Is the Dark Web Over-Hyped?

Deep Web means things not crawled by search engines. And most of that stuff is quite mundane. Personal or company sites with no incoming links, anything behind a login screen, dynamically-generated content that isn’t crawlable, etc

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Dark Web is the underbelly of Deep Web, the Minotaur at the center of the labyrinth if you will. Deep are things that search engines can’t see. Dark is things you can only get through TOR. Dark Net is websites unallocated/uncatalogued or otherwise have unreachable IP.

Almost everything below the Hidden Wiki is illegal or sick because again if it weren’t, there’d be no need to hide it.

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Secrets of the Dark Web

Cyber experts say the deep web is used by a range of bad actors. But it’s also been used by whistle-blowers as well as activists during the Arab Spring, who harnessed the platform’s power to organize demonstrations and disseminate information anonymously.

The Lolita City, onion deep web, dark web lolita, lolita city,

A recent NBC News report suggested that would-be hackers could visit the dark web to purchase do-it-yourself crime toolkits to launch attacks through phishing emails, malware, and ransomware. What have security measures been put in place to prevent the average Joe from carrying out massive hacks?

Researchers also made a surprising discovery on the dark web – finding government-made malware that could be used to target energy grids.

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The CP stuff is well known, but there’s information on human trafficking rings, rape tourism (which happens in the US even! They happen on occasion in Native American reservations), the animal cruelty that will turn anyone into a hardcore PETA/ASPCA member, and hackers lurking at every turn. Read nearly any article about the dark web, and you’ll get the sense that its name connotes not just its secrecy but also the low-down dirty content of its dark realms. You’ll be told that it is home to several bad things: stolen data, terrorist sites, and child porn

If you thought Mankind had a chance at redemption/salvation after all the atrocities we have committed against Nature through the ages, think again. If you are not sure, visit the place where Humanity comes to die.

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