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Top 8 Hidden Android Features

There’s Android and afterward there’s the Android that you didn’t think about-in any event, those components of the green humanoid which gives you an improved client experience. The tips are sufficiently straightforward yet the impacts can be very amazing. As such, there’s no requirement for you not to advance to the following level of involvement with your telephone. Here are 8 Hidden Android Features you can do with Android that nobody let you know about.

1. Find a lost Android phone by Android device manager

Using the Android Device Manager, you can alarm your phone which could enable you to locate it if it’s lost.  you can lock your phone using the device manager. You need a Gmail account to do this but then, it’s like saying fish needs fins to swim.

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2. Wanna solve a math equation? Just take a picture of it!

Hidden Android Features, Android device manager, photomath app, android app, cool android app, math solving android app,
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Math students never had things this easy- With the PhotoMath app, all you have to do is take a picture of the equation and the app will solve the equation for you.

3. Connect directly to your USB disk drive

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Presently, this is what “Being cool for the times” implies you can simply plug your drive specifically to the gadget and begin copy all the stuff from the internet,

4. Make your phone function faster

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In spite of the fact that one of the key components that fresher era phone accompany is higher rate of capacity, there dependably is extension for more speed. What’s more, with Android, you can get your phone faster by taking after these steps:

1. Go to “Settings”
2. Search for “Device info”
3. Search for the build number and click on it “7” times after which the Developer mode is activated.
4. Return to the main settings- you’ll find a new option there called “Developer Options.”
5. Search for the category called “Drawing.” Then change these options to 0.5X: Windows Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animator Duration Scale

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Some More Hidden Android Features of Google’s OS

5. Discover hidden art in your Android

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1. Select “About Phone” on the setting page
2. Rapidly click on the “Android Version” some three or four times and Bang! Now You have reasons to sit back and enjoy

6. Use a mouse with your device

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The thought of individuals appending a mouse to a portable PC is recoil qualified to the individuals who admire that such practices go counter to innovative advancement which announces that “thou shalt use lesser items in thy excursion of advancement.” For whatever is left of you, the way that you can connect a mouse to your gadget may come as good news.

7. Attach your device to a video game controller

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Using a game controller with Android is actually pretty simple. All you’ll need is:

  • A wired Xbox 360 controller.
  • A USB OTG cable

USB OTG stands for “USB on the go.” It’s essentially a tiny adapter cable that contains a full USB plug at one end and a micro USB connector on the other end. It allows you to plug standard USB devices into your Android phone or tablet, including USB drives, mice, keyboards, and Xbox 360 controllers.

8. You can set gifs as wallpapers

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Using the AnimGif Live Wallpaper app, it’s possible to adorn your screen with a gif.

These are the Hidden Android Features you can use for your android phone and Android device so you can do some extra with your smartphone. Till than happy surfing.


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