The Ultimate Boys Toys For Tech-Heads


It doesn’t matter whether a birthday is coming up for the guy in your life or whether you fancy experimenting in the world of gadgets and gizmos yourself, there are a whole host of incredible boys toys for your enjoyment. The twenty first century has seen an explosion in technological advancements for the world of business and pleasure. With people having more cash in their pockets in recent years, more and more people have opted to take a foray into the world of gizmo wizardry. 

Video games used to be the number one choice of many people who were looking to escape the humdrum of reality and experiment with cool graphics and adrenaline kicks. While the Xbox and Playstation have become market leaders in their field, there is an array of different gadgets that you could try your hand at. If you are looking to impress with a gift or you simply want to get your own tech-head kicks, check out these ultimate boys’ toys.


Many of the latest drones are used for commercial activities from oil rig surveillance to law enforcement monitoring. While businesses and emergency services are utilising drone technology to streamline their processes, there is much crossover between commercial and private drones.

Five years ago, the drones available to the masses were mediocre with little in the way of nuanced control or flight time. However fast forward to now, and drones are large, expensive and can provide hours of fun. You can learn more about the DJI Matrice 300 RTK as an example of just how awesome these machines can be. Many drones are now resistant to water damage, have over an hour flying time, and can provide the user with the most incredible full HD footage of whatever they are flying over.

If you are keen to hone your drone skills, consider your budget and purchase the best you can afford. You may also want to look into Drone training and licensing. You can then take your drone out to the park, your back garden, or the beach to conduct some flights and see the ground beneath your feet, often in real-time if you connect to a WiFi-enabled device.


For the latest in smartphone technology, opt for a device with a 4K UHD screen and a powerful camera lens. Talk to any camera boffin, and they will tell you the quality of an image is dictated by the lens rather than the resolution. It is even true to say that when a resolution passes upwards of 15MP, the difference is negligible and can even be worse as overprocessing kicks in. Lenses like Carl Zeiss and Leica are being utilised on smartphone devices now so choose wisely.

When considering your phone camera, opt for one that gives you manual control. While the filters, auto white balance, and panoramic features are fun and intuitive, there is no real skill in shooting a good image. The challenge comes when you want to use full manual control to take that super macro shot. If you adore photography and want to be challenged, it’s up to you to select the shutter speed, the aperture, and the contrast.


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