Reasons Why Your Mac Has Become Slow

Macs are usually seen as very fast computers that help you increase your productivity levels. But if you came across this article, it probably means that you have owned a Mac for a few years now and have noticed that it has started to run slower than it used to.

And purchasing a new Mac after a few years just because the old one has lost its speed might be irrational, even though speed is one of the main advantages of a Mac computer. These computers are expensive, but they are also known as long-lasting. 

So either way – if you bought a new Mac and want to avoid the issue of a slow computer in the future or if you are already experiencing slow computer issues, we are going to help.

Even if you were to browse more while surfing the internet, you would not find all the information in a single article. Reading multiple sources and improving your knowledge that way is the best option. And starting with the reasons below is a good piece of advice.

Reason #1 – You Are Lacking Free RAM

Random-access memory, so-called RAM, is crucial for the speed of your Mac. And to be more specific, if you have free RAM to spare, your computer will most likely perform very effectively, and if you are out of RAM – it will become very slow. 

If you would like to check how full your RAM currently is, you can do that by using the Finder that can be located on your Dock at the bottom of the screen. Then go to Applications, click Utilities, and start the Activity Monitor. Choose the Memory tab. If you do not see the Finder application, you can always use Spotlight Search to find whatever you need.

On the bottom left side, you will notice a Memory Pressure window. If you see green color, it indicates that your Mac has enough RAM to function properly, and you should not worry about it. If you notice the yellow color, it means that you are still okay but should consider freeing up some space on your Mac. If you see red, then you need to stop the processes that use up the most RAM and free up some space.

Reason #2 – There Are Too Many Files on Your Desktop

Not only a cluttered Desktop will decrease your productivity while you waste your time looking for the files you need, but it will also make your computer run slower. If you have multiple folders, pictures, and icons all-around your Desktop, this may create a serious problem.

It is true that it’s sometimes easier and more convenient to save your files on the Desktop when you are in a hurry, but you should always organize your files and remove them from the Desktop whenever you have time. Ideally – every day. Your computer is using memory to Display every thumbnail that is left on your Desktop, which slows down the entire performance. And if you want to maintain your Apple’s performance, you need to clean up.

Reason #3 – You Have Too Many Photos and Videos

The less free space a Mac has, the slower it will run. And if you have a camera or a phone that takes high-quality photos and you keep those files on your Mac, this might be one of the cases that creates an issue of a slow Mac. 

Apple is always trying to teach its users to store most of the files in iCloud instead of the Mac itself. But not everybody does that. If you have less than 5 GB of files, you can store them for free, and if you need more – you can always upgrade your plan to a bigger one.

Storing the information on iCloud is very convenient because you can easily access the files from wherever you are – you just need to have internet access. But if you travel a lot and are not sure about the internet connection, you can always store your files in an external hard-drive.

Reason #4 – You Never Empty the Trash Bin

As obvious as it may sound, a lot of people forget to perform this action, which in ideal conditions should be performed daily after you are finished working with the computer for the day. Because even if you remove all of the unnecessary apps and files from your Mac, they will all end up in the Trash Bin and will be taking up the same space as it did before.

To make sure all of your hard work of cleaning your Mac does not go to waste, always remember to empty the Bin as often as possible. And to help you out with that, you can turn on an option that empties the Bin after 30 days of file deletion – same as on the iPhone.

apple, amazon, apple siri

Artificial Intelligence Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri headed to hotel rooms

Intelligent personal assistants are being tested at Marriott hotels, pointing to a future of automated hotel rooms.

Marriott International, one of the world’s largest hotel chains, is testing iPads running Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo at its Aloft hotel in Boston’s Seaport district, according to a report in Bloomberg. Both of those technologies are based on artificial intelligence (AI) that responds to voice commands.

The devices would be used to operate lights in the room, control room temperature, and interface with the TV via voice commands.

apple, amazon, apple siri

“This is about what next-generation travelers might want and how they would use their own devices at home and how that would translate to their travel experience,” Toni Stoeckl, Global Brand Leader, Lifestyle Brands at Marriott International, told Fox News in a phone interview.

Stoeckl confirmed to Fox News Marriott has been testing iPads at the Aloft hotel in Boston in “about 20 rooms.”

The hotel chain is also testing Amazon’s Alexa, allowing guests, for example, “to find out about the local area and local events,” Stoeckel added. It is “not fully integrated with all of the guest room features like lighting and thermostat but [it’s more targeted at] using Alexa to personalize answers” about local information, he noted.

Marriott is now “churning through feedback” to see how to apply the technology in the future.  Depending on the “insights” that Marriot gets, it may expand Siri and Echo/Alexa to additional Loft hotels as well as “traditional” Marriott brands, Stoeckl said. The decision on when to apply the technology won’t be made until the results have been scrutinized. That may take a month or two, he added.

“As home automation becomes more mainstream, people will begin to expect those same comforts when they travel,” John Clancy, VP of Residential Systems at Crestron, a company that builds home and building automation systems, told Fox News in an email. “At the same time, hotels can leverage this type of innovation to gain a competitive advantage, and technology companies get a new marketing stage. It’s a win for everyone involved,” according to Clancy, who was quoted in the Bloomberg report.

Marriott is also looking into how to make rooms more “personalized” through automation. An analogy might be logging into your Netflix account and seeing your content. Automation could potentially become more personalized in a similar way.

Stoeckl added that Google Assistant, an AI technology used on the Google Home smart speaker and Google Pixel phones, “may be a viable option as well” but the company is not currently using that platform in its testing.

Wynn Las Vegas equips rooms with Echo, Alexa

Marriott’s move follows an announcement from Wynn Las Vegas and Amazon in December to provide all 4,748 hotel rooms at Wynn Las Vegas with Amazon’s Echo.

Like Marriott’s Siri-powered iPads, the Echo will allow guests to control hotel room features with a series of voice commands via Alexa.

“In partnership with Amazon, becoming the first resort in the world in which guests can verbally control every aspect of lighting, temperature and the audio-visual components of a hotel room,” Wynn said in a statement issued in December.

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Apple Does Not Patch Up With Wikileaks For CIA Hack Information

Apple issued a strong statement on Friday after Wikileaks released a handful of documents about Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) malware for iPhones and Macs, saying it was all old material that the Cupertino giant had addressed. But it also issued the toughest statement yet from a tech firm on Wikileaks’ demands about how they address the vulnerabilities it claims to have exposed, saying it hadn’t negotiated with Julian Assange’s organization.

After a preliminary assessment of the Dark Matter release from Thursday morning, Apple said the alleged iPhone vulnerability affected iPhone 3G only and was fixed in 2009 when iPhone 3GS was released in 2008. “Additionally, our preliminary assessment shows the so-called Mac vulnerabilities were previously fixed in all Macs launched after 2013,” a spokesperson said.

apple wikileaks

While Google and Microsoft remain quiet on whether they are working with Wikileaks to address issues after it reportedly demanded companies patch within 90 days, Apple was clear on its position. “We have not negotiated with Wikileaks for any information. We have given them instructions to submit any information they wish through our regular process under our standard terms,” the spokesperson added.

apple wikileaks

“Thus far, we have not received any information from them that isn’t in the public domain. We are tireless defenders of our users’ security and privacy, but we do not condone theft or coordinate with those that threaten to harm our users.”

Wikileaks claims Apple ‘duplicitous.’

Wikileaks wasn’t impressed with Apple’s response. It tweeted that the complaint issues had been fixed was “duplicitous.”

EFI is Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI), Apple’s form of firmware, comparable to the BIOS on other PCs. It’s the core chunk of code from which the Mac OS X operating system boots. If anyone can install malware that sits at the EFI level, they may be able to avoid many security protections in Mac OS X.

The good news for users is that the malware exposed by Assange’s organization were not only old but installable only with physical access. Wikileaks claimed in its press release (and in subsequent tweets) that the Dark Matter version showed the CIA had been attacking “organizational supply chains” where devices are built for at least eight years. But the documents only alluded to possible attacks over a supply chain.

As with the Wikileaks recent claim that encrypted apps like Signal and WhatsApp had been broken by the CIA, it might be wise to take its words with a pinch of salt.