Samsung Company Announces to Open a Virtual Reality Studio in New York City

Virtual Reality Game

Virtual Reality Studio in New York City

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Virtual Reality Game

Virtual Reality  Samsung a wast venture in technology stuff .Samsung is always taking there technology future , a step ahead with there competitors . Samsung announce this news to there fan in sundance film festival last week held in park city, Utah.

Think about that a virtual reality studio and made by Samsung one of the number one company in Latest technology they also work in fordable smartphones for there smartphone geeks people who are crazy for gadgets Some news are coming that they are planning to open this virtual reality studio in there New York Samsung office .

Samsung is only the one of the first company to invest very big in virtual reality , Because they know in future virtual reality become reality and every body than tying to live in there virtual world other than there miserable real life. remember the Movie Minority Report Directed by Steven Spielberg , In this movie there is a scene where Tom Cruise steals one of the future teller and take her to his old friend , who work in a virtual reality studio in which people are killing there bosses , making millions of dollar and have romance with there favourite  Hero and Heroin but Virtually.

Samsung trying to do same but in a legal manner.Last week, Samsung also announced it will partner with the Sundance Institute for one year to help support creative filmmaking.also At Sundance, Samsung is premiering its first-ever virtual reality comedy short, Interrogation,starring Funny Or Die comedians Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel. The vendor has also signed a one-year deal with the Sundance Institute, through which it will foster filmmaking talent.

Want some Virtual Reality Experience see this video and feel the GTA 5 in first person VR Studio .

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