PlayStation VR Motion Sickness Game List Guide


Virtual reality gaming is not for everyone, and some games will make you more motion sick than others. Here is a list of PlayStation VR games that will make you sick, and others that won’t.

Bear in mind; this is just a list of games that made me sick (and not sick) after using PlayStation VR for close to a week. If you are not prone to motion sickness, then you don’t need to read this. If you do get sick, here’s some games you should avoid and others that should be more tolerable.

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PlayStation VR Motion Sickness Game List Guide

Motion Sickness Games Out of all of the games I played for PlayStation VR that are available at launch, the ones that made me sick are titles that all featured forward motion.

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This means I was not able to tolerate ANY game where a character or vehicle was moving forwards or backward. Unlike other people, my brain and body were giving my false signals. My mind was telling me I was running, but my body wasn’t. This confused my entire body, and I got a headache and felt jelly-legged.

Anyway, the games that made me sick included Driveclub VR, EVE: Valkyrie, RIGS: Mechanized Combat League, Battlezone and Here They Lie. There are probably a couple of others out there, but these are the main ones. I avoided playing the Luge level in PlayStation VR Worlds too.

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From my experience, I never got used to the feeling. I tried to “get used to it” over the few days I had the PlayStation VR headset, but nothing seemed to have worked. If you, a friend or family member do get sick, try and avoid playing the games I just mentioned.

It’s also recommended that you take a few breaks now and then to rest your eyes if you get a bit sick. Don’t try and play VR for hours as it can take a toll on you.

Non-motion sickness games: The games that might not make you sick include those that have stationary movement. The ones I was able to play you just moved your head and hands, but not the character themselves.

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The first game I enjoyed was Ocean Descent from PlayStation VR Worlds. I was able to tolerate moving up and down than I was moving forwards and backward.

The other games that I think are good to play include Batman: Arkham VR, Headmaster, Tumble, Wayward Sky and Job Simulator. Hustle Kings and some other games could be added here too, although I didn’t have a chance to play every launch title.

Anyway, I hope this gives you can do indication on how safe it is to use PlayStation VR. Remember, it’s not recommended for kids under the age of 12 to use it. If you do get sick like I did, just stick to playing the games you are comfortable with. There’s no point forcing yourself to overcome motion sickness. I tried that but never got used to the feeling…


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