can also be broken down into areas like the internet, social media, emails, etc. That way, you can find out which area is doing the most damage in terms of trying to gain your attention.

Take Breaks

Breaks are definitely important when you’re trying to have a healthy relationship with your electronics. Whether you’re working at the desk in your office or endlessly scrolling through your social media channels whilst commuting, it’s important to give yourself a break. Too much time spent on these electronics are likely going to give you a headache and can also do some harm to your eyes too.

A lot of these electronic devices have blue light and this can cause some strain on your eyes, leaving them dry and sore. It’s not something that’s pleasant to deal with and the more you strain your eyes, the worst it will get. It’s worth looking at a site like https://www.eyeglasses.com when it comes to shopping for the right eyewear. Having glasses that block out the effects of blue light can be very beneficial. It’s especially so if you’re someone who has a lot of time spent in front of a computer for work.

Challenge Yourself To Leave Electronics Alone

Have you ever challenged to leave your electronics alone? It might not be for a week but perhaps a day or even just a few hours? However long you’ve gone without it, it’s something that you can always work on bettering. It’s especially the case if you have a habit of picking up your phone every five minutes. Even though many would consider something like a phone to be an extra part of your body, it’s good to try and leave it alone to give yourself a rest. 

If you’ve not challenged yourself before, see how long you can go, to begin with. Perhaps it’s a good idea to start off with short intervals and then make them longer. That way, you’re not going cold turkey if you’re someone that is particularly reliant on their phone or computer.

Manage Notifications

Managing your notifications is something that you certainly want to try and do in order to take control of the electronics. Notifications are made by apps and your phone or device in order to capture your attention. They are a distraction, and likely you’ve found yourself distracted when it comes to your phone or device when you hear that familiar ping sound. With that being said, it’s a good idea to try and manage your notifications by either limiting what pops up or perhaps removing the notification option altogether.

Image Source

Although that’s likely to be a frustration for the apps and devices that rely on the notifications, it’s still something that can be healthy to do in order to stop yourself from looking at your electronics.

Have A Digital Detox

A digital detox is something you want to try and do every so often because the results of it can feel so good! A digital detox is where you ditch all of your techs for a period of time. Whether you focus on just your phone or all devices, it’s healthy to hit the reset button and to focus on making yourself feel better. Things like social media can be all-consuming, and it’s important to hit pause when you feel yourself getting overwhelmed or perhaps emotionally affected by your phone and the online world.

At the end of the day, you’re the one in control and so if you need to stop for a while and have a detox from the digital side of life, then you can. It might be something you do for 24 hours or perhaps maybe for a week or two. It’s certainly going to help you bounce back refreshed and ready to go again.

Create Positivity Across Your Feeds

Your social feeds influence others, whether you have a big following or not. And as a result, we all have a responsibility to post authentic content where we can to show that real life isn’t all photoshopped and perfect. Not only that but spreading positivity is infectious, and it’s much better than trolling or putting someone else down. There’s enough negativity in the world, and more is not needed. So with that being said, try to create more positivity across your feeds when you can. It’s important and necessary to ensure everyone else is happy too.

Having a healthy relationship with electronics can be a tumultuous one, but it’s something you can learn to manage better. Find ways to help cope with putting the phone down every so often and if you work at a computer every day, try to take regular breaks.

whatsapp group to signal

How to Migrate WhatsApp Group to Signal App

WhatsApp users getting a pop-up, asking users to accept the new terms of services of WhatsApp. However, if you do not accept it now, it will work, but by February 8 it will have to be accepted. For this, Facebook company WhatsApp has given the deadline till February 8. According to the new Terms of Services, WhatsApp will monitor the data of users more than before and also share it with parent company Facebook and with its other services.

After this decision of WhatsApp, a section of WhatsApp users are angry. Privacy concerned users are now turning to Signal and Telegram Apps because Privacy has been given much attention in these apps. The good thing is that the data of users is not collected much here.

How to Migrate WhatsApp Group to Signal App

On Thursday, Signal tweet that there is a delay in getting the verification code. This is happening due to the arrival of more new users. The company has also shared a guide. In which it has been told that How WhatsApp users can migrate WhatsApp Group to Signal App by Group Link. The user has to pay attention here that they cannot move their chat from one app to another. With the feature that Signal has shared, only the user can go from one messenger to another.

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Many people are trying to know how they can bring group chat to Signal from WhatsApp. Signal’s group link is a good start. Signal has tweeted that drop a group link in the old chat app in this case, WhatsApp or of your choice.

Here we are going to tell you how you can move group chat from WhatsApp or any other messenger app to the Signal app.

First of all, create a group on Signal.
– Tap on group settings and click on the group link.
– For group link, toggle on and tap on share.
– Share this group link in your old messenger.

The signal app has a lot of focus on privacy. It commented on the security of group migration links, stating that “links are optional which can be rotated or disabled at any time. The new member needs the approval of the group administrator before joining. ”

Some new options will be enabled once the group is ready. You can follow these steps.

– By tapping on the share icon, you can forward the link to another user.
– Using a share link, you can toggle on or off to approve new members in the group.
– If the user feels that the link has become more shared, then he can reset the link.

In December 2020, the Signal App launched the Group Call feature. Signal described it as free, private, and end-to-end encrypted with the latest version update.

trending things in 2020

GoodBye 2020: What was Top Trending Things on Google This Year, Check The List

There are only a few days left for the year 2020. This year will be known forever for the Covid-19 virus. The virus that came out of China came as a disaster for the whole world and caused the death of millions of people. This year, a lot of things happened that got the attention and people quickly searched all these on Google. Google released the list of most searched keywords on Google search engine this year. Here you find the top trending and search keyword search across the world.

Google Trends in Year 2020

According to TechCrunch “In the U.S., Election results was the No. 1 top trending search, followed by Coronavirus. The PlayStation 5, Zoom and the names of several celebrities we tragically lost in 2020 also made the list. The top trending searches of 2020 were: Election results, Coronavirus, Kobe Bryant,  Coronavirus update, Coronavirus symptoms, Zoom, who is winning the election, Chadwick Boseman, and PlayStation 5.

The top trending News searches reflected similar trends, with Elections, the pandemic, and other related impacts making the list. There was a lot of bad news in 2020, including natural disasters and the largest stock market crash since 1929 (the Coronavirus Crash), which made the list, too.

Top Trending TV Shows in the World in Year 2020

According to official Google blog

This year’s top trending TV shows feature both a king and a queen, as well as a karate master and an infamous nurse. More of the top trending TV shows below. 

  1. Tiger King
  2. Cobra Kai
  3. Ozark
  4. The Umbrella Academy
  5. The Queen’s Gambit
  6. Little Fires Everywhere
  7. Outer Banks
  8. Ratched
  9. All American
  10. The Last Dance

Top Trending Movies in the Year 2020

  1. Parasite
  2. 1917
  3. Black Panther
  4. Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey
  5. Little Women
  6. Just Mercy
  7. Bad Boys 3
  8. Sonic the Hedgehog
  9. Contagion
  10. Fantasy Island

Top Trending Action Movies in the Year 2020 

  1. 1917
  2. Black Panther
  3. Birds of Prey
  4. Bad Boys 3
  5. Sonic the Hedgehog
  6. Mulan
  7. The Old Guard
  8. Artemis Fowl
  9. Bloodshot
  10. Extraction

Top Trending Comedy Movies in the Year 2020

  1. Hubie Halloween
  2. Like a Boss
  3. Onward
  4. Trolls World Tour
  5. Borat 2
  6. Spies in Disguise
  7. The Wrong Missy
  8. Dolittle
  9. King of Staten Island 
  10. Downhill

 Top Trending Drama Movies in the Drama Year 2020

  1. Little Women
  2. Just Mercy
  3. Tenet
  4. 365 Days
  5. Jojo Rabbit
  6. The Photograph
  7. Enola Holmes
  8. The Gentlemen
  9. The Hunt
  10. After We Collided

Top Trending Thriller Movies in the Year 2020

  1. Contagion
  2. Fantasy Island
  3. Underwater
  4. The Grudge
  5. The Invisible Man
  6. The Turning
  7. The Devil all the Time
  8. Antebellum
  9. Gretel & Hansel
  10. Knock Knock

Best apps of 2020

This year, people depend on apps more than ever – for staying connected, learning new hobbies, and finding a respite from the noise of the world. Innovative, elegant, and irreverent, here are Google Play’s best apps of 2020.

  1. Sleep stories for calm sleep – Meditate with Wysa
  2. Moj – Made in India | Short Video App
  3. Free Audio Stories, Books, Podcasts – Pratilipi FM

Best Google Play Games of 2020

Any title crowned Best Game has to exceed expectations and deliver compelling, accessible, genre-defining experiences. Thankfully, this year’s winner does all this without missing a beat. Our Best Game of 2020 is: Legends of Runeterra

Below are the Most searches keyword throughout the Year 2020



1) Coronavirus
2) Election results
3) Kobe Bryant
4) Zoom
5) IPL
6) India vs New Zealand
7) Coronavirus update
8) Coronavirus symptoms
9) Joe Biden
10) Google Classroom

1) Coronavirus
2) Election results
3) Iran
4) Beirut
5) Hantavirus
6) Stimulus checks
7) Unemployment
8) Tesla stock
9) Bihar election result
10) Black Lives Matter




1) Tom Hanks
2) Joaquin Phoenix
3) Amitabh Bachchan
4) Ricky Gervais
5) Jada Pinkett Smith
6) Justin Hartley
7) Lea Michele
8) Eleazar Gómez
9) Ansel Elgort
10) Михаил Ефремов

1) Ryan Newman
2) Michael Jordan
3) Tyson Fury
4) Tom Brady
5) Mike Tyson
6) Luis Suárez
7) Alex Zanardi
8) Delonte West
9) Drew Brees
10) Thiago Silva

1) Together At Home concert
2) Fire Fight Australia concert
3) Garth Brooks drive in concert
4) Travis Scott Fortnite concert
5) BTS online concert
6) iHeartRadio concert
7) Andrea Bocelli concert
8) Elton John concert
9) Meerkat Music Take That concert
10) Metallica drive in concert



1) Among Us
2) Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
3) Valorant
4) Genshin Impact
5) The Last of Us 2
6) Ghost of Tsushima
7) FIFA 21
8) Animal Crossing
9) Call of Duty: Warzone
10) ドラクエ ウォーク

1) Kobe Bryant
2) Naya Rivera
3) Chadwick Boseman
4) Sushant Singh Rajput
5) George Floyd
6) 三浦春馬
7) Caroline Flack
8) Diego Maradona
9) Sean Connery
10) Eddie Van Halen



1) WAP
2) Savage Love
4) Skechers
5) Dynamite
6) Aisyah Istri Rasulullah
7) No Time To Die
8) Safaera
9) Dalan Liyane
10) What’s Poppin

1) Parasite
2) 1917
3) Black Panther
4) 365 Dni
5) Contagion
6) Tenet
7) Enola Holmes
8) Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey
9) Mulan
10) Jojo Rabbit



1) Joe Biden
2) Kim Jong Un
3) Boris Johnson
4) Kamala Harris
5) Tom Hanks
6) Jacob Blake
7) Kanye West
8) Ghislaine Maxwell
9) August Alsina
10) Ryan Newman

1) Dalgona coffee
2) Ekmek
3) Sourdough bread
4) Pizza
5) Lahmacun
6) Beer bread
7) Banana bread
8) Pita bread
9) Brioche
10) Naan

TV Shows

1) Tiger King
2) Big Brother Brasil
3) Money Heist
4) Cobra Kai
5) The Umbrella Academy
6) Emily in Paris
7) Ozark
8) The Queen’s Gambit
9) Outer Banks
10) Locke & Key

YouTube’s top trending videos of the Year 2020

The 10 videos resonated the most with American audiences this year, YouTube said, having been watched more than 356 million times and totaling around 48 million hours. Here is the complete list of the YouTube videos that defined 2020.

  • 8:46 – Dave Chappelle, by Netflix is a Joke
  • Building the Perfect Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder, by Mark Rober
  • First Debate Cold Open, by Saturday Night Live
  • We Broke Up., by jeffreestar
  • I Bought The World’s Largest Firework ($600,000), by MrBeast
  • I’m Coming Out., by NikkieTutorials
  • Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE, by Dream
  • Ricky Gervais’ Monologue – 2020 Golden Globes, by NBC
  • Quarantine Stereotypes, by Dude Perfect
  • Some Good News with John Krasinski Ep. 1, by SomeGoodNews

Here are the 2020 year’s Top Trending Videos in India, Top Music Videos, Top Creators, and Top Breakout Creators

Top Trending Videos:

  1. CarryMinati – Stop Making Assumptions | YouTube vs Tik Tok: The End
  2. Jkk Entertainment – Chotu Dada Tractor Wala | “छोटू दादा ट्रेक्टर वाला ” Khandesh Hindi Comedy | Chotu Comedy Video
  3. Make Joke Of – Make Joke of || MJO || – The Lockdown
  4. TRT Ertugrul by PTV – Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu | Episode 1 | Season 1
  5. Bristi Home Kitchen – Chocolate Cake Only 3 Ingredients In Lock-down Without Egg, Oven, Maida | चॉकलेट केक बनाए 3 चीजो से|
  6. ETV Dhee – Pandu Performance | Dhee Champions | 5th August 2020 | ETV Telugu
  7. Round2hell – The Time Freeze | Round2Hell | R2H
  8. Ashish Chanchlani Vines – Office Exam Aur Vaccine | Ashish Chanchlani
  9. BB Ki Vines – BB Ki Vines- | Angry Masterji- Part 15 |
  10. Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Tapu Proposes To Sonu On Valentines Day! | Latest Episode 2933 | Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

Top Music Videos:

  1. Sony Music India – Badshah – Genda Phool | JacquelineFernandez | Payal Dev | Official Music Video 2020
  2. DIL Music – Moto (Official Video)| Ajay Hooda | Diler Kharkiya | Anjali Raghav | Latest Haryanvi Song 2020
  3. Aditya Music – #AlaVaikunthapurramuloo – ButtaBomma Full Video Song (4K) | Allu Arjun | Thaman S | Armaan Malik
  4. Sony Music India – Sumit Goswami – Feelings | KHATRI | Deepesh Goyal | Haryanvi Song 2020
  5. T-Series – Illegal Weapon 2.0 – Street Dancer 3D | Varun D, Shraddha K | Tanishk B,Jasmine Sandlas,Garry Sandhu
  6. Desi Music Factory – GOA BEACH – Tony Kakkar & Neha Kakkar | Aditya Narayan | Kat | Anshul Garg | Latest Hindi Song 2020
  8. Aditya Music Telugu – #AlaVaikunthapurramuloo – Ramuloo Ramulaa Full Video Song || Allu Arjun || Trivikram | Thaman S
  9. T-Series – Full Song: Muqabla | Street Dancer 3D |A.R. Rahman, Prabhudeva, Varun D, Shraddha K, Tanishk B
  10. T-Series – B Praak: Dil Tod Ke Official Song | Rochak Kohli , Manoj M |Abhishek S, Kaashish V | Bhushan Kumar

Top Creators:

  1. CarryMinati
  2. Total Gaming
  3. Techno Gamerz
  4. Jkk Entertainment
  5. ashish chanchlani vines
  6. Round2hell
  7. Technical Guruji
  8. CookingShooking Hindi
  9. Desi Gamers
  10. The MriDul

Top Breakout Creators:

  1. CarryMinati
  2. Total Gaming
  3. Techno Gamerz
  4. Desi Gamers
  5. The MriDul
  6. Lokesh Gamer
  7. Mythpat
  8. Khan GS Research Centre
  9. AiSh
  10. Helping Gamer

The Big Three – Reverse Image Search Tools Compared

The reverse image search technique is the future of visual search. With a reverse photo search, you can get tons of information about images that were ridiculously hard to find in the past. Today you can make reverse image searches using online search engines as well as third-party tools. Making a reverse image search with search engines is not safe, and this is because they save your input content in their database. 

Using third party reverse image search tools is the best way to find image related results. There are plenty of third-party tools found on the internet, but not all of them are reliable and easy to use. Below we have compared the best three image search tools found on the web!

Top three reverse image search tools found online in 2020

These reverse image search tools have integral features that make them the leading tools of this league!

Reverse image search by Duplichecker

The reverse image search by Duplichecker is one of the finest visual search utility. If you have not known about the reverse image search technique or its use, this is the best place to teach yourself. This online reverse photo lookup is easy to use, as it has the simplest interface. This is a web-based tool that you do not have to install on your device. You have to open this image search tool on your browser and provide the input that you desire in this image finder. 

This picture search online can easily work on every browser and operating system. You can do an unlimited amount of image searching in a single day with this tool. This search by image tool can assist you in searching based on images, text, and image path. This online tool is known to be the most secure service, and this is because it does not save your input queries. Rather it deletes them after you have completed your search. The reverse photo lookup tool has direct integrations with more than three different image search engines. You can get results from the search engine you like the most.

 Reverse Photo Lookup by Tin Eye

The Tin eye’s reverse image search tool is one of the oldest photo lookup tools found on the internet. It should be crystal to you that this online tool is free but requires you to register yourself with an account. You can register with your Google account in less than two minutes. The tin eye has both free and paid versions, which means that you can connect with the package that suits you the most. The free version of Tin eye can allow you to do 150 searches in a single day, which is a big plus! 

There are some limitations in the free version of the tin eye, but this doesn’t affect the accuracy of the results. The paid package of this tool comes for an annual price of $200. If you can afford this price tag for visual search, this is probably the best tool you can get online. One con that this reverse image search tool has is it does not support keyword-based image searching.

Image raider

The image raider is another online tool that can help you in finding image-based results. This online tool is more accurate than Google images, which is why it is ranked among the best three image search tools available online. The image raider tool is commonly used by website owners or bloggers for monitoring their images for plagiarism. One should know that this reverse image search tool is the best plagiarism checker program for images. Just like all other reverse image search tools, this one also has a lot of cons!

The free package of this reverse search tool is quite limited, so you must be very careful in doing a visual search. You can make a reverse image based on not only images but also on image URLs and keywords. You can easily get high quality and different versions of the same image with this online tool. One should know that this online tool is generally known to be the best one for bloggers and website management teams!

Common uses of visual search or RIS!

The three online searches by image tools mentioned above are intriguing in their unique ways, but the results you can cater to are almost the same!

  • You can find out similar images or image plagiarism with these tools!
  • You can get information about the links and websites that are having relevant content like yours.
  • You can create backlink opportunities using this online reverse photo lookup tool.
  • You can easily find out the accounts that are misusing your images and faking your identity.
  • You can find out about the objects or text on an image.
  • You can get the same image content in different versions with these tools!


No one will be able to read your chat on WhatsApp, Here is the easy

WhatsApp is the most popular app on social media, whose number of users is around 25 million. WhatsApp also keeps launching new features for its users.

whatsapp trick

Whatsapp is the most popular app on social media, whose number of users is around 25 million. WhatsApp also keeps launching new features for its users. If you are having a secret chat with someone on WhatsApp, then there is a great fear that no one will read the chat if the phone goes into someone else’s hands. However, if you use our trick, then this fear of you will also end. No, here we are not talking about deleting chat. You can hide WhatsApp’s secret chat without even deleting it.

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Amazing WhatsApp feature

Here we are going to use the WhatsApp feature called Archive chats. The function of this feature is to remove your chat from the WhatsApp chat screen. Which you can bring back whenever you want. You can hide both group and personal chat.

Hide Secret Chat Like This

First, open WhatsApp.
Long press on the chat you want to hide
At the top, you will see the option of Archive. Select it
Now your chat will disappear from the home screen.
Undo chat like this

First, open WhatsApp.
Now scroll down to the bottom of the Chats screen.
Here you will see the option of Archived. Tap on it.
Now press and hold the chat for a while and tap on the Unarchive icon.


WhatsApp launched ‘It’s Between You’ campaign in India, know what’s special in it

WhatsApp Brand Campaign in India: WhatsApp has started its brand campaign ‘It’s Between You’ (among you) in India. The company has said that through this campaign she will tell how Indians use Facebook platform to stay in touch with each other. Along with this, the company will also create advertisements in this campaign.

Company will create two advertisements

Under this, WhatsApp will create two advertisements which will show how the features of sending its messages, making video calls or sending voice messages connect people to each other. WhatsApp has more than 400 million users in India and is one of its largest markets.

True stories will also be toldFor this campaign, WhatsApp is taking the help of Bollywood director Gauri Shinde and advertising agency BBDO India. Avinash Pant, Director (Sales), Facebook India told PTI-language that, “Through this campaign, those true stories will be told about how Indians keep in touch with their nearest people daily through WhatsApp.”

WhatsApp is the best option to stay in touch

With this, Pant said, “WhatsApp is like a lifeline for those who are far away from their friends and family. This is a great way to keep in touch with them. “

Advertisement will be made on caring for elderly woman and sisters

He told that one of these advertisements is related to an elderly woman and her caretaker. The second ad is about two sisters. WhatsApp ran a similar campaign in Brazil this year. Pant said that this campaign will be run across the country for 10 weeks on several national and regional television channels and digital forums.


How Will The Coronavirus Pandemic Affect The Online Gaming Industry?

Foreword: Due to isolation and quarantine, millions of people all over the world are looking for ways to entertain themselves, which is proving to be a boon for the online gaming industry. Statista research indicates that the revenues generated through the global media and entertainment market are on the rise. This has accelerated in 2020, owing to the coronavirus pandemic. In 2015 industry was valued at $1.72 trillion, and is expected to rise rapidly towards $2.2 trillion by 2021. Online gaming activity comprises a sizeable component of this industry. Among the many different categories of online gaming are MMORPG games, mobile games, sports betting online, and online casino games.

How Big Will the Bounce from Coronavirus Be on The Online Gaming Industry?

The listing of New Jersey’s legal online casino sites is certainly positioned well to benefit from people having more free time. Even at a modest rate of increase, a huge uptick in player numbers has the potential to shift aggregate demand for online casino games to a new level.

The impact of such activity will naturally showcase the games, platforms, software, and promotions to a much broader gaming audience which will then be familiar with these products in the post-pandemic economy. By deduction, the stay-at-home orders, quarantines, and the switch to virtual entertainment in all its forms is a big advantage to the gaming industry.

One such operator – an industry-leading aficionado – 888 reported unprecedented casino and poker growth during the coronavirus pandemic. A report issued by the company on March 24, revealed that from all of the company’s verticals, the casino has generated the most customer activity. On the other hand, the sports vertical has been hit hard from the cancellation of all sporting events around the world. Another reason 888Casino is on the rise is because of its high level of security which is crucial for players depositing money at this sensitive time.

A report commissioned by an association of the online gaming industry, iDEA Growth, titled ‘The Economic Impact Of New Jersey Online Gambling’ was released in December 2019. This comprehensive study lays the foundation upon which further analysis of the online gaming industry vis-a-vis the impact caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Monthly iGaming Gross Gambling Revenue (GGR) in New Jersey increased rapidly from inception in November 2013 through September 2019.

The data is significant since it presents irrefutable evidence regarding the burgeoning popularity of online gaming in the United States, notably New Jersey. While other states including Nevada, Delaware, and Pennsylvania are accounted for, they pale in comparison to the revenues generated in the Garden State.

Massive Spike in GGR and Solid CAGR for Online Gaming Industry

These studies reveal that Gross Gambling Revenue (GGR) has increased at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in New Jersey of 24.8%, reaching $299.1 million in 2018 and $339 million through September 2019. By the end of the year, the New Jersey figure topped out in the region of $482,695,308 million in net gaming revenue. The coronavirus pandemic has brought the global economy to a virtual standstill, shuttering almost every industry across the planet, decimating the travel and tourism industry, the sports betting industry, and a veritable glut of industries across the board.

Double-digit gains for TV shows, online viewing networks, online gaming activity and the like are commonplace. An Op-Ed by Ian Sherr on CNET (Lots of people are playing video games during coronavirus lockdowns March 30, 2020) presents irrefutable evidence of the crush of players on video gaming platforms popular games like Call of Duty: War Zone, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Fortnight: Battle Royal has come into their own during the coronavirus pandemic. This has become a global trend and is likely to last for several months until the quarantine and stay-at-home orders start to have the desired effect.

It’s still too early to tell precisely how big of an impact the stay-at-home orders will have on online gaming revenues. Preliminary reports indicate 2020 could prove to be one of the biggest years on record for online casino gaming in New Jersey.