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http://duskgytldkxiuqc6.onion/ – Example rendezvous points page Thomas Paine’s Common Sense and The Federalist papers

http://rutorc6mqdinc4cz.onion/ – Torrents – Rutor – Russian torrent site which has more than million of index torrent, Are you looking any torrent file then you should search here definitely you will find here. Rutor offers adult videos, software, ebooks, movies, TV Series, Anime and much more.

http://gv6zipaqcoaau4qe.onion/ – Torrents – iDope – A Tribute to Kickass Torrents – This another torrent search engine where you can search all categories of torrents. Only you need to type your file name and hit enter then result will be on the display. One thing I like about iDope, when you will search anything, then result have direct torrent magnet link, and a page doesn’t have any ads.

http://anodex.oniichanylo2tsi4.onion/ – Torrent – Anondex.i2p Torrent Index – Deep web source that has millions or torrent magnet source, do you want to download any torrent anonymously or want to share any file in Torrent form with anyone, here you can upload your torrent file and can share this site visitors, and that file can download anyone who wants’s.

http://sblib3fk2gryb46d.onion/ – Traum library mirror 60GB of Russian and English books. A mirror of the latest Traum ISO. Covers, search and downloads in FB2, HTML and plain TXT

Before you dive into Deep web torrents, There is a thing, Deep web himself suggest that user should not download or use a torrent site, because if you use torrent sites on the deep web they can track you. Need more information then go here:-  How To Browse Onion Deep Web Safely

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http://kpynyvym6xqi7wz2.onion/files.html – Deep web torrent/Document/Text – Parazite is a popular deep web link that offers all popular type files, like as text documents, research papers, videos, torrents, hack related text files and some other onion links. One best thing about this website, here you can find more than 10000+ different files and web page links, all these links have well-documented information. If you are like reading new research paper, leaks paper or various type documents then Parazite is the best website for you.

http://wbyi72yt6gitdcqd.onion/ – Torrent/Movies – I don’t have any experience about this deep web links, but according to the website where you can get HDTV, DVD Rip, Full Mp3 Songs.

http://smk4dw5cbxd6lttl.onion/ – Torrent – Anonymous Pirate –  Deep web torrent sites that hold more than 300 top active torrents, these torrents included Movies, TV Shows, Windows, Mac, Android, Music, Audiobooks, PC, Mac, Porn Movies, Pictures, Games, Comics, etc.

http://wtwfzc6ty2s6x4po.onion/ – Torrent – This is another popular deep web torrent website, but this site has limited users 3964, If you want to signup here then you need to wait some time.

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http://zmovietoropzaid3.onion/ – Deep web movie – Zmovie: Do you want to download movies or TV shows from the deep web. If yes, Zmovie can help you because this deep website provides the latest movies and TV shows HD quality videos, which you can download from Zmovie.

Note: when I tried to download a movie from this deep websites but I faced problem-related to download links(download link not working), and all links drive on normal clearnet sites.

http://d5eyi24facorsljv.onion/ – Movie/Show – Welcome to deep web Ponies – Do you like ponies toon show, and want to download and watch all seasons episodes then this deep web links can provide you with all seasons episode download links.

http://www.solarmovie6rystf.onion/ – Deep web movie – Watch free online movie solar movie: Another deep web website, which can prove a good alternative for Zmovie deep web link, If you are still searching movies site then you also can try solarmovie.

http://hiotuxliwisbp6mi.onion/ – Deep web torrent – Index of/ – This FTP directory based site have more than 1 TB videos, PDF, Movies, Training documents. If you want to download any of these, then you can explore this deep web FTP directory site. Hope you can find here your required document.

http://dsenxis5txr4zbxe.onion/ – Deep web torrent/Forum/Russian – NNM Club – Russian Language based torrent tracker & forum site, where you can register your account and can download active torrents. NNM has more than 1 Millian active Russian torrents. If you want to download some Russian movies, then NNM is the best deep web place for you.

http://zpe4auiu74xgr6dp.onion/ – Movies – TorFlix – This deep web live streaming site which have more than 20 TB+ movies database (English Language) but first you should register then log in and the only page will show you only 5 or 10 random suggestion and when you refresh your page then every time all the suggested movies name will be change. one thing is very good here, all available movies in High Definition resolution.

http://snuffnu56nh7tpvi.onion/ – Movies – Snuff Cinema – I am not sure, what they are offered because you can access his available library after the payment. But maybe possible they are a scammer but this website homepage has one eye-catching line ” What you will see you will not be able to forget”

http://rlujtxikez5kicwj.onion/ – Videos – TorTube – looking onion site that offers video contents like Youtube then visit TorTube that presenting similar trending videos, popular videos or any specific categories that you want to watch. Let’s enjoy more than 10K+ videos on then Tor network.

http://qhhunyjzmdyx4i4d.onion/ – Movies – ixIRC – Onion IRC network that already has more than 17 IRC networks, 33 channels, and more than 172K+ users. If you are searching IRC based files like movies, videos, the application then you can search these type files on ixIRC onion search engine site.

http://suprbaycsyecyajt.onion/ – Video – SuperBay – This is multimedia files related community which have more than 15+ active categories like Music, Movies, TV Shows, Application, Games, Art, Design, Books, Comics, Programming and development, Hardware and networking, etc. If you want to contribute any of these then you may join this community.

http://oycijxgzuens2tsr.onion/ – Videos – Indo WAP – Download video dan music gratis – Indonesian language videos, music site, these you can stream available videos, most videos are fetched from youtube.

http://archivecrfip2lpi.onion/ – Video – Internet Archive – This is official Intenet archive site onion version there all things you can find which you can on the clearnet site. Here you can download multimedia related files like video, movies, music, software, games, etc.

http://gamebombfak3pwnh.onion/ – Videos – Giant Bomb Links – This site offers giant bomb podcast links, This site deliver these podcast download and stream links, all links you can download with the help of

Top 13 Updated Onion Websites List 2018 May 24 | Deep Web Sites

Top 13 Updated Onion Websites List 2022 May 24 | Deep Web Sites

In this another deep web post you are going to see the updated and manually checked deep web sites, some of them are useful, some them are scariest, some them are a scam and some of them are just random to make your life little less boring. So, guys, this is deep web we are talking about to browse it safely and take some precautions before browsing deep web/ dark web.

Top 13 Updated Onion Websites List 2022 May 24

Read More:- How To Browse Onion Deep Web

I’m not responsible for any content of websites linked here. Be careful and stay safe.

https://222222222fyhdxlj.onion                Buy Apple Products in Bitcoin

http://2222222237z3q52l.onion/               BuyPrivKey. In this site, you can buy some Bitcoin Private Keys with balance

http://222222224gidecov.onion/               OFFICIAL BITCOIN x200 SERVICE

http://22222222jpg4oobq.onion/              HELLO! I’M THE HAPPY UNICORN

http://222lotto3zga65ot.onion/                 First Ever Bitcoin Lottery

Most Controversial Deep web onion list on internet :- Top 31 List Of Best Dark WebSites 

http://232yu7wsudwkm2dz.onion/             Kayser and berry hidden web

http://23tjl3xpt5btiqms.onion/                   Squirrel Mail, A Tor email network

http://24j4tprmrpqfmfpp.onion/                Index of Hacker’s GIF

http://252mxdrdwmjjsu4z.onion/              PayPal account with 500$^balance                                                                                  +Socks5+PDF

http://257o4f6iw7qvjtr2.onion/                  Willkommen

http://25ck5txuhkjguw2u.onion/                Math is Fun

25pe5blyhl3b2udy.onion                           Utopian Token Explorer

http://2c46ank76nl3getk.onion/                 Deep Network

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So guys here you more are coming ahead so don’t miss any of it, if you don’t want these deep website’s list miss then do subscribe our website, and stay safe when you browsing deep web or buy something from dark web  


Whatsapp Co-Founder Asking Everyone To Delete Their Facebook Account Right Now

Nowadays a lot of people are unhappy with Mark Zuckerberg and it’s Facebook, including the co-founder of Whatsapp Brian Acton who didn’t mince his words about how he felt.

Brian Acton
It is time. #deletefacebook

Why is this so? Because Acton has worked with Facebook very closely. He sold WhatsApp to Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion and continued to be associated with Facebook after the sale, heading the Whatsapp division inside the social media giant.

Free Download SIGNAL, it provides a level of watertight security

But he quit from his role at Whatsapp and Facebook earlier this year to work at Signal messaging app, which has pretty much become the gold standard of encrypted, highly secure messaging — incidentally Facebook Messenger’s encryption is derived from Signal’s technology.

The Reason Behind #DeleteFacebook

Acton’s tweet is the most high profile addition to the hundreds of thousands of voices joining the #DeleteFacebook hashtag that’s trending on Twitter. A lot of Facebook users are feeling violated about Facebook’s policies that handle user data and how that data is shared with third-party developers.

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Deleted His FB Account, Calling It “More Negative Than Positive”


Now, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is the latest high-profile tech icon to criticise the company. In a final message on the platform, Wozniak explained that he’s leaving Facebook because it’s given him “more negatives than positives [experiences].” He has since deactivated his account, though apparently not deleted it. No, that’s not because he has hope Facebook will mend its ways and become better, but just because he wants to hold on to the ‘stevewoz’ so an imposter can’t get a hold of it.

Signal Private Messenger, Remove term: Signal Private Messenger Signal Private MessengerRemove term: Signal Private Messenger Review Signal Private Messenger ReviewRemove term: Signal Private Messenger Wiki Signal Private Messenger WikiRemove term: Signal Private Messenger Apk Download Signal Private Messenger Apk DownloadRemove term: hidden stuff hidden stuffRemove term: hidden web hidden webRemove term: free download free download

Signal Private Messenger, A Messaging App So Secure Egypt Just Banned It

Signal Private Messenger | Signal Private Messenger Review | Signal Private Messenger Apk Download:-

The Signal is the most encrypted software and in this post, you’ll find everything about signal messenger reviews, signal messenger wiki and you can download signal messenger free

People don’t value privacy until they lose some semblance of it — often leading to catastrophes. And people in Egypt are forced to use less-private channels of communication because the country’s government insists on blocking Signal, a messenger app so amazingly good at keeping conversations private, it provides a level of watertight security that the likes of Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Google Allo can only dream of.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger Review

Even in June this year, Haryana, India based RTI activist Sudhir Yadav tried to get encrypted apps like Signal banned from India in the interest of national security, only for the Supreme Court to dismiss his petition. So why exactly is Signal putting governments and concerned citizens ill at ease? Why is this app with just over 1 million Android downloads (which is literally nothing compared to Whatsapp’s 1 billion monthly active users) making surveillance agencies nervous? Why are countries like China, Turkey, and Iran against encryption in private chats?

Signal Private Messenger Wiki

Because if there’s one thing that the Signal Private Messenger does exceptionally well it is to keep private encrypted messages completely private — there’s no room for ifs and buts here.

Earning even US whistleblower Edward Snowden’s approval, developed by Open Whisper Networks, a team of security-focused developers who believe in “making private communication simple”, Signal is truly making cutting-edge end-to-end encrypted messaging a reality for everyone on an Android, iOS device, and desktop PC.

What makes Signal signal messenger security

For starters, Signal Private Messenger lets two or more people exchange messages that are completely encrypted and secure from one point to another. When you type a message to a friend who’s also on the Signal app, your message is scrambled beyond recognition with a very strong encryption technique as it leaves your phone and is only decrypted when it reaches your friend’s Signal app for him or her to see. With Signal’s advanced cryptographic ratcheting encryption technique, no one else can see the encrypted message in transit, making it absolutely private and secure.

Signal Private Messenger APK Download

What’s more, the end-to-end encryption technique deployed by Signal to secure text messages, images, videos and VOIP calls is so awesome, even Facebook Messenger adopted Signal’s highly secure messaging protocol. Not just that, but Google Allo’s incognito mode also makes use of Signal’s secure protocol. And WhatsApp has fully integrated Signal’s end-to-end encryption technique into its messenger as early as April 2016.

Signal Private Messenger Security

If you can’t take a hint, clearly Signal’s doing something amazing on securing private messages that are making Facebook, Google and other messaging apps sit up and take notice. In fact, in October 2016, a bunch of security researchers from Oxford University actually found Signal’s encryption protocol to be cryptographically sound, giving the secure communication app their official thumbs up.

Signal’s focus on preserving privacy

While Signal’s protocol is used by bigger, more popular messaging apps for secure communication, Signal (the app) actually goes several steps ahead than the likes of Facebook and Google. When it encrypts outgoing messages and decrypts incoming messages, the secure key used to do so is stored locally on the user’s app — and not centrally on a server that it maintains.

Even when the app tries to check for friends in your contact list that has Signal installed, the server communication is completely encrypted using TLS. Furthermore, Signal has built-in mechanisms to detect man-in-the-middle attacks and innovative ways of ensuring everyone’s private messages through its app and protocol actually remains private. No one else can see them than the intended parties, not even Signal itself. And that’s a good trend to set.

signal private messenger download

you can download signal messenger here:- Download

Apart from all of that high faulting secure technical jargon, what’s fundamentally great about Signal Private Messenger is that it’s a great app with a simple, easy-to-use interface. Don’t believe us? Try it out on Android, iOS or your desktop browser. Signal’s interface is plain and simple and there’s an appealing minimalism to its current avatar.

Signal Private Messenger Features

Privacy is possible, Signal makes it easy.

Using Signal, you can communicate instantly while avoiding SMS fees, create groups so that you can chat in real time with all your friends at once, and share media or attachments all with complete privacy. The server never has access to any of your communication and never stores any of your data.

★ Say Anything. Signal uses an advanced end to end encryption protocol that provides privacy for every message every time.

★ Open Source. The signal app is Free and Open Source, enabling anyone to verify its security by auditing the code. The signal is the only private messenger that uses open source peer-reviewed cryptographic protocols to keep your messages safe.

★ Be Yourself – Signal uses your existing phone number and address book. There are no separate logins, usernames, passwords, or PINs to manage or lose.

★ Group Chat. Signal allows you to create encrypted groups so you can have private conversations with all your friends at once. Not only are the messages encrypted, but the Signal server never has access to any group metadata such as the membership list, group title, or group icon.

★ Fast. The Signal protocol is designed to operate in the most constrained environment possible. Using Signal, messages are instantly delivered to friends.

★ Speak Freely – Make crystal-clear phone calls to people who live across town, or across the ocean, with no long-distance charges.

The signal is not currently compatible with tablets, but support for larger screens is on our roadmap and will be included in a future release!

Top 9 Chat Forums on Deep Web, The Lolita City, onion deep web, dark web lolita, lolita city,

[Top 9] Chat Forums on Deep Web | Deep Web Chat Rooms | Enter At Your own Risk

These Are Top 9 Chat Forums on Deep Web

Top 9 Chat Forums on Deep Web: You are so curious to know and talk about deep web and dark web on the deep web, but how can you, you have to find some forums and chat room on the deep web, so you can talk with like-minded people because on the mainstream internet,

Top 9 Chat Forums on Deep Web, The Lolita City, onion deep web, dark web lolita, lolita city,

half of the people scared to talk about the dark websites or the content but if you truly want to dig out what’s really in there then you have to talk with your same perceptive guys. So here you are going to see the top 9 chat forums on deep web sites which are so illegal that even I just go to the websites and check if the link is working or not.

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So you better keep yourself safe before browsing them, this website is for educational purposes only. Enter at your own risk, because the people you are going to find in these chat forums people are somewhat curious like you and some of them are truly the masters so keep yourself safe from the traps if you find any.

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Top 9 Chat Forums on Deep Web/Dark Web

Deep Web chat Forum Websites:

http://boytorchxf4zs4mz.onion/chat.phpOnion Chatting Service
http://campfireagz2uf22.onion/index.php The Camp Fire
http://chatorjafnsjjqxa.onion/chat.phpAnother Chatting Service on onion
http://canxzwmfihdnn7bz.onionRandom Chat
http://canxzwmfihdnn7bz.onion/chatti/Suomi Chatti
http://hb2z3skucfnjdrj7.onion/Under Construction
http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onionNerve Center
http://ruspedozvvlpdacl.onion/Another hidden onion website

Read More:- {Shocking} Things About Lolita City Onion Deep Web

I do not take any responsibility for what you going to see there or find what type of people are out there. Have fun. But before you visit these deep web chat forums you can check out how to browse deep web safely 

Here is a video explaining how to browse the deep web safely 

deep web hosting

Tor Web Hosting | Setup Your .onion Website on Deep Web

Deep Web/ Dark Web Hosting Service Links

http://oleafxljiu35tklk.onion/ – Deep Web Hosting Service – OpenLeaf – Website delivers his hosting for anonymous site hosting, domain names, HTTP botnet hosting. If you are highly looking hosting service that can provide you full protection, privacy then here is the one hosting service for you. For more hosting plans and privacy policy, explore given deep web links.

deep web hosting

Tor Web Hosting | Setup Your .onion Website on Deep Web

http://servnetshsztndci.onion/ – Deep Web Hosting Service – ServNet – I found this link before couple days, if you want to host your website or dark web market store then you hire this hosting service, ServNet offers dedicated, VPS server, and .onion domain name service, means all in one place. Full anonymous, No need any account information payout via BTC, ETH, Dash, Litecoin and so on.. For more hosting information or packages, explore given links.

http://godaddybqmlicbis.onion/ – Hosting – GoDaddy – Anonymous GoDaddy hosting service, this site offers onion hosting and onion domain if you are planning to start your dark web store and looking any website that can offer you these type service. I think GoDaddy may prove a good choice.

http://shyserversmg4gfe.onion/ – Dark Web Hosting Service – ShyServers – Another alternative Tor supporting service, where you also can host your deep web store or blogs. For privacy, security, the payout will be accepted via Bitcoins. Hosting plan price is based on server configuration. You can select any available plan that can fulfill your website requirement.

http://dhosting4okcs22v.onion/ – Hosting – Daniel’s Hosting – This is free deep web hosting service, but one this you should know this is not a professional hosting but this is self-personal hosting if you will contact to site admin and he may give you one onion site space on his server. But admin has some rules and guidelines. for more info my may explore Daniel’s hosting.

http://prometh5th5t5rfd.onion/ – Dark Web Hosting Service – Prometheus Hidden Service: This Deep web sites offering hosting service, you can buy here VPS and Dedicated hosting and all plans having lot of features, If you want to buy hosting then you can try this hosting service.

http://chchchiasaeljqgs.onion/ – Dark Web Hosting Service – Chan Hosting: Here you can buy hosting service according to your requirement. This onion site having some great plans. Why are you waiting for choose best suits plan and create your own deep web store.

http://torhost3p7quiikq.onion/ – Deep Web Hosting Service – Tor Hosting: Are you looking some best hosting provider for your .onion site then check out this deep web site, here you can find best hosting packages which you can select any one according to your requirement.

http://mwl3znktk7mqogdv.onion/ – Dark Web Hosting Service – Creating Tor Place: If you looking some other hosting alternative then This deep website can help you.

http://mgibojrlzdfoajbn.onion/index.php – Dark Web Hosting Service – TopShop: Do you want to make your own deep web store or dark web store then check out this hidden wiki URL.

http://hosting6eun2mouw.onion/ – Deep Web Hosting Service – Real Hosting – another deep web hosting service which supports Apache, Php 5, Mysql, sFTP, .onion domain and Bitcoin server. Real hosting offer 3 months, 6 months, 12 months hosting plans in very low price. If you want to start your deep web sites then you may explore the real hosting site.

http://freedomqbueysrt3.onion/ – Dark Web Hosting Service – Deep Web Hosting – Do you want to start your deep web website/Forum/blog/marketplace and looking any suitable hosting service. Here is the hosting service which offers Linux OS based hosting at a very low price. According to site webpage, they will generate domain name for you free, You can buy 4 type premium plan, 3 months $50, 6 months $90, 1 year $170, 2 years $320. Price only accepted in BTC.

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http://onehost4o5jfwvop.onion/ – Hosting Service – OneHost, alternative hosting site that also delivers his service on clearnet, they offered offshore VPS, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Server. I mean, the OneHost you can host small or big hosting sites, they accept the fee in Bitcoins and other valid sources like a credit card, PayPal, wire, western union or etc. OneHost support is very good and hosting plans are very cheap as compared to other. His surface web site address is

http://whoopdjk7ftbhtrr.onion/ – Hosting – Private Hosting – this is another hosting service which host anonymous website if you are looking any other alternative deep web hosting service then you may visit his site for more information like hosting features and price plans.

http://3nuwa555bojyptrb.onion/ – Deep Web Hosting Service – – do you looking hosting service that is anonymous and where you can host your website, offers VPS service where you can set up any configuration that you need. They charge 10 Euro per month and 10 euro for setup.

http://sollhs4nbdwwzka2.onion/ – Hosting – SollHost Bulletproof Hosting – anonymous hosting service provider, where you can get dedicated servers, VPS, FastFlux, Domains and SSL services. If you are looking alternative hosting then this deep web hosting can help you to host your onion store.

http://garlic7ravilyupx.onion/ – Domain Service – Garlic – Application that can help you to generate onion domain with associated private keys. You can run this lightweight application on your local PC. If you need to generate your onion domain address and Torchat ID then use Garlic application, its free.

http://onionname3jpufot.onion/ – Domain Service – OnionName – don’t know how to create .onion domain, looking .onion domain expert service that can create onion domain for you. OnionName deep web link can provide your domain name in good price without much hassle!.

Image Hosting Service Deep Web Links

http://ln6vyadk4hv3dnyt.onion/ – Image Hosting Service – Easy Image Hosting – Do you want to share JPEG, gif, or PNG files then Easy File Hosting website can prove helpful for you, and you can easily share these type files with anyone anonymously.

http://felixxxboni3mk4a.onion/ – Image Deep Web Hosting Service – Felixxx Image Uploader & Pastebin – Do you want to share some image files to someone anonymously, and searching another good alternative onion link, here is another site for you, which offers image sharing and Pastebin service.

http://freedomsct2bsqtn.onion/ – Image Hosting Service – Freedom Image Hosting – Another deep web alternative site, that provides anonymously image sharing service but for image uploading. you need to click on anywhere on the web page then select your image which you want to share with anyone then click on the eye image then your image is uploaded and also open new web address. that web address you can share with anyone.

http://pix2aes4x5fi4v5f.onion/ – Image Deep Web Hosting Service – Pix – This deep web site offering anonymous image hosting, if you want to share any images anonymously then you can upload here and can share the newly uploaded image by the help of share link.
File Hosting Service Deep Web Links

http://teenxxxbtl7wsllp.onion/ – File Deep Web Hosting Service – Teen XXX – Teen Image Host – Do you have any illegal image or videos that you want to share with anyone. This file hosting website can resolve all your problem. Here you can update all type items but the file should not more than 10 MB.

http://darknetogs6pex5i.onion/ – File Hosting Service – Darknet Image Host – This image hosting site also provides full protection on the dark web, if you want to share any image and also want to share that image anonymously then upload that image here and share that image anywhere.

http://becoc24nqduxeqgz.onion/ – File Hosting Service – Stoliczek – This Website available on i2p or onion environment. Do you want to check i2p site then you can find the i2p link on the website homepage, Stoliczek deep web links providing an interface where you can upload your any file and can share with anyone on the dark web, but file available only for 24 hrs on the server?

http://77e3ej24zlvmghdk.onion/ – File Directory – Index of / – This deep web ftp based directory have various site mirror data but only have images not have video files, If you want to access these mirror files then you may try to explore this file directory.

http://dynedlzyi34wgks4.onion/ – File Directory – Index of / – File download directory, This directory site has more than 100+ folder those have various type data like e-books, videos, software dump, zip files, script, text files and various type logs, I am not too much techy guy that’s why I can’t tell you exactly what offered by this site but hope you can get something useful for you.

http://2xd5vx4bmadk7i2k.onion/ – File Hosting – Git: Secret, Private and Anonymous Git Directory – Dark web place which works similar like GitHub repository, means here you can develop code with multiple members anonymously and anyone can use your code and can participate in code writing anonymously. If you are looking GitHub alternative on the deep web then here Git: Secret for you.

https://y6xjgkgwj47us5ca.onion/ – File Sharing – The Intercept_ – This website based on secure drop open source software, if you are looking alternative source for document share with privately on the deep web anonymously then you may try The Intercept_ Service

http://azsdjxck6kqdm7oz.onion/ – File Sharing – Satoshi Box – Do you want to sale any type digital content by the help of cryptocurrency and looking any deep web site that can help you, Satoshi Box is the right place where you can deals with more than 5 cryptocurrency.

http://lockmypxprzghj3g.onion/ – File Sharing – Lockbox | Monetize your pastes – Are you planning for sale anything on the deep web anonymously by Bitcoins then LockMyPaste can help you, Here you can put a description about your file or pastes and set price and share on the lockmypaste. If someone is interested in your service, then she/he can buy your product.
File Server Deep Web Links

http://3cpleimu2getp5q7.onion/library/ – FileServer – This deep web file server has more than 100 GB+ data related to a weapon, Military, Medical, Investigation, Fitness, Security, Crisis, Communication, Terrorism, etc.

http://kpynyvym6xqi7wz2.onion/ – FileServer/Links/Information Database – This deep web site has a good amount of links related to deep web sites and also has file server direct links by which you can download some cool magazine, videos and much more.

http://pastagdsp33j7aoq.onion/ – Filesharing – Pasta – this deep web sites provides service for share message or text file with anyone anonymously. And the user can only access your text file by the help of given link, and by the help of given link he can download a copy of your message. But the site doesn’t offer file upload service; only you can copy or paste text.

http://ytxmrc3pcbv5464e.onion/ – File Server – Index of/files – most useful file hosting server where you can read all type blackhat or whitehat hacking ebook, data dumps and much more. If you are a highly motivated person and looking very good tech content then here is for you. Let’s check out!

http://35khdgeiyit26syj.onion/ – Hosting/Videos – Onion Tube – This website offer service to upload video anonymously, that video you can share with anyone by the help of share links which you will get after upload video.

http://ydtjl5cn3smvsork.onion/ – File Sharing – wEYE – Anonymous files and video sharing deep web site, if you have anything and want to share your file anonymously with anyone on the deep web then wEYE deep web site can help you.

http://coolnameokrzolnd.onion/ – Domain Service – CoolNameOK – When I explore this site then I saw website homepage has many cool onion domains names, If you are looking any good domain for your site then you can search here. CoolNameOK sale his every domain name in 11.81$.

http://wuvdsbmbwyjzsgei.onion/ – File Hosting Service – HFS (HttpFileServer) – This is file hosting server which delivers content in directory mode, this file server has more than 10 TB+ data but when I tried to download one file then shows you have your daily download limit, I don’t know how? Hope you can download any file that you want to.
Deep Web Hosting Service/File Hosting Service/ Image Hosting Service Links on the Deep Web / Hosting Dark Web Dead Links(Not Working Links)

http://vilasamxj3nyexl2.onion/ – Hosting – Vilasam Hosting Service: This is another deep web hosting alternative, but mostly time I saw this hosting website down. You can try your luck.

http://bitservepd6bbxtq.onion/ – Hosting – BitServer: If you are looking more hosting alternative then BitServer also can prove helpful for you, here you also can buy hosting for your deep web sites.

http://shv34p5cckiljkww.onion/ – Hosting – Hidden Hosting Service: this Deep web sites also offering .onion domain hosting, you can also try this site. Normal Plan offering 20 GB storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, 10+ free onion domains and etc.

http://d33pzjppzy7d37r2.onion/ – Hosting – Deep Hosting is trusted deep web hosting service link, here you can find VPS, Dedicated server and VPN service into the very cheap price.

http://2222zui5d3psp4v5.onion – Hosting – Kowloon Hosting Services: Do you want to make your own the hidden wiki link and looking hosting service then you can try Kowloon, Here you can find multiple plans and can select any one which is best for you.

http://hostiysldm5iocpp.onion/ – Hosting – Deep Web Hosting: same as other hosting you can host your website with Deep web hosting.

if you know about any best hosting service deep web links, feel free to share with me, I will be happy to add that deep web links hosting service into this deep web links list.

This deep web links list is not like other deep web links list. I have checked every available hidden wiki URL first then add on my list if the site looks like genuine or legit, sometimes anyone links may not work then skip that type link because this is a common problem on the deep web, but at my link explore time sites are working.

The Lolita City, onion deep web, dark web lolita, lolita city,

Deep Web Sites 2022 | Top 31 Deep Web Sites | Deep Web Links | Dark Web | Hidden Wiki

Deep Web Sites 2022 | Dark Web | Deep Web Links | Hidden Wiki

Before diving into the big ocean of the Deep web world?

Whenever you trying to find about the internet’s dark secret you are going to see the “deep web” and “dark web”. Gadget Gyani is talking about all the aspects of the deep web and dark web. All the links live and workable. You don’t have to worry about anything at all. Yes, there are few things to remember, which are already here for you. So feel free to browse deep web anonymously. Here you find all the links to deep web 2018 which you can use to clear your doubts and curiosity. If you find any difficulty to access deep web then see this all one solution to all the problem.

The Lolita City, onion deep web, dark web lolita, lolita city,

Deep web, is no a term that can describe the deep web itself. Deep web is hidden in the dark side of the internet whose contents and websites and other material are not indexed by any main stream’s search engines like Bing, Google, Yandex, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go ( But there is another version of Duck Duck Go where you can find onion websites and all the content is indexed by this search engine).

According to some reports, only 4% to 5% of the mainstreams internet is visible and the remaining web is hidden on the dark side of the internet. Let’s say there’s a glass full of water and a pin dip in the water, now you can only see a little part of the pin and remaining unseen. The visible web is called “The surface web” and the hidden web is called as “The Deep Web”. But the deep web is more dangerous to handle,

If we said without metaphorically the dark web is a subset of the deep web. the deep web is part of the dark internet and it is not crawled by any search engine available on the surface web

This also includes “The Dark Web” which is a subset of the deep web. The dark web is only a part of the deep web and it is not crawled by any search engine spiders.

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You can’t access the dark web and deep web from your internet explorer or google chrome, you have to use a deep web browser like Tor Browser, Freenet, and I2P.

The dark web and deep web are the same things, all illegal things are selling and buying there, you can buy drugs, weapons and hire assassins. You see These websites are illegal because buying drugs and weapons is a crime and hire an assassin, for god sake’s, but some have to sell those things to those who want them, that’s why they use deep websites which are not accessible on the surface web.

Their website’s extension is also different from normal websites. Normal website use .com extension, for example, but on deep web and dark web websites use .onion extensions for example www.hgyti65dkb67ub7fubviur8888.onion. The name of the website here is real. You can open the onion extension website’s on tor browser, referred as TOR Browser.

Among all the anonymous tools Tor browser is the best and trusted web browser for accessing the dark deep web links. People are using tor browser to buy weapons and drugs and some illegal adult videos. Most people use the browser for drugs and illegal adult videos.

How do I access the Deep Web?

It’s not hard as it looks, But as we mentioned above you can’t access deep web and dark web in a normal browser. You need an anonymous browser like Tor browser, Tor browser only accesses .onoin links. You can use extra precaution by using VPN (Virtual Private Network) It also helps to stay more anonymous and if you use it you can anywhere in the world just in the virtual world.

Step to access the deep web:

1: Download Tor Browser from here and install it on your computer.

2: Here is the link to download the TOR BROWSER

3: Once you have installed Tor browser, open it.

4: Now, you can access the deep web using the Tor browser.

5: now you can also choose to run a VPN but if you are only using it for browsing you don’t need a VPN if you want to buy something then run a VPN on your computer.

For more detailed description, Click Here

Tips for stay Anonymous:-

  • Don’t buy anything from anywhere randomly, you can’t trust anyone on the deep web.
  • You have to cover your webcam if you are using one
  • By using a VPN you can double your chance to not caught watching some illegal adult videos.
  • ensure that an extension in tor browser called “NoScript” is turned on and enable this option “Forbid Scripts Globally“
  • If you want some extra protection (or maybe), type “about config” in the address bar, scroll down to “javascript_enabled” and change the value from “true” to “false”.
  • Last, after opening the hidden wiki, it is recommended that you read an article named “How to exit the matrix”.

Some may track your IP address location from which you access and catch you for accessing illegal content on the web against the Law. By using Tor + VPN, you can protect your identity and communication from state and private surveillance like whistleblowers and journalists.

When someone starts to speak about “Deep Web,” you might have come across some words like silk road, dark markets, Tor browser, bitcoin, illegal drugs, etc.,

Take a tour of the deep web and the dark web search engines here:

These below Search engine’s address is available Here:- 

Deep Web Search Engines 2022

The WWW Virtual Library
Deep Web Links Directory 2022
Deep Web Research Tools
Grams Search Engine
Anonymous Hacking Web
Dark Web Search Engines 2022

Darknet Marketplace
Not Evil
Use these search engine to access .onion links via Tor. You know what? the deep web is otherwise called as “The Invisible Web” or “The Hidden Web”. The underworld darkness is here. Get to know more about it.

The Lolita City, onion deep web, dark web lolita, lolita city,

Why is the Deep Web internet not indexable?

First of all the content is available on the deep web is illegal and drug mafia and other people want to hide the wrong works that they are doing. Google, Bing and other mainstream search engine are collecting everything about the sites, locations, from where they are running, everything. So obviously surface internet is safe for selling illegal items like drugs and guns. The dark internet gives the assurity to stay hidden.

Another reason for deep, not indexable is that deep web using .onion extension and it is only accessible on special browsers only made for .onion extensions.

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What does the Deep Web Contain?

Below are the rare things found in the hidden dark world.

Credit Card Information
Silk Road
Betting on Fixed Sporting Events
The Hidden Wiki
Recent Developments
Hitman Service
Child pornography (Video and Pics)
Buttery Bootlegging
The Human Experiment
Mail Order Marijuana

Why do we need to securely browse the Deep Web?

I know we are all curious about finding what is in the deep web but there have been many deep web stories noting the cautions and security problems that might arise if you use them.

Have you ever heard some of the deep web facts ?. The deep web is the place where anonymity is the key factor. For one to stay anonymous he must do these following things.

First, you must install the Tor Browser (Step-by-Step Instruction guidelines are given).

To prevent the theft of your personal important data and avoiding data breach we strongly recommend you to Setup a VPN to hide your IP or Buy these Best VPN Directly. Hidden Wiki links are the best place to start for the newbies. Get to know how to register and purchase from various Darknet markets. In order to purchase from these markets, you need to buy bitcoins from top bitcoin vendors.

It’s strongly recommended you buy these Top VPN to surf the deep web safely. Be Anonymous.

Table of Content
Deep Web
Secrets of DarkNet
Tor Browser
Deep Web links
Deep Web News
Deep Web Infographics
But, the First and foremost thing you should know before exploring this vast ocean of deep dark web is

Deep Web History:

The Deep Web, Deepnet, Invisible Web, Hidden Web are search terms referring to the content that is not indexed by standard search engines. We all know only the things shown to us, i.e., called as “surface web” it is about 19 TB which is only a small part of the original world wide web. The greater part is hidden down by size of about 7500 TB and guess what? It’s still expanding.


Top 26 Amazing Websites You’ve Never Heard Of

1) Radio Garden


A remarkable website that allows you to tune into radio broadcasts all around the world simply by dragging your mouse around an interactive map.

2) MuscleWiKi 

Features interactive body maps where users can click on specific muscle groups and get workout instructions on how to strengthen them. Very useful for people who are new to weightlifting.

3) Sideways Dictionary

Instead of giving you straight-up definitions to abstract terms it provides analogies, helping users understand complicated technology concepts in a more approachable manner.

4) Web key – Browser Information Detector

This website is unnerving. Simply by visiting it will tell you everything your browser knows about you and your computer which includes: location, operating system, browser version, browser plugins, hardware, battery level, IP address, download speed, social media accounts you’re logged into, and more.

5) Coding Game

An impressive interactive site with a layout similar to Codepen, allows you to write your own browser-based video game. You can choose from several programming languages and connect via social networks to ask questions and collaborate with other users.

6) Music Map

Music Map is a simple concept; type in a musical artist that you like and it spits out a cloud of similar artists.The closer two names are, the greater the probability people will like both artists. It’s great for discovering new bands that you’d otherwise not hear on the radio.

7) My Fridge Food allows you to check off the food you have in your refrigerator and gives you recipes to make using those ingredients.  Incredibly useful for the more culinary-challenged.

8) My Car Makes Noise

A lifesaver if you’re about to take your car in for expensive repairs. The site lets you browse car-related sounds and helps you determine exactly what the problem is.

9) Hacksplaining 

A simple site that provides useful tutorials that explain how basic hacking works. Useful for website developers to familiarize themselves with SQL injection, clickjacking, session fixation, and cross-scripting.

10) Festival Mapper

Type in a location and get a list of all the upcoming music festivals in that area. Clicking on the festival brings up ticket information, videos, and the official website.

11) Blok Dust

Build synths, manipulate samples, and create self-playing sound environments using this web-based music mixer. A great tool for people wanting to dip their toes into creating ambient music.

12) Map In Seconds

An absolute game changer for visualization enthusiasts. Map In Seconds takes spreadsheet data and turns it into an interactive map. While there are many plugins that do this (often at a cost) Map In Seconds is by far the easiest to implement.

13) Better Explained 

I really could have used this in high school. Better Explained has intuitive articles that break down math concepts into layman’s terms and helps users develop a base understanding of things like calculus, algebra, and trigonometry.

14) Still Tasty 

A simple site that gives accurate estimations if the food in your fridge is still safe to eat. The ultimate shelf life guide.

15) Explore Everest

An awesome full-screen experience that takes users from the Everest basecamp all the way to the top. It makes you fully appreciate what a daunting experience climbing Everest really is.


Cars are complicated machines. This site breaks down how each separate component works including the engine, bodywork, steering, transmission, suspension, fuel systems, electrical systems, and much more.


18) Before The Flood 

Before the Flood allows you to enter a US city and see how rising sea levels will affect it. A terrifying wake-up call to those who deny the effects of manmade climate change.

19) Avoid Humans

Avoid Humans uses Foursquare and Instagram location data to tell you which places near you have the fewest amount of people. Very useful if you’re wanting some time to yourself or don’t feel like waiting in line at a restaurant.

20) Reel Scary

A horror movie aggregator that lets users rate movies on how scary they are. You can sort by gore, how “disturbed” it is, and suspense.

21) All About Circuits

An exhaustive site that covers everything you need to know about electrical circuits. Useful for the do-it-yourself homeowner and budding electricians alike.

22) First Men On The Moon

This site features several windows that have correspondence from mission control to the astronauts as well as imagery from the first moon landing. You can also use a slider at the bottom to jump forward in time. It really makes you appreciate the amount of collaboration that went into the whole thing.

23) Stool Analyzer

It’s what you think it is. You take a picture of your poop in the toilet and this site tells you if you’re normal or not. While not a packed-with-fun website it’s important nonetheless if you think you’re having digestive problems.

24) Periodic Stats

A handy interactive periodic table. Hover over an element and it takes you to a page that describes what it’s about. A useful site especially for students who are studying biology.

25) Rubik Solve

Is this the site Will Smith used to master the Rubiks Cube for The Pursuit Of Happiness? Spend a couple minutes here and wow your friends at cocktail parties with your Rubiks Cube skills.

26) Project Vote Smart

A critically acclaimed website that allows users to look up their local politicians and view their voting records and positions on a myriad of issues. A much better way to get to the bottom of things than watching the news or visiting the elected official’s website.

The Lolita City, onion deep web, dark web lolita, lolita city,

{Shocking} Things About Lolita City Onion Deep Web

The Lolita City is a page on the onion deep web and it contains many porn scandals of children, they call it “Candies” and why it is called candies? and what kids want? Candies and there are big children who want Candies too, get it? The age of the child is in 18 below and most of the kids that scandaled were three years old, most of it from U.S and U.K

The Lolita City

 It is estimated that 14,994 viewers here, began to establish Lolita City on November 2010, a site that can’t be seen on the web surfaces (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, etc. ) it’s visible and download only on Tor Browser (Tor network), each website is .onion
The Lolita City, onion deep web, dark web lolita, lolita city,
The Lolita City Homepage

In 2013 it was shut down by a group named The Anonymous Group, and the name of this group is an anonymous group. It is also Estimated that 100 gigabytes child pornography content are available here, 1.4 million pictures and videos. The Anonymous Group people caught approx. 1,589 users on the website.

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But Lolita City was formed back in 2015, and now easily access by through Tor Network and all the content are easily available.
And if you would like to attend this user and pass. But I don’t know if it is working.

The address of The Lolita City is in here Top 31 List Of Best Dark WebSites

Be safe don’t try to use Tor network forsee the illegal. be safe and after warning, if you want to go to the deep web then browse at your own risk, remember to take all precautions before trying to access onion deep web.

Also, Read:- What is the deep web and it’s all secrets

You can explore our website on how to browse deep web safe and sound but only the things you need to browse not the things you like to browse. lolita city

Top 13 Onion Deep Web Social Networking Websites, DEEP WEB, onion deep web, onion deep web,

Top 13 Onion Deep Web Social Networking Websites (Tested By Gadget Gyani)

Once again Gadget Gyani is back with Top 13 Onion Deep Web Social Networking Websites for you. This time I get these links from the deep down of the onion network and dark network. I have to search every single server available in the deep web for these weird and spooky and strange social networking sites. Play safe and before doing networking on Tor Network please read this How To Browse Onion Deep Web. After that please have some precautions in mind before going to the deep web network.

Top 13 Onion Deep Web Social Networking Websites, DEEP WEB, onion deep web, onion deep web,

it is best to not to expose yourself to the dark web network. The tor social network is going to be a whole lot of new experience for those who want a different level of social networking. There much social networking website available on deep web network, like Blackbook dark web, and also a black book deep web link. In these deep web social media platform, you can chat with anonymous, send and receive anonymous messages and also a have a chat conversation with the Onion Tor’s best anonymous guys. So guys please share this post with your friends and have an anonymous social networking. browse on tor browser

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Thes below Onion Deep Web Social Networking websites are personally checked by Gadget Gyani. So these are not fake ones.

http://torbibj2v77cbt7w.onion/                                                Tor Book

http://blkbon2upcjnvibc.onion/                                Black Book  TOR social network

https://www.facebookcorewwwi.onion/              Facebook The real Facebook’s Onion domain. Claim not to keep logs. Trust them at your peril

http://fbcy5w2qgtspkhk3.onion/                                           Money Book

http://qifximvx27qp3uoj.onion/                                        Happy message

http://marcomacb4ce6dei.onion/                                        Marco Chat

http://qltofas4q3tgnshl.onion/                                         Simple Dark Boards

http://atlayofke5rqhsma.onion/                           Anonymous Freedom social network

http://redrooatqqikkf4l.onion                                              Red Room

http://aqpx3jotj67poh5z.onion/                               Happy unicorn (These on is for fun)

http://cln62wylhyoyz4yr.onion/                                      RetroShare Chat Server

http://r2j4xiyckibnyd45.onion/                                             Boy Chat

http://32avzir6unmcg2y2.onion/chat/chat.php                  My Secret World’s Chat

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One thing you do remember that these are onion deep web sites so sometimes some website not works for some purposes that are not mean these website links are dead or not working you can check after some time when the site is working. These above Onion Deep Web Social Networking Websites were working when I wrote this post.

If you have any concern about deep web do let me know and comment down below. Gadget Gyani help you