3 Lifesaving Gadgets All Drivers Must Have


Every time you turn the key and rev your engine, you put your life at risk. Or course, this isn’t a reason not to enjoy a cruise down the open road. But it’s every reason to be prepared for an emergency.

Luckily, you don’t need a full road-side survival kit to have peace of mind behind the wheel. All you need are these 3 lifesaving gadgets for drivers.

Jumpi: the 3-in-1 car vacuum, jump starter, and power bank

Jumpi is one of the hottest new gadgets for drivers. It’s wireless, hand-held, and small enough to fit into your glove box. And, it has all the features you need to stay safe on the road.

You can use Jumpi daily for a quick clean up or after rides if you’re a rideshare driver. It’s antibacterial and features no-touch dust emptying to keep you and your ride spotless.

But when emergency strikes, Jumpi converts into a jump starter. Its jumper cables are professional-grade, and its jumper is mistake-proof, so you can use it with zero risk to yourself or your car even if you’ve never jumped a battery before. It’s also helpful that you don’t need another car present to jump your battery with Jumpi.

If you need more than a jump start, Jumpi’s built-in power bank will keep your phone and GPS charged while you wait for help.

GPS Tracker

You absolutely need a GPS tracker on your car. And, they’re so cheap and easy to maintain that you don’t have an excuse not to get one.

Here are a few reasons to pick one up:

Make yourself easy to find: If you get into an accident and no one hears from you, the authorities will be able to locate your vehicle quickly.

Keep track of a loved one: Add a GPS device to a new driver or elderly driver’s car to make sure they get home safe.

Track a stolen vehicle: Criminals won’t get far with your vehicle if you’ve got real-time location tracking GPS.

Dash Cam

Dashcams aren’t just for the police. When you use a dashcam, you become more mindful of the road. It also ensures that others who might drive your car (such as a reckless friend or young driver) will drive more responsibly. No one can deny what happens on camera!

In case of wrongdoing, you’ll also be able to defend yourself and others.

Dashcams help you to protect your vehicle and your life. Plus, they could save you immeasurable insurance and court costs in case of an accident.

Peace of Mind Behind the Wheel

There’s no better feeling than heading out for a drive and knowing that you’re protected in case of an emergency. Only then can you really let everything go and enjoy the road. These lifesaving car gadgets will get you wherever you need to go safely and in style.


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