These are Truecaller’s 6 hidden features, useful for you.


The TrueCaller app will be used by most of you. But few people know that apart from knowing the name of the caller’s name from this app you can do lots of things with this. We are telling about the 6 hidden features of the Truecaller App

What Are The Hidden Features O Truecaller

1. Block calls

Truecaller App can block incoming calls from certain numbers. If you feel that someone is troubling you with a certain number (such as that number starts from 8051), then add ‘8051’ number before that number and block incoming calls from that number.

How To Block Calls

> For this, first of all, you have to go to the block option of the Truecaller App.
> Now click on + After this you will see 4 options, click on the number series.
Next, there will be a page open in which you have to type the first 4 digits of the series, as explained above. After this, press OK and all calls coming from that number will be blocked.

2. You Can Use Truecaller App Without Data Pack

This app also works without internet connection. Once the number is identified, even if the phone does not have a data connection, it will give information about the caller next time.

3. Use Truedialer as Default Dialer

You can do a lot more than blocking calls from the Truecaller. It also has a dialer app, which you can use as a default dialer. This app Truedialer gets synced with the default dialer. It’s Discovery feature works on Facebook and Twitter methods.

It works on your location and contact list. This will not require you to search different numbers or block anybody.

4. Search Number

The Truecaller has a search bar, which appears when you open the app. Any number can be searched by typing in it. You can also search for someone’s number by typing a name or address.

5. Create Your Profile

If you do not want to show your profile to other Trukuller users then there is a setting in it too. You can customize your own profile by making your profile on the truecaller app. From this, you will see more information about yourself, the more users will see. If you wish, you can add your full name and photo. You can also enter your website and email ID in it. Small details about yourself can also be cast.

6. Remove Your Number From The Tracker Database

If you do not want your number to be included by the tractor, you can also remove your number from the database of the Tracker app. For this,
Go to After this, type your mobile number with the country code. Here you have to explain why you want to delete this number. After this, Captcha will be inserted and finally click on the Unlist button.


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