Top 26 Amazing Websites You’ve Never Heard Of


1) Radio Garden


A remarkable website that allows you to tune into radio broadcasts all around the world simply by dragging your mouse around an interactive map.

2) MuscleWiKi 

Features interactive body maps where users can click on specific muscle groups and get workout instructions on how to strengthen them. Very useful for people who are new to weightlifting.

3) Sideways Dictionary

Instead of giving you straight-up definitions to abstract terms it provides analogies, helping users understand complicated technology concepts in a more approachable manner.

4) Web key – Browser Information Detector

This website is unnerving. Simply by visiting it will tell you everything your browser knows about you and your computer which includes: location, operating system, browser version, browser plugins, hardware, battery level, IP address, download speed, social media accounts you’re logged into, and more.

5) Coding Game

An impressive interactive site with a layout similar to Codepen, allows you to write your own browser-based video game. You can choose from several programming languages and connect via social networks to ask questions and collaborate with other users.

6) Music Map

Music Map is a simple concept; type in a musical artist that you like and it spits out a cloud of similar artists.The closer two names are, the greater the probability people will like both artists. It’s great for discovering new bands that you’d otherwise not hear on the radio.

7) My Fridge Food allows you to check off the food you have in your refrigerator and gives you recipes to make using those ingredients.  Incredibly useful for the more culinary-challenged.

8) My Car Makes Noise

A lifesaver if you’re about to take your car in for expensive repairs. The site lets you browse car-related sounds and helps you determine exactly what the problem is.

9) Hacksplaining 

A simple site that provides useful tutorials that explain how basic hacking works. Useful for website developers to familiarize themselves with SQL injection, clickjacking, session fixation, and cross-scripting.

10) Festival Mapper

Type in a location and get a list of all the upcoming music festivals in that area. Clicking on the festival brings up ticket information, videos, and the official website.

11) Blok Dust

Build synths, manipulate samples, and create self-playing sound environments using this web-based music mixer. A great tool for people wanting to dip their toes into creating ambient music.

12) Map In Seconds

An absolute game changer for visualization enthusiasts. Map In Seconds takes spreadsheet data and turns it into an interactive map. While there are many plugins that do this (often at a cost) Map In Seconds is by far the easiest to implement.

13) Better Explained 

I really could have used this in high school. Better Explained has intuitive articles that break down math concepts into layman’s terms and helps users develop a base understanding of things like calculus, algebra, and trigonometry.

14) Still Tasty 

A simple site that gives accurate estimations if the food in your fridge is still safe to eat. The ultimate shelf life guide.

15) Explore Everest

An awesome full-screen experience that takes users from the Everest basecamp all the way to the top. It makes you fully appreciate what a daunting experience climbing Everest really is.


Cars are complicated machines. This site breaks down how each separate component works including the engine, bodywork, steering, transmission, suspension, fuel systems, electrical systems, and much more.


18) Before The Flood 

Before the Flood allows you to enter a US city and see how rising sea levels will affect it. A terrifying wake-up call to those who deny the effects of manmade climate change.

19) Avoid Humans

Avoid Humans uses Foursquare and Instagram location data to tell you which places near you have the fewest amount of people. Very useful if you’re wanting some time to yourself or don’t feel like waiting in line at a restaurant.

20) Reel Scary

A horror movie aggregator that lets users rate movies on how scary they are. You can sort by gore, how “disturbed” it is, and suspense.

21) All About Circuits

An exhaustive site that covers everything you need to know about electrical circuits. Useful for the do-it-yourself homeowner and budding electricians alike.

22) First Men On The Moon

This site features several windows that have correspondence from mission control to the astronauts as well as imagery from the first moon landing. You can also use a slider at the bottom to jump forward in time. It really makes you appreciate the amount of collaboration that went into the whole thing.

23) Stool Analyzer

It’s what you think it is. You take a picture of your poop in the toilet and this site tells you if you’re normal or not. While not a packed-with-fun website it’s important nonetheless if you think you’re having digestive problems.

24) Periodic Stats

A handy interactive periodic table. Hover over an element and it takes you to a page that describes what it’s about. A useful site especially for students who are studying biology.

25) Rubik Solve

Is this the site Will Smith used to master the Rubiks Cube for The Pursuit Of Happiness? Spend a couple minutes here and wow your friends at cocktail parties with your Rubiks Cube skills.

26) Project Vote Smart

A critically acclaimed website that allows users to look up their local politicians and view their voting records and positions on a myriad of issues. A much better way to get to the bottom of things than watching the news or visiting the elected official’s website.


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