The logo has a hidden message for the whole world. The lower right corner of the logo has an appearance of the equal sign in because of the white lines passing through IBM; it represents equality.
Adding to above, The horizontal stripes are intended to suggest “speed and dynamism.”

2.F1 :


It is merely famous as F1 with the black F and red pattern signifying speed. But where does the 1 come in?

Take a closer look at the negative space between these two elements and you will find it

3. Volkswagen:


The logo contains two letters of English alphabets. The ‘V’ stands for “volks” which means people in German and the ‘W’ stands for “wagon” which means car. Hence, it’s the car for the people.

4.Facebook Place:

Rotating the logo 90 degrees to right



It’s Facebook’s new geolocational product and giving fierce competition to current leader in that area Foursquare.
If you take a closer look at Facebook Places logo, you will notice it is a white line represent the Facebook symbol “F.”

5. LG:


Its logo accounts for a smiling face when turned clockwise. So, life is magnificent.



The tri-star logo of the company represents its dominance in quality and style over all things land, sea, and air.



The Adidas logo looks like a mountain to represent the obstacles that people need to overcome.
How the Adidas logo earned its stripes
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