Facebook will let you use AR (Augmented Reality) to ‘try on’ items in ads

facebook ar ads


Facebook is rolling out a new ad format that uses augmented reality to encourage you to sample some of the products on display.

The ads appear similar to every other Facebook ad out there, Facebook users will be able to tap on an ad and use their camera to try on sunglasses or makeup or see how a piece of furniture looks in a room when these companies roll out their ads.

facebook ar ads

The first company to test out the ads is Michael Kors, which allowed users to see what its sunglasses would look like on their own faces. Facebook showed an example of what a Sephora ad might look like, though I don’t think I could drop serious cash on that over expensive warpaint without seeing what it looks like on my actual skin.

The AR ads are supposed to target holiday shoppers, though I would point out the main purpose of the AR ads is to try things out on yourself, while the main thing you’re buying during the holidays are gifts. The announcement implies you can also post photos of yourself “trying on” the items to your Facebook Story one wonders if this might be a new way of passive-aggressively telling your friends what you want for Christmas.

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Because apparently, the world can only have room for one social media platform with augmented reality ads, Snapchat’s stock took a hit in the wake of the roll-out of these ads. Still, it’s rumoured the teen-friendly photo app is partnering with Amazon on some kind of “Camera Search,” so we may be seeing an ad innovation from it as well.

A Facebook spokesperson told BuzzFeed News the company is testing the technology to smooth out the user experience, develop a pricing model, and understand how consumers are interacting with the ads. It plans to make the ad technology available to all advertisers at the end of the year.


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