Amazon’s new social network, Spark App, Looks Like a Pinterest-Instagram Hybrid


E-commerce website Amazon India launches a new app called Amazon Spark app. This is a new social network app focused on shopping. It is introduced to the iPhone. It will be released soon on the Android version too. This is created only for primarily users.

Spark App, Amazon’s New Social Network

amazon Spark App

This app is just like Amazon Prime, Pinterest, and Instagram. Like Pinterest, users will be able to share photos and posts according to their interest from Spark App. Gartner’s retail research director Bob Hetube said, “This will help sell and connect with customers”. At the same time, it also said that in this app, nothing has been given for the moment, which attracted users.

How To Use Spark App

In order to use it, users will have to tap the Programs and Features in the menu bar of the app. Here you will be asked about your 5 interests. As soon as you select it, you will see an Instagram like feed. It will have shopping bags icon which has photos of those products that you can buy from Amazon.

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Spark App Is Rip-off of Pinterest and Instagram

Both Pinterest and Instagram are being compared with the Spark app because all the feature of both apps being seen in spark app. But it’s not clear whether the Spark app can be a threat to both of these apps. However, tech companies like Amazon prefer to cloning popular apps with fast-growing startups.

Amazon Spark App

For example, the social networking site Facebook tried to copy Snapchat. However, he failed in this work. This is what many companies have tried. But Instagram Stories have succeeded. It said that it would be hasty to say that Spark app will be able to compete with Pinterest or not. But if it emerges as a popular app in the coming time, then it can prove to be very beneficial in Amazon’s retail business.


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