The Big Three – Reverse Image Search Tools Compared

The reverse image search technique is the future of visual search. With a reverse photo search, you can get tons of information about images that were ridiculously hard to find in the past. Today you can make reverse image searches using online search engines as well as third-party tools. Making a reverse image search with search engines is not safe, and this is because they save your input content in their database. 

Using third party reverse image search tools is the best way to find image related results. There are plenty of third-party tools found on the internet, but not all of them are reliable and easy to use. Below we have compared the best three image search tools found on the web!

Top three reverse image search tools found online in 2020

These reverse image search tools have integral features that make them the leading tools of this league!

Reverse image search by Duplichecker

The reverse image search by Duplichecker is one of the finest visual search utility. If you have not known about the reverse image search technique or its use, this is the best place to teach yourself. This online reverse photo lookup is easy to use, as it has the simplest interface. This is a web-based tool that you do not have to install on your device. You have to open this image search tool on your browser and provide the input that you desire in this image finder. 

This picture search online can easily work on every browser and operating system. You can do an unlimited amount of image searching in a single day with this tool. This search by image tool can assist you in searching based on images, text, and image path. This online tool is known to be the most secure service, and this is because it does not save your input queries. Rather it deletes them after you have completed your search. The reverse photo lookup tool has direct integrations with more than three different image search engines. You can get results from the search engine you like the most.

 Reverse Photo Lookup by Tin Eye

The Tin eye’s reverse image search tool is one of the oldest photo lookup tools found on the internet. It should be crystal to you that this online tool is free but requires you to register yourself with an account. You can register with your Google account in less than two minutes. The tin eye has both free and paid versions, which means that you can connect with the package that suits you the most. The free version of Tin eye can allow you to do 150 searches in a single day, which is a big plus! 

There are some limitations in the free version of the tin eye, but this doesn’t affect the accuracy of the results. The paid package of this tool comes for an annual price of $200. If you can afford this price tag for visual search, this is probably the best tool you can get online. One con that this reverse image search tool has is it does not support keyword-based image searching.

Image raider

The image raider is another online tool that can help you in finding image-based results. This online tool is more accurate than Google images, which is why it is ranked among the best three image search tools available online. The image raider tool is commonly used by website owners or bloggers for monitoring their images for plagiarism. One should know that this reverse image search tool is the best plagiarism checker program for images. Just like all other reverse image search tools, this one also has a lot of cons!

The free package of this reverse search tool is quite limited, so you must be very careful in doing a visual search. You can make a reverse image based on not only images but also on image URLs and keywords. You can easily get high quality and different versions of the same image with this online tool. One should know that this online tool is generally known to be the best one for bloggers and website management teams!

Common uses of visual search or RIS!

The three online searches by image tools mentioned above are intriguing in their unique ways, but the results you can cater to are almost the same!

  • You can find out similar images or image plagiarism with these tools!
  • You can get information about the links and websites that are having relevant content like yours.
  • You can create backlink opportunities using this online reverse photo lookup tool.
  • You can easily find out the accounts that are misusing your images and faking your identity.
  • You can find out about the objects or text on an image.
  • You can get the same image content in different versions with these tools!

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