Review: Xnspy Photo Spying App for Android and iPhone

When it comes to spying, there are a lot of stealth spy apps for Android available that you can use. These monitoring services will allow you to get real-time information of the target person and their smartphone activities. Just think if someone is trying to bully your partner. These apps will alert you to the information that is being used. It is always better to have such apps even if you never need them.

With so many different apps for monitoring iPhone usage, you might be wondering which one is the best to use. Today, we are going to talk about one of the top monitoring apps out there, Xnspy.

Xnspy is a photo spying app that helps you monitor online and smartphone activity of a person and the app has a firm emphasis on the user interface, remote controlling, and location features. We are now going to tell you about all the major features of this app, in detail.


Xnspy can be used to spy both Android and iPhone devices. That is, in fact, the main selling point for the app. The biggest advantage of Xnspy, however, is that it has separate versions for both the platform without requiring any rooting in case of Android devices and Jailbreak for iPhones.

The app comes with great all-around spying features. For instance, you can give commands and receive information from your account 24/7 with this app. If you’re using an iPhone and you want to monitor an Android user, this app may just right be for you.

  1. For Android: It supports the latest version of Android phone e. Nougat 7.0. You can also check the compatibility of your device on their website. For Android, it’s:
  • Android OS Versions 4.x up to 7.0
  1. For iPhone: It has two versions; jailbreak and no-jailbreak. The app is currently available for the following iOS versions:
  • iPhone Jailbreak Version 6.x up to 9.0.2
  • iPhone No Jailbreak Version 6.x up to 11.1.2

App design and User interface:

Xnspy is a well-designed app. It has a simple yet fluent design. The app has a red and white theme by default. Logging into your Xnspy account takes you to what they call “Xnspy Dashboard”, an online control panel from where you manage the target device.

Installing the App:

The app will be available on exclusively from Xnspy’s website. So visit the website www.xnspy.com to subscribe to the app. Though installing the app is not difficult, it has separate installation procedures for both Android and iPhone. We will discuss both here.

  1. Installing on an Android Phone:

Once you subscribe to the app on the website you will receive a download link, account credentials, and some instructions. You will need to open the download link on the Android phone you wish to spy on. This will initiate app downloading process. After downloading, install the app on the phone. Installation does not take long and is usually 3- to the 5-min procedure.

Installing on an iPhone:

If you are using an iPhone with version 9.0.3 or above, you do not need to install the app. The No Jailbreak iPhone edition of the photo spying app is compatible up to iOS 11.2. All you need is the iCloud credentials of the monitored user to pair their iCloud account with your Xnspy account. For the older iPhone versions and jailbroken phones, the Jailbreak edition of the app can be used.

Subscription Packages:

The Xnspy app offers two equally priced packages for iOS and Android devices. They are:

  • Basic Edition
  • Xnspy Premium Edition

Both these packages differ in not only the prices but also the features. Similarly, some features that are available in Jailbreak version may not be available in No-Jailbreak version. Plainly speaking, if the user wants the regular features then they should opt for the Basic edition, but for the advanced features, you will need to subscribe to their Premium package.

Xnspy tariff chart:


(iOS and Android)


(iOS and Android)

Yearly$99.99  ($8.33/month)$149.99 ($12.49/month)
Quarterly$69.99 ($23.33/month)$99.99 ($33.33/month)
Monthly$49.99 per month$59.99 per month


Most of the apps offer basic information on both the platforms or they specialize in one platform and leave the other. But Xnspy photo spying app offers basic and advanced features on both the platforms. Here they are discussed platform wise:

  1. Android Spying Features:
  • Call Recording: If your target person receives a call from a contact on the Android phone, it is recorded and uploaded to your Xnspy account. You can use that information either by downloading the Xnspy dashboard app or log into your online account through your laptop.
  • Spy on Facebook Messages: You can see all the Facebook conversations in the person’s messenger app. It will also include the data shared in those conversations.
  • Record Phone Surroundings: If you want to spy on the surroundings of your target person without making a call, then you can use this feature. This feature will provide you with the recordings by accessing their microphone.
  1. iPhone Spying Features:
  • Spy on iMessages: The Xnspy app for monitoring iPhone usage can give you a detailed account of all the incoming and outgoing iMessages. It will also include the date and time for every iMessage.
  • Spy on WhatsApp chats and Photos: You can use this app to spy on someone’s WhatsApp chats. The Xnspy gives information about all the chats including group chats in your WhatsApp account. The app not only gives you the access to the phone gallery pics, it also shows you the pics shared through the WhatsApp chats.
  • Location monitoring: If you want to know the places where the person has been all day, then the app will provide you with the location history of the person in the form of a location log. Not only this, it allows you to set limits on certain locations through their geofencing feature and when the target person visits those locations you are notified.


  • Easy to navigate interface with well-defined categories for spying different features
  • No need to root or jailbreak the device for using the app
  • Available for both Android and iPhone and supports the latest operating systems
  • The app is completely invisible and does not appear in the installed apps list.


  • Some features that are available on Android may not be available on iPhone version.
  • It doesn’t record voice calls made through the instant messengers.
  • There is a limit of only one device per subscription. So one account can only monitor one device at the moment.


If you’re in the market for a full-featured spying app, Xnspy is a decent option. It offers relatively easy and smart monitoring for iOS and Android users. In addition to being a photo spying app, it can see your online activity including browsing history, emails, and contact information. However, there are some downsides like subscription limits and features difference on both devices. But for the price, the app is a bargain and all of its features work as promised.

For detail visit: https://xnspy.com/features/photos.html

srahahapp, sarahah app

Sarahah App: 7 Things You Should Know Before You Start Using It

Everyone is talking about sarahah App, on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, they all are talking about new Sarahah app. An anonymous secret messaging app that allows users to send anonymous messages to others registered a user on the sarahah app. The main feature of Sarahah app is that it doesn’t reveal the identity of the sender of the message. Now there it is making its own unique features among all the other apps available on google play store

srahahapp, sarahah app

Sarahah app is introduced by a Saudi Arabian developer — Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq. The interesting bit about the founder of Sarahah app — Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq is that he was once a part of an Indian IT firm – Wipro and gained his programming knowledge from an Indian university, he revealed himself in an exclusive interview with India Today Group. Sarahah app has become popular in all over the world in no time. It was released on June 13, and in just a two months, this app gained wide success with over 10 million downloads on Play store and has also become the top trending application on Apple’s App store.

srahahapp, sarahah app

Top 7 Things you should Know before using sarahah App

1 Sarahah is Arabic term means ‘honesty’. The key idea behind designing the app is to allow people send creative messages to each other. But that’s not what has been happening, Instead, people are — also or rather mostly — using the application as a means of cyber bullying and trolling others while keeping their identity a secret.

The Sarahah app reached over millions of downloads on both Google Play Store in just 2 months and has become the most trending app today. After downloading the app, users will have to have to register to it with their email ID, password and user name.

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3 There’s no way to directly reply to the received messages via Sarahah. However, Sarahah is reportedly working on the reply option. In the ‘About’ page of Sarahah website, it is clearly mentioned that the developers are studying the reply option. “You can’t respond to messages now. We are studying this option,” Sarahah mentions on its website. Further, Sarahah founder also said that the team is working on several other features, which the “users will like”. People who know your Sarahah profile link will be able to send anonymous messages. Further, there’s also a search bar to find who all are registered with Sarahah.

4 There’ll be no name, no information about the sender of the message anywhere. However, because of the anonymity built in the application, some users are misusing it as a cyber bullying platform. ZainAlabdin Tawfiq, the founder of Sarahah in an exclusive with India Today Group said that in some exceptional instances if a user doesn’t follow the app guidelines, his/her identity could be revealed. Hence, the application should be used diligently.

5 Sarahah is designed in a way that allows users to send constructive messages. Tawfiq believed that there was a need for constructive feedback in his workplace and that is when he thought of creating something like Sarahah. He thought that keeping this feedback anonymous for the employees a good option. However, like Oscar Wild once said, “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth.” This phrase fits perfectly when it comes to Sarahah. Most people are registering with the app to send unsavoury and offensive messages to people instead of “constructive feedback”.

6 The application has raised concerns among parents and teachers. A review that was posted on Google Play reads, “My 13-year-old sister uses this and she got a death threat aimed at our 2-year-old brother.” After such incidents took place, many parents have reported that the app and said that this is “the newest platform for cyber bullying”.
Sarahah is still in developing stage and comes with a lot of security concerns. There is no way to directly block a user on Sarahah. However, if a user receives an offensive message on Sarahah, they can simply long press on the message and block it. After which the user will not receive any message from the particular sender.

7 Several people worry about their identity being revealed. There are a few reports circulating on the web that Sarahah details will be revealed. However, commenting on the same, Sarahah founder said that the app comes with “strict privacy policy” and no information will be revealed without the users consent. He further said, “We will never reveal the identity of the sender unless we get his consent to do so. You can see also the terms and conditions of privacy policy regarding disclosure of information about revealing the identity in certain circumstances where there is a violation.” But if a user follows the rules and regulations of the app his/her identify and information will be completely safe and will not be revealed.

srahahapp, sarahah app

Sarahah App: What Is It, and Why Is Everyone Talking About It? Secret Messaging App

All You Need To Know About Sarahah App

Sarahah App: All You want to know About What is a Sarahah App And How Does it Works. Today in this post we are going to give every single details and info about Sarahah App. In this App, you can receive honest anonymous feedback or messages for about yourself. The feedback will be sent to your friends, family, and other peoples. You can Check feedback About Your on Sarahah Account by Login on it.If you will use Sarahah for work then it will enhance your areas of strength and If you will use it in friendship then you can improve your friendship by discovering your strengths and areas for improvement.So You Can Check Below How Sarahah Works & Its Features etc.

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srahahapp, Sarahah App

What is Sarahah App – Wiki Details & Features:

Sarahah is a Social Networking Communication Sites and App. Which was Developed by the ZainAlabdin Tawfiq in February 2017, When this App was Released it was trending every where but after some time Sarahah app goes Down. Now in July 2017 Sarahah App Again Trending Everywhere. This App is Released for the Android and iOS Devices. Sarahah App helps you in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback or reviews from your employees, friends, and Coworkers in a private manner. You can also Receive & Send feedback to Anyone Anonymous. This app is helpful in self-development because of feedbacks.

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How Sarahah App Can Works – How to Use it:

  1. First of All, You Need to Open Sarahah.com or Sarahah APP.
  2. If You Want to Send a feedback to Anyone then Go in Search and type the Person name & Select Person Whom Do want to Send feedback.
  3. Now Write Your message and Click on Send. On the other user’s end, feedback will show Anonymous person send you a message.
  4. If You want to Check message About Yourself then You Need to Login in Sarahah Account. If You Don’t Have an Account Then You can Follow How to Register Sarahah Account.
  5. Now Click on the My feedback tab and now You can able to See your all feedback.
  6. With this messages or feedback, You can Improve Yourself.

So this App is very Helpful for Many People. You can also Link your Snapchat account with Sarahah. By Link Snapchat with Sarahah People can Give You Feedbacks about You. You can also Use this app for Your Website Feedback, Shop reviews, and Bussiness Feedback etc.

Firefox Focus

These are the 5 best free apps of July

Here we are going to tell you about the 5 best android apps of the last month. By downloading them you can do a lot of work in seconds. According to the reviews and utility of the users, tech experts described these apps as best. The best part of is that these apps are free and can download from the Google Play Store. These apps are brand new, Let’s know about these apps

Beat Box Music Player

This audio player supports almost all types of mp3, midi, wave, FLAC raw aac files and other audio formats.
Music Player lets you manage all your music files quickly and easily.

Beat Box Music Player

Key Features

# Sort your songs by more than 7 ways.
# Elegant and beautiful User interface.
# Infinite Scrolling. So no scrolling Back.
# Reads all types of music files.
# Advanced Scrolling with beautiful animation.

Firefox Focus

Browse like no one’s watching. The new Firefox Focus automatically blocks a wide range of ads and online trackers — from the moment you launch it to the second you leave it. Easily erase your history, passwords, and cookies, so you won’t get followed by things like unwanted ads.

Firefox Focus

“Private browsing” on most browsers isn’t comprehensive or easy to use. Focus is next-level privacy that’s free, always on and always, on your side — because it’s backed by Mozilla, the non-profit that fights for your rights on the Web.

• Blocks a wide range of common Web trackers without any settings to set
• Easily erases your history — no passwords, no cookies, no trackers

• By removing trackers and ads, Web pages may require less data and load faster

Screenshot Assistant

Screenshot Assistant

Capture screenshot by holding the Home button.


• Crop screenshot to the desired size
• Save screenshot to the device
• Share screenshot with your friends

Download Accelerator Manager

Download Accelerator Manager(DAM) made for the Android platform is a powerful speed booster, an advanced download manager.
It supports ANY type of file for downloading: archive files, MUSIC, VIDEO, document, application, image etc

download acceleator

And all this is accomplished whilst having a very small footprint on your Androids resources.

Make your downloads smart, efficient, reliable, and easy.
With a user beautiful Interface and notification interface, you can download what you want (Any file type supported), when you want it (Schedule your downloads), and stay informed on your downloads progress in real time.

AMOLED mnml Wallpapers

AMOLED mnml Wallpapers

This is a very work app. You know that the black wallpaper on the phone protects the battery In this app, you will find a lot of black background wallpapers like this. You can use them on your AMOLED display device.

photomath app, android app, cool android app, math solving android app,

Hidden Android Features | No one Knows

Top 8 Hidden Android Features

There’s Android and afterward there’s the Android that you didn’t think about-in any event, those components of the green humanoid which gives you an improved client experience. The tips are sufficiently straightforward yet the impacts can be very amazing. As such, there’s no requirement for you not to advance to the following level of involvement with your telephone. Here are 8 Hidden Android Features you can do with Android that nobody let you know about.

1. Find a lost Android phone by Android device manager

Using the Android Device Manager, you can alarm your phone which could enable you to locate it if it’s lost.  you can lock your phone using the device manager. You need a Gmail account to do this but then, it’s like saying fish needs fins to swim.

Hidden Android Features, Android device manager, android apps, super cool things about android, top 10 android apps,
Source: play.google.com

2. Wanna solve a math equation? Just take a picture of it!

Hidden Android Features, Android device manager, photomath app, android app, cool android app, math solving android app,
Source: dailydot.com

Math students never had things this easy- With the PhotoMath app, all you have to do is take a picture of the equation and the app will solve the equation for you.

3. Connect directly to your USB disk drive

Hidden Android Features, Android device manager, disk derive, mouse, android app for mouse,
Source: reddit.com

Presently, this is what “Being cool for the times” implies you can simply plug your drive specifically to the gadget and begin copy all the stuff from the internet,

4. Make your phone function faster

Hidden Android Features, Android device manager, faster android phone, settings to do android phone fast, setting for android, cool settings for android,
Source: pcadvisor.com

In spite of the fact that one of the key components that fresher era phone accompany is higher rate of capacity, there dependably is extension for more speed. What’s more, with Android, you can get your phone faster by taking after these steps:

1. Go to “Settings”
2. Search for “Device info”
3. Search for the build number and click on it “7” times after which the Developer mode is activated.
4. Return to the main settings- you’ll find a new option there called “Developer Options.”
5. Search for the category called “Drawing.” Then change these options to 0.5X: Windows Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animator Duration Scale

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Some More Hidden Android Features of Google’s OS

5. Discover hidden art in your Android

Hidden Android Features, Android device manager, hidden facts about android, android hidden secrets, secrets codes android
Source: howtogeek.com

1. Select “About Phone” on the setting page
2. Rapidly click on the “Android Version” some three or four times and Bang! Now You have reasons to sit back and enjoy

6. Use a mouse with your device

Hidden Android Features, Android device manager, connecting mouse to android phone, android phone mouse, how to connect android phone to mouse,
Source: slccfa.com

The thought of individuals appending a mouse to a portable PC is recoil qualified to the individuals who admire that such practices go counter to innovative advancement which announces that “thou shalt use lesser items in thy excursion of advancement.” For whatever is left of you, the way that you can connect a mouse to your gadget may come as good news.

7. Attach your device to a video game controller

Hidden Android Features, Android device manager, how to connect android phone to game control, how to connect android device to xbox,
Source: aliexpress.com

Using a game controller with Android is actually pretty simple. All you’ll need is:

  • A wired Xbox 360 controller.
  • A USB OTG cable

USB OTG stands for “USB on the go.” It’s essentially a tiny adapter cable that contains a full USB plug at one end and a micro USB connector on the other end. It allows you to plug standard USB devices into your Android phone or tablet, including USB drives, mice, keyboards, and Xbox 360 controllers.

8. You can set gifs as wallpapers

Hidden Android Features, how to set gif files to android wallpaper,
Source: play.google.com

Using the AnimGif Live Wallpaper app, it’s possible to adorn your screen with a gif.

These are the Hidden Android Features you can use for your android phone and Android device so you can do some extra with your smartphone. Till than happy surfing.