The Latest Awesome Car Tech for Safer Driving


Driving is inherently dangerous, yet we rarely think about how hazardous it can be until we see something we cannot unsee. In the United States alone, there are around 30,000 to 40,000 vehicle fatalities each year. Yet, it is estimated by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration that up to 96% of these are caused … Read more

Volvo XC40‬ 2018 | Price | Hybrid | Interior | Mileage | Dimensions

Volvo XC40‬ 2018 | Price | Hybrid | Interior | Mileage | Dimensions

Volvo XC40 SUV Volvo’s newest SUV, the XC40 is finally set to make its global debut with minimum price to handle, The smallest and the most affordable XC model in the Swedish carmaker’s line-up, The SUV will sit below the recently introduced new-gen Volvo XC60 in the company’s model line-up and will share a host … Read more

Top 24 Best Concept Cars will Upcoming Soon|Futuristic Cars

Futuristic Cars Cars have progressed hugely over the previous century since they were initially presented. They have advanced from the substantial and drowsy machines that must be utilized by a tip top gathering of society, to the present day vehicles that a large portion of the Western world rely on upon to travel. Whether it is … Read more