How to fromat write protected Micro SD Card, format pendrive, format mini sd card,

How to remove write protection from micro SD, mini SD Cards

What is Micro SD Card Mini SD Card

MicroSD is a type of removable flash memory card used for storing information. SD is an abbreviation of Secure Digital. The cards are used in mobile phones. They are also used in newer types of handheld GPS devices, portable media players, digital audio players, expandable USB flash drives, Nintendo DS flashcards, and digital cameras.

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How to fromat write protected Micro SD Card, format pendrive, format mini sd card,
How to fromat write protected Micro SD Card

How to Format a Micro SD Card That is Write Protected

You are listening  to music and you enjoying it very well but than tragedy happen and viruses capture your SD Card you are no longer to use your Card  than you have to do a thing you don’t want to , Format your Micro SD card , that Mini SD card in which your precious data is stored. But wait a minute what is that you can not format you Micro SD card either . Don’t worry just chill Gadget Gyani help you. Now lets see how to format micro SD card write protected

Removing the write protection depends on the source of the problem. It can be any of the following:-

Method  1 :-There is a write-protection tab on the Mini SD card HOLDER. Every time you insert this into your PC or card holder, this tab slides to the write protect position. Either keep resetting, inserting & reinserting until it doesn’t slide or tape it down.There is nothing wrong with the mini sd card. Simply locate the write protection key and push it. That’s Easy

Method 2 : Do this when your SD Card Lock Permanently

Connect your Micro SD Card to your computer with help of card reader or you can use your phone just connect your phone with mass storage option. After connecting your card do as following :-

  1. Right click on the This PC ( in Windows 10 Windows 8, 8.1 and My PC in windows 7 Vista) icon on your desktop and Click on Computer Management
  2. Now you see a tree menu on the left select Disk Management
  3. Now you’ll see all storage device connected to your PC, Select that one is yours Micro SD Card
  4. Right click on the SD Card and select format . A new windows appear magically showing some Format option. Select NTFS file system and check quick format option and hit OK
  5. Voila you MINI SD Card is unlock with annoying write protection

Still Cannot Format Micro SD Card Write Protected

Method 3 : 

  1. Connect the memory card to your pc with a help of Memory Card Reader
  2. Go into Registry ,(Search it in search the windows in windows 10  ) or right click on the start button ( in any windows)
  3. Select Run and type “regedit” and hit Enter like you doing some important work for saving humankind .
  4. You’ll see a Registry Editor windows ,Now look at left side of the Registry Editor.
  5. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/StorageDevicePolicies
  6. In the right pane select “writeprotect” RESET the value to ‘0’ .
Registry Editor, format memory card
Registry Editor

If the above fails, it is likely your SD card reader/writer’s fault. This can also be solved.Just see the explained mechanical design of the SD card lock mechanism. So that you may choose to repair it if you want to.

Method 4 : You will need a small paper clip and screw-driver to open your card reader. There is a mechanical switch very much like a micro push button. You either push or release this micro push button inside the SD card reader. Due to mechanical wear and tear, or some forceful insertion of the SD card, the micro push button is in its “open” circuit position, i.e. write-protected. In order to make the SD card reader writable, we will need to “close” the circuit.
(Note: this is an irreversible process as I will be telling you how to remove the write-protection feature of your SD card reader. Once you do this, you would be unable to use the SD card lock switch to lock your data).
To proceed, you need to remove the main circuit board from the SD card reader/writer enclosure. The location of the micro push button switch is the same location as the unlock position of the SD card when inserted in the SD card reader/writer. From the BACK of the exposed SD card reader, insert the unfolded paper clip (same way when you try to poke something like a device reset button) except, that it has to be long enough to allow the micro switch to touch together for contact. Then insert the SD card.Once the contact is “closed”, your SD card reader/writer can write again.

Now if you still not find your solution for format your SD Mini Card than you can do this last Method

Method 5 : Do as i say

  1. Right click on the windows start button on left side corner.
  2. Select Run
  3. In Run , type “cmd” and hit enter hardly.
  4.  Now you see command prompt now type ” Format /q/x E: ” ( without semi column ).
How to format Pen Derive and Micro SD card, format card, format micro sd card
     Format Your Micro SD card and Pen drive

Note: “E” is the path of your Memory card like Your storage Device letter .

Hope you find this informative and still you face some problem about above mentioned method or you have another problem than leave a reply and Gadget Gyani happy to solve your problems.

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