Formcard | Metalable BioPlastic


21st Century is going to be the future of technology innovations and gadgets. Their are numerous gadgets and inventions are invented and continuously upgrading the old ones. Now you’ll gonna read and see something amazing and quit spectacular invention of this year. Formcard is the thing we are going to read further in this post. Click Here For Official Site

Formcard The Innovative Plastic

Formcard is a handy, pocket sized card of bioplastic which is melt when you pour it into the water. By using this Formcard you can fix and modify the things around you. You have to just put this Forcard into the hot water and this will gonna melt and take a foam of semi solid material then you can applied it anywhere you want to fix and modify the object that you want to fix or the things that you want to modify according to you.

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This is a instant fix for a broken object like your pencil or pen. Suppose you breaak your pencil in half and want to join like its new then take out your Formcard and join the broken side of pencil and wrap this semisolid material around the joint and when its hard you can use your pencil as it never broken.


Their are endless possibilities with Formcard. you can fix kids broken toys and you can shape it as a key wrench and use it to open screw. or use it as Iphone stand. You also use this as a hanger for your crockery or clothes.

Science Behind Formcard

These are made from a starch based Bio-plastic that is totally non toxic. The chemical composition of this material is so unique when you pour it into the hot water, it get semisolid and when you when it get rock solid hard.


These are available in different colors and you can also mix together to form a new color. Share this exciting invitation with your friends and let them know also that future is near than they think.


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