10 Top Tips for Writing a Gadget Review


It is hard to find at least one kid and an adult who has no gadgets or friends who have them. People call them ‘digital friends’ because they entertain and make our life more comfortable and advanced. 

If people want to buy vegetables, they will go to the supermarket. They will touch and smell them, compare prices, and check the origin country to make sure that the product is good. 

What about gadgets?

One cannot visit a digital market and try all the products. First, it is rather time-consuming. Second, one can break something and it will be necessary to buy it or repair damage. 

Consultants serve to inform customers about the product. Nevertheless, some of them try to sell the most expensive items and things that MUST be sold because they are getting expired. Online reviews help to select the best gadget. 

10 Tips for Successful Gadget Review

A team of pro essay writers along with Joan Young from Advancedwriters.com warn that fake or poorly performed reviews have no value. That is why it is important to study 10 tips before proceeding to the writing of a gadget review. Carry out a Painstaking Search of the Product Sounds silly but a person must know the product he or she is going to review. One should present things that are impossible to find in the manual instruction. It makes the review valuable. Moreover, one expects to read about everything including:

 size
 design
 functions
 price
 pros and cons
 details important for its correct exploitation

Evaluation and Rating

The most popular evaluations are stars (1 to 5) and scale (x/10). One can look through ratings to find out how users appreciate the purchased product. Of course, it is necessary to give a personal mark. For instance, ‘The rating of the product on Amazon is 3.5 stars but I can say it is 2/10 because it’s too slow, big, and heavy.’

Compare and Contrast

Those who buy gadgets are interested in different brands and their positive and negative sides. Consequently, one should select one category and provide a comparison. One might parallel the following things:

 the cheapest and the most expensive gadgets
 models that equal in prices but present various brands
 TOP best and TOP worst gadgets
 Peculiarities (speed, memory and battery capacity, compatibility with apps and programs, accuracy, etc.)

Obvious Things are Important

It means that one should compare the manual instruction with reality. Online stores provide videos where customers unpack goods and describe what they see. Thanks to that, one knows how the gadget looks and what details are to be included in the set kit and accessories.

Add Visual Aids

To let a reader see everything, it will be necessary to add pictures and/or videos. Experts recommend doing it with a good camera to provide a high-quality review. Furthermore, visual materials are to be smart. Speaking about dimensions, one should better place a familiar object beside the gadget (an apple, a matchbox, a can of coke, etc.) or a ruler. If one decides to create a video, it will be better to use subtitles and speech. Due to that, everybody will be able to enjoy it, including deaf and blind customers.

Make it Real

Today many companies pay writing agencies for posting fake reviews. Such comments mislead customers, so they try to find real ones. True reviews provide details instead of general description. They speak about the pros and cons of supporting them with visual proofs and specifics of the product. 

Sums It Up

Besides the review, there should be a summary of the gadget that briefly introduces its advantages and disadvantages. The best way is to write it after the review. By that time, one would already know everything about the product and would be able to create a precise and trustworthy summary.


One should mention a price and say if it is worth buying. For example, many people say that iPhones are overvalued and their price does not correspond to options the device guarantees.

The Title Matters

A title of a review is to be specific but not general. One can choose the best feature of a gadget to create a title. For example, ‘a bit costly power bank but it guarantees 4 full charges’. It presents the personal estimation regarding the gadget’s pros and cons. 

Don’t Turn It Into a Novel

The clever length of a gadget review makes up to 300 words (≈1,5K symbols excluding spaces). Nobody likes to read long, poorly structured reviews without lists, numbers, and details. 

Consider FAQ about Gadgets to Write a Striking Review

A thorough review answers almost all customers’ questions and is always to the point. These are the most frequently asked questions about gadgets.

 Why is the gadget of this brand better compared to others?
 What products belong to TOP 10 gadgets in 2020?
 How are gadgets classified?
 What gadgets will be popular in 2021?
 What gadgets help to take care of one’s health?
 What to consider when selecting a concrete gadget?
 What are the pros and cons of the chosen product?
 X vs. Y: what brand is better?
 What apps can I install on my gadget and are they free?
 What is the warranty for the gadget?

If people want to write the best gadget review, it will be necessary to brainstorm. They should think of things that interest them and might interest others. One should create a plan and investigate the product to fill in the information gaps.


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