Facebook’s Brand New Web Layout, Including Dark Mode


The Android application started getting the new layout designs with every new update, however, the website was supposed to get a new interface in the next few months.

Now it seems like the company is almost ready as Facebook is sending invitations to users for experiencing the new designs.

Over the past few days, many users got invited to use the new web interface.

The selection of the users is entirely random and doesn’t seem to follow any pattern.

According to Facebook, the new designs of the website aims to provide an experience similar to its app.

The new layout has a more easy to understand navigation menu, new icons, a more precise news feed, and it does give an overall modern look compared to the existing design.

Each tab will land you to a page dedicated to the feature for example pages, groups.

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The new design helps the users to find more private spaces like groups and move from public locations.

Facebook groups are one of the most active places on the platform where thousands of people come together who have common interests.

The second major change is how the notifications are displayed when they are opened. See what it looks like below (editor’s note: instead of a pop-up window closer to the center of the screen, they are now displayed on the right side of the screen, so they don’t overlap the content itself).

The users’ profile page, which looks more modern at first sight, appears to be changing. The top of the profile was expanded to its full width, with the content itself unchanged except for the fillet and centering of the profile photo. Furthermore, the actual deployment of the individual control elements, such as contacting a friend, eventually adding it and the like, has also changed.

In the picture above, you can see what a new page with your friends’ stories should look like, offering more interaction opportunities.

Let’s move on to the latest news, the new Dark Mode. How it should look can be seen in the preview below.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the update for everyone. Obviously, however, Facebook is already finalizing the new look, so we can conclude that the new design is a matter of days or weeks.

We would like to thank Jozef F., who pointed out the changes and also sent us the insights Facebook offer


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