Top 10 Money Making Android Apps

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Everybody wants to make money without doing anything but you know everybody tells you that there is no shortcuts for making money. But now in 21st century you can make money buy shortcut method without doing anything at all. Just sit on your couch and download some android apps and let apps doing there work for you and they pay you enough money you can own yourself. Here you find Top 5 Money Making Android Apps that actually pays you.

Top 10 Money Making Android Apps That Pay You

There are lots of android apps that pay $1 or $2 for downloading apps and keep them for a certain amount of time in your phone for receiving money. But i’m going to tell you one app that pay unlimited money after install in your smartphone.


ChampCash is the boss of all Money making apps. They are giving money only to install 10 apps in your android smartphone and just for downloading 10 apps you receive $ 1 and after downloading just refer champcash to your family member and your friends and when they download the same 10 apps you get half of the commission from your’s friends earning.

The trick is simple they are giving money of advertisement to you. User install the apps and advertisers pay Chamcash and champcash pay you. And when you refer this app to somebody you get commission from champcash. The earning is unlimited. Most of the user are now quit there job and make this full time work.

For legal Documentation, Payment Proofs Click Here

Features :

1. Earn by Referring Champcash to friends.
2. Earn when your friends refers someone.
3. Withdraw Payment by Bank , recharge and Gift cards.

DOWNLOAD For refer Id Enter 2861247

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Quickcash Money Making Android Apps that pay you for downloading apps and refer them to your friends and famil members or even stranger. You can refer those apps which you download by Quickcash and refer them to anyone and when your friend install your referred app then you get paid for this.

It is also same like Champcash, but the thing is your can earn 5 dollar in only 5 minutes as they claims. So just install this app and refer to them to your friends and make money. You can redeem your money directly in your PayPal account.



Free Mobile recharge provides you up to Rs. 200 daily if you complete there offer. The offer is to download and install those apps for sometime and keep them for a certain amount of time and you get paid for this simple offers.

You can also invite your friends and family members for reaching highest amount. When you account balance reaches a minimum Rs. 10 you recharge your any prepaid mobile for free.



Wild Wallet is a Money Making Android Apps and also a powerful app that pay a lot if you complete there offer and donation survey in time. You can redeem your money by Paypal or by gift cards.

For credit in your account balance you have to login with facebook profile and use there as many as offers, complete quick simple survey and watch sponsored videos and also invite friends and family member to earn more. Guaranteed 200 Free Credits Use Invitation Code: 1839462 to get started with 200 FREE Credits. Type this Invitation Code on the “Settings” Page.



In our Money Making Android Apps, The number is PFI: Mobile Earnings. Forget about it once and for all as now you will earn to yourself on communication you will very quickly and forever forget about insertion of the funds for the mobile phone.
How to earn?

For making money by this app you have to install this application in your smartphone and after installing click on Task section and load all the applications which are available there and download them. You can also invite friends and you get 10% of your friends income every time when your friend install any apps. You can redeem your cash by PayPal. Visit Site: Click Here


Hope you like these awesome Top 5 Money Making Android Apps that actually pay. If you work little hard to convince your friends and family members to install those apps by your referral id then you earn without going to job. You can enjoy at home and make money by only installing app in your smartphone. If you have any query just comment comment down below and Gadget Gyani trying to help you.


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