Top 3 Reasons Why There Will Always Be a Need for a CB Radio

Semi Truck Driver Making Conversation with Other Truck Drivers Through CB Radio.

CB radio technology has been around since the 1950s. Its peak in popularity reached its apex in the 1970s, but as UHF radios came down in price, CB radios began to be used less and less. Today, however, CB radios are still very popular among the trucking and prepper communities.

Semi Truck Driver Making Conversation with Other Truck Drivers Through CB Radio.

They do not require a license to operate, they’re simple and their range can reach up to 20 miles without any special equipment.

1. The popularity of CB Radios Among Preppers

Imagine a scenario where cellular technology was not available. You go to make a call on your iPhone to your loved one and all you hear is a busy tone. Your loved one only lives a few miles away. Perhaps there are violent protesters on the roadways or in-climate weather, so hopping in the car is the last resort. The simplest way to keep in touch? A CB radio. Available in both stationary and handheld models. You can have a unit set up in your home office or even a walkie talkie like style where you can power it up almost anywhere and begin speaking. In the USA, there are only 40 channels. Not only can you and your loved ones conversate on a previously agreed upon a channel in an emergency situation, but you can get the latest within the local community and keep in touch.

2. CB Radio and Trucking

Due to the popularity of CB radios among truckers, being able to conversate with local truckers in the area will always be of value. Being able to quickly alert others and react to police speed traps, weigh stations and dangerous road conditions are paramount to those whose careers are spent on the road. Not only does it help the trucking industry look out for one another, but it can get lonely on the road. Being able to make conversation and have meaningful relationships with others on the road, can make all the difference in what can sometimes be considered a lonesome profession.

3. The Radio Enthusiast and the CB Radio

Due to the amount of time that CB radios have been on the market, there are a lot of folks who collect and communicate with others over the air, simply because it’s fun. It has a very low barrier to entry. All you need to get started is literally a CB radio, an antenna and to be within 20 miles or so with others who have radios. If you’re near a highway at all you’re sure to be able to find some folks to listen in on or communicate with. Most local towns or cities do have an active CB radio community, who are eager to welcome new members into their groups.

CB radio technology has stood the test of time. In its current form, CBs have been around for over 50 years. Without their being a license requirement and being much cheaper and easier to get than a ham radio, they will always hold their place within the radio enthusiast community.


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