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Pokémon GO To Get Buddy Pokémon Update Soon

Pokémon GO Get Buddy Pokémon Update Soon will add in-game rewards

Less than two weeks after the Pokémon Appraisal feature was added to the (declining in popularity) Pokémon GO, the Pokémon GO Development Team has announced a new upcoming feature—Buddy Pokémon. This addition will also enable players to earn more rewards.

pokemon go
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Buddy Pokémon will allow users to pick any Pokémon in their arsenal to be their buddy. Not only will the chosen Buddy appear on your profile screen with you, but it will also get you “unique in-game rewards and experiences.” Also, Buddy Pokémon will award you candy for walking around town with them. Unfortunately, we don’t know what rewards these will be or how much candy will be given to players with Buddies. These candy rewards could potentially have a significant impact on the playability of the game, as it’s currently pretty hard to obtain candy for rarer Pokémon.

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If you get bored of your Buddy Pokémon, you’ll be able to swap it out for a different one in your collection at any time. So if you somehow manage to snag a Dragonite, you’ll be able to kick your current, lame buddy out instantly. However, you should keep in mind that Pokémon has feelings too.

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Android Devices For TV | Review

Android on your TV is kind of cool thing to see, imagine your favourite apps and games on your big screen looks amazing, right ???. So how you gonna do that , thanks to Google they already make Android Devices for TV so you can enjoy your apps and games on TV.

Five Best Android Devices For TV

Android Devices for Tv, nexus player, android player, android device for tv,
Android Devices for Tv

Android TV gives you a new, streamlined user interface to your TVs and set top boxes, designed to put content front and center. It is based upon Android 5.0 Lollipop, which of course also runs on phones, tablets, set top boxes and cars via Android Auto.

Nexus Player is First Android Devices For TV

The first device that run Android is Nexus player which introduce by Google and Asus in 2014. After phones Google want to take over your TV with its Android Devices for PC but its not actually going very famous though.

Android Devices for Tv, nexus player, nexus android player, android devices for tv, nexus android player,

You can stream music, movies, and TV shows. You can play apps, and Android games on it. Also you can able to run Chromecast’s feature too.This all sound like cool huh ??? You have to find out yourself after using these Android Device for PC

Dongles and Devices Turn Your TV into Android

There are several device available in market to make your Tv an Android. You don’t need to purchase Nexus Player.These devices are very handy, those are like mini Android PC. offering a variety of USB sized dongles and wireless TV boxes to bring the Android experience to your big screen TV.

Raspberry Pi

Android Devices For TV, raspberry device for android, android for tv,

It is capable of running different linux based operating system including Android v4.4.The $35 dollar usb look alike comes with a 700 MHz ARM CPU, 512 MB RAM and VideoCore IV GPU, which supports up to 1080px screen displays. If your a programer or your friend is a linux programer than you surely use this because it needs some commands and codes for installing android in it and solving any problem you are facing in installing the OS.

Miniand MK802

The $35 dollar device contains A10 system chip. The chip contains a single core Cortex-A8 CPU clock at 1Ghz and 500 MHz AMD Z 430 GPU. It is comes in 512 MB and 1 GB DDR RAM variants and Miniand MK802 comes with 4 GB of space you can expand by 32 GB storage.

android devices for tv, miniaid android for tv,

MIniand built in Wifi and running Android 4.0, Its perfect to stream your video at 720p resolution connected to your display by a HDMI cable.

iMito MX2

Imito MX2 comes with a 1.6 Ghz dual core Cortex- A9 processor and a powerful Mali 400 MPP4 quad core GPU. you can play high resolution games, HD Videos, and high end apps. Imito MX2 has 1 GB of DDR3 RAM and 8GB of internal NAND flash storage.

android devices for tv, imiato android for tv,

It has Bluetooth and Wifi receiver to connect your home network. Imito MX2 comes with Jellybean Android v4.1. This $ 65 Dollar device gives you good gaming performance and full HD videos. The addition of WIfi and Bluetooth gives it a advantage over cheaper android devices for tv.

Smartdroid TV Box

This TV box contains additional features like Ethernet LAN port, HDMI and older RCA video connections. Smartdroid Tv Box using Allwinner A10 chip and Cortex A8 processor clocked 1.2 GHz. The Smartdroid TV Box comes with 512 MB RAM and you can run Android version 4.0 has a 32 GB capacity SD memory card slot. it’s comes with additionally attached USB slot.

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Smartdroid TV comes with a remote to handle your install and running your OS and you can play games with it too. You can play games with plug Pen Drive which has android files and you can run android apps directly.

The Razer Forge TV

android devices for tv, forge for tv, android forge tv,

The Razer Forge Tv priced $99 and $ 149 dollar with gaming control. The Razer has Snapdragon 805 CPU, 16Gb internal Storage and 2Gb RAM and Adreno 420 GPU in addition of wifi and Ethernet LAN.

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Top 10 Best Mobile Games of 2016 You Need to Play

The Google Play Store is full of Android games, but not all games are worthy of downloading. we have listed out the best android games for your phones or tablet. Feel free to add your add your own picks in the comment and help others to find their kind of taste in games.

Top 10 Best Mobile Games of 2016 You Need to Play

Here you find Top 10 Android Games of 2016 you need to play, Google Play gives you the best of the best Android Games in 2016 you need to play.

Rayman  Adventures

The Rayman series made its debut on the original PlayStation but can now be found on Android too. Rayman Adventures is a side-scrolling, auto-runner platform game that builds on the proven formula of previous mobile Games, Rayman Fiesta Run and Rayman Jungle Run.

There are different types of level in this  Rayman Adventures game, one is collecting items and other is defeating enemies like Mario Series, but its need time for the order to defeat enemies,  jump over obstacles and reach the end of the stage. This game gives you more control from older games of this series, in Rayman Adventures you can control and change your direction at will.

Rayman Adventures is one of the finest game you ever see on Android, with high definition and stunning graphics. The charming looking cartoon looks cute and beautiful background.

Top 10 Best Mobile Games of 2016, Rayman Adventures, Rayman Adventures android, Rayman Adventures apple tv, rayman adventures apk, rayman adventures logo,
 Rayman Adventures Android Game

Download Rayman: Adventures from Google Play

Please, Don’t Touch Anything

Please, Don’t Touch Anything is a wonderful puzzle game. The premise is that you’re left in charge of a desk and a big red button while your co-worker takes a bathroom break, having instructed you not to touch anything. So what’s your first instinct? To touch something, of course. Please, Don’t Touch Anything’s gameplay involves solving puzzles and trying out different combinations of button presses to trigger various outcomes, and all the action takes place at the in-game desk you sit at.

Top 10 Best Mobile Games of 2016, Don't touch anything game, Don't touch anything gameplay, Don't touch anything free, Don't touch anything free download
   Dont Touch Anything Android Game

Download Please Don’t Touch Anything From Google Play 

Cut the Rope: Magic

Cut the Rope: Magic is the traditional Cut the Rope recipe: vibrant, non-threatening graphics, mixed with some tear-your-hair-out puzzles. Your task is to deliver a piece of candy into the mouth of hungry critter Om Nom, by cutting the ropes that hold the candy in the correct order, with the correct timing. the levels are difficult as they rise, its graphics are good if like a cute puzzle game than it is your kind of game. Cut the rope: Magic level bus 22 is the hardest you have to pro gamer to pass that level.

 Download Android Game Cut the Rope: Magic

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Android App crying Babies | New App For Crying Babies

Android App crying Babies, new app, app for android, android marshmallow, android apps, android games, ios app, apps for ios, android apps, Baby's Cries Mean, Babies Crying Translator
                                                         Android App For Crying Baby

For newly mothers who can’t always make a sense of baby’s cries. A team of researchers has developed a smartphone android and ios app that can  decode what the baby’s crying for. New app is to decode the baby crying and help to find out what baby want.Android App crying Babies

New App Claims It Can Tell What Baby’s Cries Mean

The Infant Cries Translator app developed at the National Taiwan University Hospital Yunlin claims to be able to distinguish between four separate crying sounds by recording the sounds of babies and comparing them to a large database.but some theorist who don’t have trust in this app have complaints about this app also

To develop the app, the researchers collected 200,000 crying sounds from 100 new born babies.Android App crying Babies

When the baby cries, the user needs to do push the recording button for 10 seconds, and the sounds will be uploaded to the Cloud Drive.

After the decoding process, the app decodes the sound in just 15 seconds and sends the results to the user’s mobile phone.

Android App crying Babies

“The Infant Cries Translator can differentiate four different statuses of sounds of baby crying, including hunger, the diaper getting wet, sleepy and pain,” one of the head researchers, Chang Chuan-yu, was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

“So far, according to the feed back from users, the accuracy of the app we have tested can reach 92% for babies under 2 weeks old,” Chuan-yu said.Android App crying Babies

Although the app does become less accurate as the baby gets older, the researchers believe that it is ideal for infants below the age of six months.

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