Facebook’s Brand New Web Layout, Including Dark Mode

The Android application started getting the new layout designs with every new update, however, the website was supposed to get a new interface in the next few months.

Now it seems like the company is almost ready as Facebook is sending invitations to users for experiencing the new designs.

Over the past few days, many users got invited to use the new web interface.

The selection of the users is entirely random and doesn’t seem to follow any pattern.

According to Facebook, the new designs of the website aims to provide an experience similar to its app.

The new layout has a more easy to understand navigation menu, new icons, a more precise news feed, and it does give an overall modern look compared to the existing design.

Each tab will land you to a page dedicated to the feature for example pages, groups.

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The new design helps the users to find more private spaces like groups and move from public locations.

Facebook groups are one of the most active places on the platform where thousands of people come together who have common interests.

The second major change is how the notifications are displayed when they are opened. See what it looks like below (editor’s note: instead of a pop-up window closer to the center of the screen, they are now displayed on the right side of the screen, so they don’t overlap the content itself).

The users’ profile page, which looks more modern at first sight, appears to be changing. The top of the profile was expanded to its full width, with the content itself unchanged except for the fillet and centering of the profile photo. Furthermore, the actual deployment of the individual control elements, such as contacting a friend, eventually adding it and the like, has also changed.

In the picture above, you can see what a new page with your friends’ stories should look like, offering more interaction opportunities.

Let’s move on to the latest news, the new Dark Mode. How it should look can be seen in the preview below.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the update for everyone. Obviously, however, Facebook is already finalizing the new look, so we can conclude that the new design is a matter of days or weeks.

We would like to thank Jozef F., who pointed out the changes and also sent us the insights Facebook offer

instagram removing fake followers

Instagram Is Removing Fake Followers, Likes and Comments

Instagram is fighting back against automated apps people use to leave spammy comments or follow then unfollow others in hopes of growing their audience.

a link to Instagram’s press release, which promised to “begin removing inauthentic likes, follows and comments from accounts that use third-party apps to boost their popularity.”

instagram removing fake followers

we’ve seen accounts use third-party apps to artificially grow their audience. Every day people come to Instagram to have real experiences, including genuine interactions. It is our responsibility to ensure these experiences aren’t disrupted by inauthentic activity. Starting today, we will begin removing inauthentic likes, follows and comments from accounts that use third-party apps to boost their popularity. We’ve built machine learning tools to help identify accounts that use these services and remove the inauthentic activity. This type of behaviour is bad for the community, and third-party apps that generate inauthentic likes follows and comments violate our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.

Instagram is also hoping to discourage users from ever giving another company the login details to their accounts as this can lead to them being hacked or having their account used to send spam. So if you see Instagram follower accounts drop, it’s not because that profile offended people, but because the followers were fake.

instagram removing fake followers

Instagram also said in their press release

Since the early days of Instagram, we have auto-detected and removed fake accounts to protect our community. Today’s update is just another step in keeping Instagram a vibrant community where people connect and share in authentic ways. We’ll have more updates in the coming weeks on additional measures we’re taking to tackle inauthentic activity on Instagram

facebook dating app, dating app facebook

Facebook Dating App | Facebook Has Begun Internally Testing Its Dating Feature

At its annual F8 conference in May, Facebook revealed that it was working on a Facebook dating app service for its users. Now, app researcher Jane Manchun Wong discovered evidence that the company has begun internally testing the feature among its employees. Facebook confirmed to multiple outlets that it started testing, but didn’t elaborate further.

facebook dating app, dating app facebook
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Per Wong’s screenshots, it seems Facebook is encouraging (but not requiring) its American employees to participate in the test by filling in profiles with fake data, which it will purge prior to public launch: “This product is for US Facebook employees who have opted-in to dogfooding Facebook’s new dating product,” a screenshot read. “The purpose for this dogfooding is to test the end-to-end product experience for bugs and confusing UI. This is not meant for dating your coworkers.”

The screenshots reveal privacy settings to limit who can and can’t see a user’s dating profile. Users can also select trans and non-binary options for gender identity and desired matches. But as with any product in testing, there’s no guarantee it will look like this or have these features, and Facebook hasn’t set a target date for when its facebook dating app feature will go public.

Facebook asked employees to use fake data for their dating profiles, and plans to delete all data before the public launch. “Dogfooding this product is completely voluntary and has no impact on your employment,” a screenshot reads, adding that the product is confidential. It also warns employees that its anti-harassment policies apply to the dating product.

Other screenshots show the sign-up flow for a Facebook dating app, including options to specify your gender, your location, and which genders you’re interested in matching with. Wong was able to fill in her own information but prevented from actually creating the dating profile.

As described on stage, Facebook Dating app will allow you to create a separate profile for dating. When you and another person using the service like one another’s profiles, you’ll be allowed to contact them. The company also described a feature that would let you make your dating profile visible for people attending the same event as you, in hopes of generating more offline connections. “This is going to be for building real, long-term relationships — not just for hookups,” Mark Zuckerberg said in his announcement.

Source:- The Verge

facebook ar ads

Facebook will let you use AR (Augmented Reality) to ‘try on’ items in ads


Facebook is rolling out a new ad format that uses augmented reality to encourage you to sample some of the products on display.

The ads appear similar to every other Facebook ad out there, Facebook users will be able to tap on an ad and use their camera to try on sunglasses or makeup or see how a piece of furniture looks in a room when these companies roll out their ads.

facebook ar ads

The first company to test out the ads is Michael Kors, which allowed users to see what its sunglasses would look like on their own faces. Facebook showed an example of what a Sephora ad might look like, though I don’t think I could drop serious cash on that over expensive warpaint without seeing what it looks like on my actual skin.

The AR ads are supposed to target holiday shoppers, though I would point out the main purpose of the AR ads is to try things out on yourself, while the main thing you’re buying during the holidays are gifts. The announcement implies you can also post photos of yourself “trying on” the items to your Facebook Story one wonders if this might be a new way of passive-aggressively telling your friends what you want for Christmas.

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Because apparently, the world can only have room for one social media platform with augmented reality ads, Snapchat’s stock took a hit in the wake of the roll-out of these ads. Still, it’s rumoured the teen-friendly photo app is partnering with Amazon on some kind of “Camera Search,” so we may be seeing an ad innovation from it as well.

A Facebook spokesperson told BuzzFeed News the company is testing the technology to smooth out the user experience, develop a pricing model, and understand how consumers are interacting with the ads. It plans to make the ad technology available to all advertisers at the end of the year.


Whatsapp Co-Founder Asking Everyone To Delete Their Facebook Account Right Now

Nowadays a lot of people are unhappy with Mark Zuckerberg and it’s Facebook, including the co-founder of Whatsapp Brian Acton who didn’t mince his words about how he felt.

Brian Acton
It is time. #deletefacebook

Why is this so? Because Acton has worked with Facebook very closely. He sold WhatsApp to Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion and continued to be associated with Facebook after the sale, heading the Whatsapp division inside the social media giant.

Free Download SIGNAL, it provides a level of watertight security

But he quit from his role at Whatsapp and Facebook earlier this year to work at Signal messaging app, which has pretty much become the gold standard of encrypted, highly secure messaging — incidentally Facebook Messenger’s encryption is derived from Signal’s technology.

The Reason Behind #DeleteFacebook

Acton’s tweet is the most high profile addition to the hundreds of thousands of voices joining the #DeleteFacebook hashtag that’s trending on Twitter. A lot of Facebook users are feeling violated about Facebook’s policies that handle user data and how that data is shared with third-party developers.

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Deleted His FB Account, Calling It “More Negative Than Positive”


Now, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is the latest high-profile tech icon to criticise the company. In a final message on the platform, Wozniak explained that he’s leaving Facebook because it’s given him “more negatives than positives [experiences].” He has since deactivated his account, though apparently not deleted it. No, that’s not because he has hope Facebook will mend its ways and become better, but just because he wants to hold on to the ‘stevewoz’ so an imposter can’t get a hold of it.

facebook down vote button

Facebook Starts Rolling Out Downvote Button For Users

Facebook has begun rolling out a feature called “downvote” that lets users register a negative reaction to comments on the social networking platform but it is not the “dislike” button users have long desired.

facebook down vote button

Clicking the “downvote” button hides the comment for the user who taps it, then asks the user to say whether the comment was “offensive”, “misleading”, or “off topic”.

Facebook confirmed the test in February this year.

“Now, it appears the feature is rolling out to a greater number of users. The Reddit-style ‘downvote’ button aims to improve the quality of discourse on the platform,” The Next Web reported on Monday.

A “dislike” button has been on many users’ wishlist since the social media giant introduced its “like” button in February 2009.

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Facebook’s “like” button allows users to express their approval for the messages, photos and other content their friends posted.

The social networking giant is also literally sizing down the doubtful stories to prevent the triumph of falsehood on its platform.

As part of its new strategy to combat fake news, Facebook wants its users to miss these stories at the time of scrolling their News Feed, while not withdrawing them altogether so as to walk a fine line “between censorship and sensibility”.

When an article is verified as inaccurate by the social network’s third-party fact-checkers, Facebook will shrink the size of the linked post in the News Feed, TechCrunch reported.

“We reduce the visual prominence of feed stories that are fact-checked false,” a Facebook spokesperson was quoted as saying.

Facebook is also now using machine learning to look at newly published articles and scan them for signs of falsehood.

Facebook 'Watch' section launches as a platform for TV shows

Facebook Soon Launching a ‘Watch’ Tab For TV Shows

Facebook is soon launching a new tab on the web, mobile, and TV apps. Facebook announced it’s replacing the video button with “WATCH” tab. Watch is the new platform for videos on Facebook. Mark is planning to take youtube by its new idea. At first, Watch will be available to limited users of US, before rolling out to more people here over the next few weeks.

Facebook Wants To Takedown Youtube by Launching its New Feature Watch

Layout and the feature available in Watch tab, it is intended as an alternativ4e to youtube for video creators of various sizes. it gives creators a way to lay out their videos, series of episodes in more logical and well-defined manner, than the usual profile feed. and the user can also monetize them to make money online from their videos. Facebook has billion plus active users, naturally, there are social discovery features that group video your friends are watching, as well as sections based on videos that drive tons of comments, or particular forms of reactions.

Facebook 'Watch' section launches as a platform for TV shows

Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) has one of the first original shows on the platform with Returning the Favor, and while there’s no mention of Lavar Ball, other items of interest include MLB’s live-streaming game of the week, and Nas Daily, a show where the (update: not the rapper) will make videos with his fans.

facebook massenger,

Facebook Messenger Update “Conversation Topics.”

Facebook Messenger suggests what to talk about with “Conversation Topics.”

Facebook Messenger may have already hit the billion-user club this past summer, but the company is always looking for new ways to increase app usage. The latest attempt is the introduction of “conversation topics” on Messenger – a feature offering suggestions about what to talk about with friends. These conversation starters appear to rely on Messenger’s connection to Facebook’s larger social network, as they reference things your friends have done lately – like where they’ve been, or events they plan to attend, for example.

The feature was spotted this weekend on the iOS app by Chris Messina, who posted to Twitter about the new conversation starters.

facebook massenger,

We understand that this is currently only a small test Facebook is conducting, which is why not that many people are now seeing this new section in their Messenger application at this time.

The suggested topics have their dedicated section on the home screen.

The conversation topic suggestion appears underneath a friend’s name in the new section. To the right is Messenger’s activity indicator, which shows you when the person was last online.

In the example above, Messenger displays place the friend in question had recently visited, like the Grand Canyon.

In other cases, the suggested topics might include things like the songs the friend just listened to on a music streaming service, or an event they’ve indicated they’ve said they’re interested via Facebook Events.

The idea behind Conversation Topics is simple: if you’re looking for a way to break the ice with a new Facebook friend or catch up with an old one, these conversation prompts can help you figure out what to talk about.

Also, the feature would have the added benefit of being a more primary News Feed of sorts, as it lets you catch up on friends’ recent activity, without having to scroll through News Feed and its cluster of shared links, posts from Facebook Pages, ads, and other content.

It’s also worth noting that this Conversation Topics feature isn’t the only thing Facebook is working on to better connect Messenger users with those who share similar interests. In September, Messina had also spotted code buried in the Messenger app which pointed to a feature called “Rooms.”

This appears to be an attempt to build public chat rooms on Messenger’s platform around shared topics and interests, and likely has ties to Facebook’s earlier “Rooms” project, now shuttered, which was an experiment in anonymized social networking on Facebook’s part.

It’s unclear for the time being if the Conversation Topics are in any way tied to Messenger’s plans to debut public chat rooms, however.

facebook, facebook news, facebook post, facebook news update, facebook update,

Translate Your Facebook Post in 45 Language

Facebook now is a giant of Social Networking and make it a world of social gathering. Where people chat, discuss and like like other’s post, pics and other stupid things they do. Every month Facebook giving a new update on its platform. Some days ago Facebook revealed secret game that you can play in your chat with your friend. Click Here To Read

Translate Your Facebook Post in 45 Language

Social networking giant Facebook will soon make it easy for you to communicate with a global audience. The company is introducing a new software that automatically translates your posts to several different languages, a media report said on Saturday.

facebook, facebook news, facebook post, facebook news update, facebook update,

This software makes your published posts visible to people in their preferred languages. For example, if you write a post in English the Spanish Facebook user see that post in the Spanish language.

This software makes your published posts visible to people in their preferred languages. All you need to do is type a post, click on the drop down menu and you can choose the desired language you want to translate your post in. Ranging from French to Lithuanian. CNET.

Facebook Brings 360-Degree Photos to News Feed

The so-called “multilingual composer” is being tested only among a small group of users for now. The social network said the feature is already being used by 5,000 Facebook Pages which are specifically for businesses and brands, but it will soon open for testing to the broader social network.

Facebook Uses Artificial Intelligence For Translating

This brand new software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to prefill the translation field when you add different languages to a post. It utilises information like a user’s location, language preferences and what language a person most commonly uses to post on Facebook to decide which version of the message to show.

According to Facebook, about half of its 1.65 billion users worldwide speak a language other than English.The move is expected to allow people to spend more time on Facebook.

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