Unlock Samsung Phones: How To Do It The Right Way


Samsung is one of the most reputed smartphone brands in the world today, having around 20% market share in the US. It’s not uncommon for Samsung users or any smartphone users to be stuck with a locked phone due to the loss of password, PIN, or pattern. There are cases when you’re not even able to use face recognition or fingerprints. If you’re stuck with a locked Samsung Phone, this article will offer you solutions to unlock your phone the right way. You may find this article useful, even if you’re considering purchasing a brand new Samsung Phone.

How To Unlock Samsung Phones In The Right Way?

Some methods of unlocking a Samsung device is more comfortable than others. One of the easiest and reliable ways is to “unlock a Samsung using officialsimunlock.com“. If you want to unlock your device on your own, here are some proven ways to unlock your Samsung Phone.

1. Reset Your Factory Setting

It’s not recommended to unlock your Samsung Phone, as it will erase all your data. You can get this option on any other device, including the iPhone (check out igeekphone if you’ve got an iPhone).

However, some of you might want to use this option. There’s a way to reset your data without going to settings. Reset your factory setting by following the steps below:

 Turn your power off.
 Enter recovery mode by pressing and holding both power and volume up buttons.
 Use the volume rocker to navigate the menu and use the power button to choose the option.
 Select Wipe data/factory reset from the available options and confirm your decision
 Once you complete the process, your Smartphone will get back to how it was before, and you will need to reenter your Google account information.

2. Use Another Device To Unlock Your Phone

It’s possible to unlock your Samsung Phone from another device as well. Google knows about your device, as it extracts your data from your Google account when you use your Smartphone. In addition to that, it also updates its Android device continually to keep your Smartphone safer. However, the con of this method is you need to erase everything. These are the steps to unlock your phone via another device:

 Head over to Android’s Find My Phone page.
 Login to your Google account.
 In case you’ve more than one Smartphone, you need to select the correct device you want to unlock and erase.
 Select “Erase” for removing all your data from your Smartphone, which includes your password, pattern, and other security settings.

3. Use Find My Mobile To Unlock Your Samsung Phone

There are some requirements if you want to use this method to unlock your Samsung Phone. You need internet access along with a Samsung account. Samsung asks its users to have a Samsung account when they use their Smartphone at first.

Follow these steps to use Find My Mobile method to unlock your Samsung Phone:
 Login to Samsung Find My Mobile Page from your browser.
 Use your Google sign-in or your separate ID and password to login to your Samsung account.
 Click on More on the right-hand side where you will see a lot of options.
 You will see Unlock My Device at the bottom.
 Enter your Samsung password and click Unlock.

If you don’t have a Samsung account, you can’t use this method.

4. Use Smart Lock Feature

Samsung Smart Lock feature can be handy to unlock your phone. However, it’s a preventive method. Samsung enables you to add trusted devices, places, and on-body detection.

To use this feature, you need to:
 Go To Settings->Lock Screen
 Select Smart Lock and enter your password.
 Choose Trusted Places.
 Click on Add Trusted Places.
 Please select the location and confirm it.

5. Unlock Your Samsung Phone Via A Repair Shop

It would be best if you used some other pieces of software or other methods to unlock your Samsung phone. But you might want to go to a repair shop if you’re going to unlock your Smartphone. However, you need to ensure the repair shop is reputable and know what they’re doing. Sometimes unskilled workforce can mess up your software. Even if they are skilled, they may extract info, such as usernames and passwords, without your knowledge.

However, if you do find a reputable shop, then you will need to spend a small charge for making them do the work for you.

Final Thoughts

As of now, you’ve read a few ways to unlock your Samsung Phones. Some people may love to use one method over the other. It’s a great relief when you unlock your phone, as it will once again allow you to use the full functions of your Samsung Phone. Which way seems right for you? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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