6 Simple Ways You Can Greatly Improve Your Image Editing Skills


As a photographer, you will want to offer your clients the best images to keep your reputation. You understand that getting the right image doesn’t only involve focusing your camera and pressing the capture button, but more to it. One of the best methods used to enhance images is photo editing. Photo editing differentiates a great photo from a good photo. It is important to learn some great image editing skills to improve your photography career. How can one improve their image editing skills? There are many ways of doing so. This article highlights the top six as listed below.

Start with a good image

To improve your editing skills, you need to have a good image to start with. You should train yourself on how to take the best shot to support your editing journey. Not everyone knows how to take a good image. Sometimes you will take different shots before coming up with the best for your editing use. This photo will also be the final product for your client. How do you take a good image? You can use a tripod to avoid shaking the camera and using the right light for your capture. Finally, you will need to use the raw image settings to capture your image’s original details. Getting the photo details makes it easier to edit it.

Choose the right image editing software

Many photographers will want to rush for the trending software for their photo editing job. Since they don’t have any clue about using it, they end up messing up their work. It would be best if you choose the right software that you are conversant with for the editing. If you are a beginner, you can start with the free editing software before growing into sophisticated ones. This idea gives you room to learn the basics and helps you improve your skills. Once you are confident, you can get top-notch software, including Photoshop, to bring out the best of your editing skills. This sophisticated software might require a subscription for professional editors.

Learn how to add texts to your images

While a picture can speak louder than words, having both in one image makes it more pronounced. Most clients will want to have notes or words in their images. While most software will help you add the words, it is essential to learn how to insert the texts correctly. This blog https://parkerphotographic.com/how-to-center-text-in-gimp/ highlights how you can center text in a gimp. This enables you to come up with the best image that fits your clients’ needs. It is important to continue learning such tutorials to improve on your editing. 

Set up an image editing workflow and stick with it

You have to plan for success, even in image editing. When you don’t plan your work and strictly follow the plan, you are bound to fail. You have to know where to start and end your image editing skills and be consistent with the process. Some of the steps as recommended by experts include the below:

  • Step one: crop and straighten your image
  • Step two: adjust the lighting of your image
  • Step Three: Try to balance the white balance.
  • Step four: refine the image.
  • Step five: complete your editing by sharpening the image.

You can tweak some steps to develop a process that is easy to follow according to your tasks.

Avoid Filters and other cheats

Most photographers use filters and other gimmicks to bring the best of the raw images. Filters are fun to use and may create an awesome photo from a shoddy raw capture. However, the end product becomes a bit artificial and unreal. It also does not bring the best of your skills. Instead of using the filters, you can learn how to twist and add flavors to your photos using editing software. Some of the filters also get outdated easily, meaning you will have to continue learning the applications.

Always be a beginner in your editing

With image editing, you learn new things every day. Setting your mind as a pro and that you don’t need to learn anything more will cost you the emerging skills. Always set your mind as a beginner and learn every image editing detail that you come across. This situation will enable you to update your skills and creativity. It would be best if you were willing to learn from others, even when you are better than them.

The above are some of the best ways to improve your photo editing skills. It is important to interact and learn from the best in the field. There are many resources available online, done by experts, which you can use to improve your editing skills


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