The Impact Of The Pandemic On the Global Technology Market

The Pandemic and Technology

The Pandemic and Technology The global COVID-19 pandemic has created huge problems for the world, beyond the immediate and obvious health effects. It’s also had a deep impact on technology and the way we work The Pandemic and Online Technology Those into history will be acutely aware that while the COVID-19 global pandemic has affected … Read more

Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Smartwatch

A smartwatch is a large purchase for many people. Most smartwatches will cost several hundred dollars, which is a significant amount of money for people that may not always wear a watch, or use less expensive watches. For this cost, you have to factor in the different features that a watch comes with and how … Read more

What Are The Essential Tools For Electricians?

Electrical work can be hard to accomplish if you don’t have the right tools and equipment. Many skilled workers, including electricians, rely on tools to improve their jobs’ accuracy, comfort, and safety. While there are numerous electrical devices out there in the market, electrical contractors can’t do without the basic electrical tools. Today’s electrical contractors … Read more

Tips For Having A Healthy Relationship With Your Electronics

Electronics are all around us and although they provide a multitude of uses for us as humans, they can be something that we can often be too reliant on. It’s important to try and balance your relationship with these electronics so that you can function without them where possible. With that being said, here are … Read more

Facebook Soon Launching a ‘Watch’ Tab For TV Shows

Facebook 'Watch' section launches as a platform for TV shows

Facebook is soon launching a new tab on the web, mobile, and TV apps. Facebook announced it’s replacing the video button with “WATCH” tab. Watch is the new platform for videos on Facebook. Mark is planning to take youtube by its new idea. At first, Watch will be available to limited users of US, before rolling out … Read more