What Makes For Good Public Policy? And Why Does It Matter To You?

Public policy isn’t just something that politicians do up on Capitol Hill – it is a system of rules, initiatives, and laws that has real effects in our day-to-day lives. The policy decisions made by politicians in DC influence how productive we are as a society and individuals. Knowing whether you’re looking at good or bad public policy, though, isn’t always easy. The way that we view politics is so clouded by ideology that it can be hard to evaluate proposals on their merits alone. Often we tow the party line and oppose policies even if they improve everyone’s lives. Right now, you could argue that public policy in the US is doing a good job. We have more people in work than ever before, and household incomes are rising. New technology is solving some climate issues that seemed intractable in the past, and the risk of terrorism is falling. But given the current political divisiveness, many find it challenging to accept that anything good could come from the ideas of the opposing side. Are you interested in finding out how to determine whether new initiatives are good public policy? If so, then take a look at the following infographic. It defines what public policy is and then goes onto talk about some of the most significant policy issues affecting businesses and individuals right now. It then describes the characteristics of successful public policy and how it should be implemented. Please take a look for yourself and see whether it helps you better understand the political climate in which you work.
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