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Yahoo Debuts New ‘Yahoo Together Messenger App’

Yahoo today announced the launch of a new group messaging app that it’s calling Yahoo Together Group Chat App, which features built-in organization and smart tools to make it easier to streamline conversations about different topics.

Yahoo Debuts New ‘Yahoo Together Group Chat App’

Yahoo Together Messenger App supports different groups, such as family, friends, book clubs, etc., with conversations able to be split up by topic. According to Yahoo, Yahoo Together group chat is designed to allow users to follow they care about in the group conversation while muting the rest.

The Yahoo Together App, which looks a lot like Slack and similar services, supports the sharing of videos, photos, and other file types, all of which are uploaded into a shared library accessible to everyone in the group. Powerful search tools have been included to help users find specific discussions and content easily.

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Shared calendars let Yahoo Together App Messenger participants plan events, and built-in reminders make sure everyone knows when something is happening. Users can also set up a custom reaction that can be inserted into the chat with a tap, which Yahoo says is ideal for inside jokes and catchphrases.

Yahoo Together app is available for download on iOS and Android devices starting today.

Yahoo Together App Features 

Topics — Keep your group conversations ultra-organized with topics.

Secret topics — Use secret topics like Mom’s Birthday Surprise for private conversations.

Reminders — Make plans and don’t flake out. Automatically set group reminders by tapping a message and hitting remind.

Custom reactions — Make inside jokes official. Use any image or selfie to design custom reactions.

Mute — Turn off notifications for topics that are a snore.

Blasts — Hit blast to make sure everyone in your group sees important messages.

Attachments — Share photos, documents or links. Easily find them later all in one place.

Activity view — Never miss an important message. Know when you are mentioned, all in one view.

Privacy — Invite your group with a link. No need to share your contacts with us.

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Google Assistant in Hindi | Google Assistant is Now Available in Hindi

Google Assistant has now officially received Hindi support. The new support is rolling out to devices with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above and will soon debut on Android 5.0 Lollipop, iPhones (iOS 9.1 and above) and Android Oreo (Go edition) devices. It comes days after Actions on Google received support for Hindi and 15 other international languages. Signs of Google Assistant supporting the Hindi language had emerged in late January when the voice-based personal assistant started giving results for few Hindi queries. In December 2016, Google Allo received a native Hindi Assistant and Google launched a special Google Assistant version for Jio Phone with support for Hindi and English languages.

The Google Assistant lets you have a conversation with Google to help you get things done in your world — from telling you about your day to finding the fastest route to work, or just setting an alarm for the next day — all in Hindi. To try it out, just touch and hold the Home button or say “Ok Google” on eligible smartphones and your personal Google Assistant will be ready to help you throughout your day. Even when your hands are full, you can quickly send text messages, set reminders, or get directions with the Google Assistant.

Powered by machine learning, the Google Assistant is built on two decades of experience in Search as well as natural language understanding, computer vision, and understanding user context. That’s how your Assistant is able to understand the intent behind words to handle follow-up questions and complex, multi-step tasks. And it’ll get better over time — with your permission, it can learn your preferences, your likes and your dislikes — all done in a private, secure way that puts you in control.
The Google Assistant is truly Indian, it’s your helpful dost that speaks our language and understands the things you care about, from finding biryani recipes, to pulling up the latest cricket score or finding directions to the nearest ATM. In order to make it even more useful to Indians over time, developers and businesses can now build Actions for the Hindi Assistant through the developer platform Actions on Google. Once an action is built, you can just say “Ok Google, talk to…” and access the service or content straight through your Google Assistant.
Here are some examples of questions you can ask your Google Assistant:
“Sabse kareeb Punjabi restaurant kahaan hain?“
“Dadar tak pahunchne mein kitna samay lagega?“
“Cricket ka score kya hain?“


You can even instruct it…

“Kal subah mujhe saat baje jagaao“
“Selfie kheencho“
“Daddy ko SMS bhejo “5 minutes mein pahunchenge”

For an overview of all Actions already available for the Hindi Assistant, you can check out this site.

With today’s update, the Google Assistant in Hindi is now available on Android phones 6.0+ (Marshmallow and above), in Allo and soon on Android 5.0+ Lollipop, Android Oreo (Go edition), and iPhones (iOS 9.1 and above). To access the Hindi Google Assistant, set your device language to Hindi and update your Google Search app to the latest version. For more information please see the Google Assistant website.

Posted by Purvi Shah, Technical Program Manager, Assistant

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[Top 5] Android Device Manager App Download | Apk | For Mac | Review

Android Device Manager App Download

Android device manager app help to find your lost phone, This technology of finding your lost is developed by Google. if you lost your phone anywhere then go to this site: Find Android on Google and then just sign in and you’ll see where is your phone is. but this method has some limitations

  1. Internet should be on, on your Android device
  2. location should be on your Android device so android device manager locates your phone.
  3. Phone Should me charged, if not then you cant locate your Android device by this method.

Here is a small demonstration of how you can locate your phone,

There are some apps which can help you to online lock your phone, even delete your sensitive data before it’s misuse.

 [Top 5] Android Device Manager App Download | Apk | For Mac | Review

Android Device Manager App Apk

1. Find My Device

Google’s official Find My Device – the new and improved Android Device Manager. Find My Device helps you easily locate a lost Android device, and keeps your information safe and sound while you look.

Locate your phone, tablet or watch. Misplaced your Android Wear device? No problem.

Play a sound. Find My Device helps you track down your device when it’s close by.

Lock, erase or show a message. With Find My Device you can secure your device remotely and help someone get in touch.

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Wheres My Droid

The first find your phone app on the Android Market continues to get better and better. Now with more features, it is easier than ever to track down your lost phone.

Wheres My Droid Features
~ Find phone by making it ring/vibrate
~ Find phone using GPS location
~ GPS Flare – Location alert on low battery
~ Text your attention word
~ Passcode protection to prevent unauthorized app changes
~ Notification of changed SIM card or phone number
~ Stealth Mode hides incoming text with attention word
~ White/Black list to control who can use the app via text
~ No battery drain


Android Device Manager App Review

Norton App Lock

Lock your apps and protect your privacy with Norton App Lock. Use a secure password or pattern lock screen to keep your Android device secure and private.

✔ Add passcode security to apps that don’t have it
✔ Lock one or more app with the same 4-digit PIN passcode
✔ Protect your private data and photos from the prying eyes of intruders
✔ Make sure you’re the only one changing your social status or posts
✔ Keep app content private if you share your device with kids or friends to play games or watch videos
✔ Add a layer of security in case your device is lost or stolen
✔ Prevent those embarrassing “pocket-dial” accidents
✔ Choose the apps you want to lock—all, some, or follow our recommendations


Secret Control – Anti-theft

Secret Control is an Anti-theft, phone/tablet finder and a surveillance App with the following special features:

1) Extended lock screen protection with Camera
2) Motion-Sense anti-theft alarm
3) Email notifications from your device account.
4) Customizable failed password attempts, low battery level, SMS pin etc.
5) SMS pin to phone to make it play your ringtone in loud and send device location via email
6) Battery low email notification
7) SIM removal email notification
8) Home screen widget to notify of new events/security threats
9) Notification in-app for password changes
10) Vibrate device for failed logins beyond the snapshot event


Prey Anti Theft: Find My Android & Mobile Security

Prey Anti Theft isn’t only a find my phone app alternative, but the most thorough recovery tool to find your lost, misplaced or stolen Android phones. Our missing device reports serve as detailed evidence for the police. Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, or MAC. It doesn’t matter, you can track and manage every device from a single account, on your Web Panel.

Available in its PREMIUM version, or 100% FREE with up to 3 devices and the essentials mobile security and tracking package.


►GPS Coordinates: Ideal when pointing the police to track your phone or other devices.
►Mac Address: With this, and the device’s IP, no one can deny it is indeed your device.
►Pictures: Identify the thief using your android phone.
►Wi-Fi Neighborhood: See all active connections near your device for better tracking.
►Device and User Information: Check an activity log, receive any modifications


► Control Zones: Mark an area on a map, and get alerts when your mobile devices enter or leave it.
► GPS Geolocation: Pin-point accuracy reflected on a map, with GPS coordinates on each report.
► Security Alarm: It will ring like gangbusters, even if your Android phone’s sound is silenced.
► Security Lock: Keep curious hands away from your lost mobile device, lock it remotely.
► Front and Back Camera: Take silent snaps and discover who is holding your device.
► Security Camouflage: Go silent with the camouflage mode, hide the app on your android phone.
► Security Message Alert: Display a message on the screen to contact the current user.


tez app download, tez google app, tez google payment app,

Tez – A new payments app by Google

Google launched an app called Tez in India. This is a Payment App and with it, Google joins India’s growing e-payment market which is currently ruled by the likes of BHIM, Paytm, Freecharge and PhonePe.

Although it might be tempting to say that the Tez is yet another payment app at a time when so many companies, as well as government organisations, are trying to ride the cashless wave, it is special. No speciality is not exactly in its functionality. It has some unique features but then all Payment Apps have that unique edge. The big deal with the Tez is that it is a Google app and it has the full force of Google’s money and resources behind it.

tez app download, tez google app, tez google payment app,

Send money to friends, instantly receive payments directly to your bank account & pay the nearby café with Tez, Google’s new digital payment app for India. Using NPCI’s (National Payments Corporation of India) Unified Payments Interface (UPI), money transfers are simple & secure with Tez.

Top Features Of Tez Payment App by Google

  • Transfer directly to your bank account. Simply link your account to Tez over UPI and instantly transfer money from bank to bank.
  • Know your money is secure. With Google’s multi-layered security and 24/7 protection by Tez Shield, you can make payments and transfer amounts both big and small, with confidence.
  •  With Tez’s Cash Mode, you can instantly send or receive payments to anyone nearby without sharing personal details like your phone number or bank account.

Lots of Features coming in Tez App

  • Pay through debit and credit cards on Tez.
  • ZPay and set reminders for recurring bills such as DTH.

Use Tez for All Your Payment Needs

+ Pay and receive money directly from your bank accounts

Tez works with your existing bank account*, which means your money is safe with your bank and you’ll continue to earn interest. There’s no need to open a separate account or worry about reloading wallets.

Tez works with all banks in India that support UPI.

+ Pay your friends and family anywhere anytime

Use Tez for daily transactions and also larger transfers easily. You can pay or receive money from anyone who has the Tez App or any other UPI supported app by simply selecting them from your contacts list or by entering their UPI ID.

+ Multiple layers of security from your bank, UPI, and Google

Your money is secure with Tez Shield working 24/7 to help detect fraud, prevent hacking, and verify your identity. Each transaction is secured with your UPI PIN and the app is secured with a Google PIN or fingerprint.

+ Transfer money to anyone nearby

Use Cash Mode to securely send money to people nearby without sharing private details like your phone number.

+ Made for India

Tez works with all major Indian banks and with a vast majority of smartphones, so you can pay or get paid by almost anyone. Tez offers language support for English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu. To establish an account and to use Tez, you must be in India, have an Indian bank account and an Indian mobile number.

+ Get Rewarded

Get Tez Scratch Cards (TM) in the app and be eligible to win up to ₹1,000 with each eligible transaction. Plus, your weekly transactions enrol you in Tez’s Lucky Sundays contest where you could win ₹1 lakh every week.

Transactions must be ₹50 or more per user. See full Tez Offers Terms and Conditions for all details.

+ Paying in shops is easier than ever!

The chaiwala nearby, your milk delivery service or even your favourite salon can now accept payments on the spot with Cash Mode. Pay instantly and get quick payment confirmation all while keeping your personal and bank details private.

Small business owner? Use Tez with your current account to start accepting digital payments. Get paid directly to your bank account instantly.

Merchants with individual current accounts can receive up to ₹50,000 per month with UPI with no fees. Beyond that, your bank may charge fees or may impose additional requirements.

+ Pay online with Tez

Tez makes it faster and more secure to pay for apps and websites – anywhere UPI is accepted. When you checkout, look for the Tez logo or use your Tez UPI ID.


How to Download Google Tez App

This means you can access this app on your favourite device even on your personal computer. It can be Android Smartphone, iPhone or any other iOS device & even your Windows or Mac-based Desktop or Laptop Computer. Let’s find out how to get the Tez app up and running on your Favorite devices, one by one –

Download Tez App on Android – .apk File & Play Store Links

Tez app download

If you are Android User, you can install Tez app using two options –

Directly From Google Play Store
Via Tez App apk file
Tez App Download from Play Store

From your Android Device, Open up the Google Play Store App
In the Search box type “Google Tez Payment App”
The first result is the desired app
Simply click on it
Now click on “Install” link
The app will first download & then installed automatically
You can now start using the app

Direct Play Store Link

Get Tez App on Android via apk file

Note – it is not recommended method unless it is the only option for you

Visit this Page

In the search box enter this –

Then Click on Generate Download Link

Once the download link is generated, click on it to download the apk file
Now transfer the apk file to your Android Device and Install Tez app
Download Google Tez App for iOS

iOS users can also grab the Tez payment app by Google either using iTunes or Directly from Apple App Store

From App Store

Visit Apple App Store from your iOS Device
Type Google Tez App
In the search results look for the one that says developed by “Google Inc”
Click on “Get” to Start the installation
That’s it
Download via iTunes

Connect your iOS device to Computer in which iTunes software is installed
Make sure you are connected to internet
In the “iTunes” app, Visit “Store”
Then click on “Apps”
Now type “Google Tez App”
Wait for the results to appear
Click on the Official App link and Click on “Get”
Once the app is downloaded, it will be automatically synced to your iOS device

Direct iTunes Link

How to Download Tez App for PC

You can download the Google Tez Payment app on your Windows 7, 10 or Mac PC.

Note – As per the Official Announcement, Google will support Desktop PC’s through Chrome Widget (Addon). The Chrome Add-on is not launched yet. The method given below is alternative method in which we will be using Android Simulators. Here are the steps –

Download the Bluestacks App on your Windows or MAC system
Click here to Download the app
Once the “Bluestacks” app is downloaded, install it
Now open up the app
Open Google playstore within the Bluestacks app
Sign in using your Google Account
Now in the Play store search box type – “Tez App”
Click on the First link & then click on “Install”
Now the app will downloaded & Installed
Start Using it, Enjoy

srahahapp, sarahah app

Sarahah App: 7 Things You Should Know Before You Start Using It

Everyone is talking about sarahah App, on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, they all are talking about new Sarahah app. An anonymous secret messaging app that allows users to send anonymous messages to others registered a user on the sarahah app. The main feature of Sarahah app is that it doesn’t reveal the identity of the sender of the message. Now there it is making its own unique features among all the other apps available on google play store

srahahapp, sarahah app

Sarahah app is introduced by a Saudi Arabian developer — Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq. The interesting bit about the founder of Sarahah app — Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq is that he was once a part of an Indian IT firm – Wipro and gained his programming knowledge from an Indian university, he revealed himself in an exclusive interview with India Today Group. Sarahah app has become popular in all over the world in no time. It was released on June 13, and in just a two months, this app gained wide success with over 10 million downloads on Play store and has also become the top trending application on Apple’s App store.

srahahapp, sarahah app

Top 7 Things you should Know before using sarahah App

1 Sarahah is Arabic term means ‘honesty’. The key idea behind designing the app is to allow people send creative messages to each other. But that’s not what has been happening, Instead, people are — also or rather mostly — using the application as a means of cyber bullying and trolling others while keeping their identity a secret.

The Sarahah app reached over millions of downloads on both Google Play Store in just 2 months and has become the most trending app today. After downloading the app, users will have to have to register to it with their email ID, password and user name.

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3 There’s no way to directly reply to the received messages via Sarahah. However, Sarahah is reportedly working on the reply option. In the ‘About’ page of Sarahah website, it is clearly mentioned that the developers are studying the reply option. “You can’t respond to messages now. We are studying this option,” Sarahah mentions on its website. Further, Sarahah founder also said that the team is working on several other features, which the “users will like”. People who know your Sarahah profile link will be able to send anonymous messages. Further, there’s also a search bar to find who all are registered with Sarahah.

4 There’ll be no name, no information about the sender of the message anywhere. However, because of the anonymity built in the application, some users are misusing it as a cyber bullying platform. ZainAlabdin Tawfiq, the founder of Sarahah in an exclusive with India Today Group said that in some exceptional instances if a user doesn’t follow the app guidelines, his/her identity could be revealed. Hence, the application should be used diligently.

5 Sarahah is designed in a way that allows users to send constructive messages. Tawfiq believed that there was a need for constructive feedback in his workplace and that is when he thought of creating something like Sarahah. He thought that keeping this feedback anonymous for the employees a good option. However, like Oscar Wild once said, “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth.” This phrase fits perfectly when it comes to Sarahah. Most people are registering with the app to send unsavoury and offensive messages to people instead of “constructive feedback”.

6 The application has raised concerns among parents and teachers. A review that was posted on Google Play reads, “My 13-year-old sister uses this and she got a death threat aimed at our 2-year-old brother.” After such incidents took place, many parents have reported that the app and said that this is “the newest platform for cyber bullying”.
Sarahah is still in developing stage and comes with a lot of security concerns. There is no way to directly block a user on Sarahah. However, if a user receives an offensive message on Sarahah, they can simply long press on the message and block it. After which the user will not receive any message from the particular sender.

7 Several people worry about their identity being revealed. There are a few reports circulating on the web that Sarahah details will be revealed. However, commenting on the same, Sarahah founder said that the app comes with “strict privacy policy” and no information will be revealed without the users consent. He further said, “We will never reveal the identity of the sender unless we get his consent to do so. You can see also the terms and conditions of privacy policy regarding disclosure of information about revealing the identity in certain circumstances where there is a violation.” But if a user follows the rules and regulations of the app his/her identify and information will be completely safe and will not be revealed.

srahahapp, sarahah app

Sarahah App: What Is It, and Why Is Everyone Talking About It? Secret Messaging App

All You Need To Know About Sarahah App

Sarahah App: All You want to know About What is a Sarahah App And How Does it Works. Today in this post we are going to give every single details and info about Sarahah App. In this App, you can receive honest anonymous feedback or messages for about yourself. The feedback will be sent to your friends, family, and other peoples. You can Check feedback About Your on Sarahah Account by Login on it.If you will use Sarahah for work then it will enhance your areas of strength and If you will use it in friendship then you can improve your friendship by discovering your strengths and areas for improvement.So You Can Check Below How Sarahah Works & Its Features etc.

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srahahapp, Sarahah App

What is Sarahah App – Wiki Details & Features:

Sarahah is a Social Networking Communication Sites and App. Which was Developed by the ZainAlabdin Tawfiq in February 2017, When this App was Released it was trending every where but after some time Sarahah app goes Down. Now in July 2017 Sarahah App Again Trending Everywhere. This App is Released for the Android and iOS Devices. Sarahah App helps you in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback or reviews from your employees, friends, and Coworkers in a private manner. You can also Receive & Send feedback to Anyone Anonymous. This app is helpful in self-development because of feedbacks.

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How Sarahah App Can Works – How to Use it:

  1. First of All, You Need to Open or Sarahah APP.
  2. If You Want to Send a feedback to Anyone then Go in Search and type the Person name & Select Person Whom Do want to Send feedback.
  3. Now Write Your message and Click on Send. On the other user’s end, feedback will show Anonymous person send you a message.
  4. If You want to Check message About Yourself then You Need to Login in Sarahah Account. If You Don’t Have an Account Then You can Follow How to Register Sarahah Account.
  5. Now Click on the My feedback tab and now You can able to See your all feedback.
  6. With this messages or feedback, You can Improve Yourself.

So this App is very Helpful for Many People. You can also Link your Snapchat account with Sarahah. By Link Snapchat with Sarahah People can Give You Feedbacks about You. You can also Use this app for Your Website Feedback, Shop reviews, and Bussiness Feedback etc.


These are Truecaller’s 6 hidden features, useful for you.

The TrueCaller app will be used by most of you. But few people know that apart from knowing the name of the caller’s name from this app you can do lots of things with this. We are telling about the 6 hidden features of the Truecaller App

What Are The Hidden Features O Truecaller

1. Block calls

Truecaller App can block incoming calls from certain numbers. If you feel that someone is troubling you with a certain number (such as that number starts from 8051), then add ‘8051’ number before that number and block incoming calls from that number.

How To Block Calls

> For this, first of all, you have to go to the block option of the Truecaller App.
> Now click on + After this you will see 4 options, click on the number series.
Next, there will be a page open in which you have to type the first 4 digits of the series, as explained above. After this, press OK and all calls coming from that number will be blocked.

2. You Can Use Truecaller App Without Data Pack

This app also works without internet connection. Once the number is identified, even if the phone does not have a data connection, it will give information about the caller next time.

3. Use Truedialer as Default Dialer

You can do a lot more than blocking calls from the Truecaller. It also has a dialer app, which you can use as a default dialer. This app Truedialer gets synced with the default dialer. It’s Discovery feature works on Facebook and Twitter methods.

It works on your location and contact list. This will not require you to search different numbers or block anybody.

4. Search Number

The Truecaller has a search bar, which appears when you open the app. Any number can be searched by typing in it. You can also search for someone’s number by typing a name or address.

5. Create Your Profile

If you do not want to show your profile to other Trukuller users then there is a setting in it too. You can customize your own profile by making your profile on the truecaller app. From this, you will see more information about yourself, the more users will see. If you wish, you can add your full name and photo. You can also enter your website and email ID in it. Small details about yourself can also be cast.

6. Remove Your Number From The Tracker Database

If you do not want your number to be included by the tractor, you can also remove your number from the database of the Tracker app. For this,
Go to After this, type your mobile number with the country code. Here you have to explain why you want to delete this number. After this, Captcha will be inserted and finally click on the Unlist button.