6 Ways To Use Tech To Boost Productivity


Whether you work in an office or from home, you’ll likely find yourself getting distracted from time to time. Maybe it’s the noise from the street, the keyboard that you’re typing on, or your laptop running out of power. Whatever it is, these pieces of tech can help you to boost your productivity by removing the distractions (or helping you ignore them). Good luck! 

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1. Step away from the power outlet  

Unchain yourself from your desk and be truly portable with a portable laptop charger. We know it can be a pain to keep all your devices topped up while you’re out and about and with a portable laptop charger, you don’t need to sit on the table next to the power outlet in a coffee shop anymore. So, you can boost your productivity by being outside, or away from a power outlet, and still working. 

2. Get focused 

Drowning out background noise (be it the builders next door, the washing machine, or noisy conversations) can be the key to productivity. That’s where headphones step in. Pick up noise-canceling headphones if you need heavy-duty cancellation, or consider airpods alternatives for a light, wireless experience. 

3. Blur out the distractions 

If headphones don’t cut it, pick up a white noise machine to truly get into the zone. Using different sounds, you can blur out the outside world and get focused on the task at hand. While they’re normally used for sleep, they can totally be repurposed for the daytime. You may find they’re most useful when you need to really concentrate for an hour or two, but then you can turn it off for the rest of the day. 

4. Get connected, wherever you are 

Maybe you like to work in the garden, away from your router. Or maybe you enjoy working in a building across the street that has bad internet. Whatever the scenario, a Wi-Fi hotspot can free you from the stress of finding a good connection. Just pack it up in your backpack, and you can enjoy great wireless internet wherever you are. 

5. Go large 

Picking up a large, high-resolution, 4k monitor can make the world of difference to your productivity levels. A clear display can help you focus more on the task at hand, and is perfect for video conferencing and gaming alike. You’ll be surprised at how much more you can get done when you can see everything more clearly. Sometimes, bigger is better. 

6. Office-ready kit 

Turn your mobile phone from a handheld device into an actual office phone with plug-in solutions. Not only does it allow you to be more productive – typing with one hand is easier, and it’s always in the same place – it can remove a huge distraction: aimless scrolling, Talking on a larger, corded phone can also be more comfortable, and get you into ‘work’ mode for increased productivity. 

Hopefully, this has given you a few ideas on what tech can help you boost your productivity levels.


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