How To Setup Godaddy Hosting and Domain in 2 Min.


Want to setup GoDaddy hosting and domain then this video is only for you. Here you find every single step you have to take for your c-panel setup, WordPress install and how to add a user in the WordPress.

How To Setup Godaddy Hosting and Domain

This video explains everything you have to know about how to setup GoDaddy hosting and domain in just 2 minutes. Gadget Gyani cover all the essential step that you have to know before installing the WordPress in to purchase GoDaddy hosting and domain newly. There is another video that let you find the solution for CGI/ error.

Step 1. after purchasing Domain and Hosting from Godaddy sig in with your GoDaddy account.
Step 2. Select hosting and click on setup.
Step 3. Now Click on set up c-panel
Step 4. Enter your username and password for the c-panel Login details.
Step 5. After C-panel is setup, then install WordPress.
Step 6. Enter your site name username and password.
Step 7. Now you have to see the video for further detail because I can’t explain all of it here.

If you have any problem at any step, just comment down below or mail me I’ am going to help you.

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