8 Best Hidden Ways How to Make Money on WhatsApp 2021 | Making Money Online

8 Best Hidden Ways How to Make Money on WhatsApp 2021
8 Best Hidden Ways How to Make Money on WhatsApp 2021

Who does not want to earn money online from WhatsApp? Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube have become part of our daily lives. Everyone, from a child to an old person, opens these apps in the morning and not just once, many times a day. Our world is also growing rapidly digitally. The number of people shopping online is increasing daily basis. Its trend is going to increase even further. Many of you may not know the ways to earn money from WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp is now the most running app on smartphones. In such a situation, when the money can be earned from YouTube, can also be earned from Facebook, then why not from WhatsApp too? So in this money earning article you’ll see “How to Make Money on WhatsApp 2021”? Yes, WhatsApp recently has started the transaction of money, but we also found some ways how to make money with a WhatsApp account.

There are some ways through which you can make money online on WhatsApp. Now you must be thinking is Whatsapp will give you money to work? We’ll make it very clear here that Whatsapp does not give you money for any work you do. But you can earn money using WhatsApp and you’ll get benefit more than this because WhatsApp has the biggest market in the world. This means if we go viral with even one message, then you can not imagine how many people it can reach. In this article, we’ll try to teach you guys how to make money online with WhatsApp.

How to Make Money on WhatsApp in 2021

If any of you do not know what is WhatsApp, Whatsapp is a social media messaging app that is available on both smartphones and personal computers. By using WhatsApp you can interact with your friends, relatives, and also share photos, videos. This is a very simple app that can be run by any person.

How much money you can earn from Whatsapp is depends on you. There are many ways of How to Make Money on WhatsApp and using this app you can earn as much money as you want, it depends on you only how you are using it. The best thing is that you can work from home and you do not need to pay any fee or purchase any plugin or something for this. It is also a trick of making money online.

Now the main question we have is, how to make money on WhatsApp? Whatsapp will not give you money directly for any work you do. So in this article we will tell you about how do I make money on WhatsApp? So let’s start without delay. What is the basic requirment to earn money with Whatsapp?

Smartphone:- In which you can use WhatsApp app whiteout any problem

Internet connection:- A reliable internet source

Gmail ID:- You must have a Gmail account.

Whatsapp Group: – A group where you can message people about what we are going to share. The more WhatsApp number and WhatsApp groups you have, the easier it will be for you to earn money. That means the more Whatsapp contacts you have, the more money you can earn online. If you use all the earning methods, you can earn a lot. Therefore, you have to create many WhatsApp groups or you have to join the groups. When you have a lot of WhatsApp numbers, then you can create a WhatsApp group or you can also create a broadcast list. You can add a maximum of 256 people to a WhatsApp group or broadcast list. If you have all these essential things, then you can start earning money from today itself.

Now know that how to make money online with WhatsApp, without giving any money to anyone. We will tell you about all the ways by which you can earn from Whatsapp.

How To Make Money Through WhatsApp Status

Now you’ll read how can i make money from WhatsApp? We’ll show how all this can be possible. Let me show you the methods one by one, every one wants to earn from whatsapp. right? Below are some methods by using these methods you can earn money from whatsapp.

8 Ways to Make Money From WhatsApp

Link Shortening Website

Affiliate marketing


Marketing for others

Sending blog/YouTube video link

Teach people

Expand your own business online

Make money via link shortening websites

This is also a very easy way to earn money. In this, you only have to create a link and share in WhatsApp groups and whenever someone clicks on this link, you earn some money. just clicking the link, isn’t it amazing? right?

“How to make money on WhatsApp”, is a very trending topic to be searched on google and everyone won’t know about these methods. You’ll have to work on such a viral topic, after seeing that contact people can not live without opening the link.

Now after finding such a post copy its link and now you have to shorten it by copying its link and putting it on the link shortening website. For this, you can use many websites. We have given you the names of the websites below. After shortening the URL, you have to share it in your Whatsapp groups. You must have often seen that people send you such small links, then say that by pressing on it you will get money or by pressing on it you can see or read something unique. But the person who sent this message Only by opening that link to you once, you will earn money.

Whenever someone clicks on the link, he will see the advertisement, which will earn you some money. By using this method people are earning a small amount of money, but if you can send that short link to a lot of people, then it goes on the increase when you see it. All these online money-making tips are very effective. And the best part is that you get to know how to earn from home.

How to Earn Money Online URL Shortener | Online URL Shortener website List

Shorte .st

How to Make Money Online Through Affiliate Marketing

Earning money online from Affiliate Marketing and is a very powerful medium through which you can earn money online. This is a great way to earn a huge amount of money if you can sell goods to people on WhatsApp. If you do not know what Affiliate marketing is, then in short it means that you have to sell people goods to others through people and If a person buys anything from the particular link given, then you get some commission.

Affiliate marketing is used not only on WhatsApp but on many platforms like blogs, youtube, Instagram, etc. Nowadays many people are crazy about online shopping. You will find many people around you who buy goods online. Maybe your family, friends, and many other people are interested in shopping online. This is a very powerful way to earn money from the internet.

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You have to make a WhatsApp group of all those people. After this, then you have to register in affiliate programs like amazon, Flipkart’s affiliate programs, and then you have to share that product links on WhatsApp and WhatsApp groups. If someone buys goods from your given link then you’ll get some commission. It is a very powerful medium. I myself have seen a lot of people changing their lives by using affiliate marketing.

This fastest making money online trick is very unique. You may have seen some people selling sarees, sometimes washing powder or a new product. They would not have made that stuff, they are just selling it and for this, they take a little commission. But how far will they reach, one village, one city? You can do the same thing on WhatsApp. If they buy through that link then you will get 8-10% commission from it. That too by just sitting at home.

These are some Platform where you can register as a Affiliate

Tata Cliq

How to make money on WhatsApp by referral programs?

you will messages on WhatsApp groups that if you download the app from this link, both of you will get some money. You must have seen in many apps that you give money to share that app. If you share your link, and someone downloads the app from that link, you’ll get paid. The more people download the app from your link and signup, the more money you earn.

You can share your link with the help of any platform. You can also share the referral link on whatsapp. But the purpose of sharing it is not just to send it, but to get those people to download the app and signup. This online money making trcik is very unique.

Apps that give you money to share: –


How to earn money by Paid Promotion on WhatsApp

There are so people who want to make their business big. Nowadays people are selling their products and services online. They need such people who have a large audience, means they have access to many people, so that they can promote your product to them. you can help in growing a business and earn money by sharing it on whatsapp. It is important that you have a number of people. Then you can post a message on facebook, whatsapp or to your peers, “I can help you to spread your business to others.” Contact me if you want this service ”.

If you have a lot of WhatsApp groups or WhatsApp numbers, then you can do paid promotion. This online making of money is very effective.

Let’s see what you can earn on WhatsApp by doing paid promotion:-

You can earn money by promoting apps.
You can earn money by promoting local businesses.
You can earn money by promoting new products.
You can earn money by promoting blogs or youtube channels.
You can promote a Facebook page or Facebook group.
You can promote the Instagram page.

Earn money on WhatsApp by promoting websites and youtube channels?

You can also earn money by promoting other websites and youtube channels. You have to need to increase your reach. If you have many WhatsApp groups, then you will be able to do this work very easily. Now try to contact new bloggers, YouTubers and send them a message that you can send traffic to some people on their website or YouTube channel or videos, and in return, you can ask for money per thousand. You have to tell them that the people who come visit your content will be real no bots or scams, fake people.

New bloggers and YouTubers waiting for a promotion, want to share their content with people. In return, they will never refuse to give money. The secret to running a good blog is to reach a good number of people. For this, we can make our blog accessible to many people through WhatsApp. If you want to know what is Blog? and how to do blogging? then please check out Neil Patel blog

Teach People Online on WhatsApp and Make Money?

Nowadays there are many ways to teach people online, and you can teach people on WhatsApp. If you are an expert in your field, then you can share your knowledge with others and teach them online for which you can charge money. Whatsapp’s call and video calls can this task very easy. People now giving lectures to others and earning money, without even meeting them in person. But not only one person, but you can also make a group of people and by using WhatsApp’s video call feature you can teach everyone. If people are interested in your subject, they will definitely contact you. You can teach people any new skill. Such as: making food, exercising, doing yoga, etc.

How to Make Money By Selling product on WhatsApp by selling?

You already know that people want everything in their homes. In this scenario, why not expand your business with the help of WhatsApp? If you have a business, then you can share your WhatsApp number with people so that they can contact you on your business number. For example, if you have a grocery store, or a confectionery store, a medicine store, recharge, or a vegetable shop, you can take your order from WhatsApp and deliver it to your customers.

WhatsApp also launched its business app business, where you can add your business number and take orders from people. You can also add more than 256 people at once and trade with them in your WhatsApp group.


So, friends, the conclusion Is that by using WhatsApp you can earn money and a fortune out of it, it will take just a little hard work. The advantage of this money making trick is that you dont have to go anywhere, everything can be done sitting at home. and yes anyone can do it.

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If you want to make money online in the quickest way then I will suggest you, earn from the short links, it will not give you that much money but it will make you money, if you take a little time and want to earn more then you should start affiliate marketing, blog or youtube.

I hope you guys liked this article “How to Make Money on WhatsApp”. Here you’ll find information that you need to earn money from WhatsApp. I request all of you to share this information with your relatives, neighbors, and friends so that we can raise awareness and benefit everyone. I want you to share this information with as many people as possible.

All these money-earning tricks are absolutely real. If you have anything to ask, you can feel free to comment down below or ask your question or email us directly. We will try to answer each and every question.

Q1. How to make money with WhatsApp?

1) Link Shortening Website
2) Affiliate marketing
3) Referral
4) Marketing for others
5) Sending blog/youtube link
6) Teach people
7) Expand your own business

Q2. What is required to earn money from WhatsApp?

1) Smartphone: – In which Whatsapp is installed and does not hang.
2) Internet connection: – a reliable internet source
3) Gmail ID: – You must have a Gmail account
4) Whatsapp Group: – A group where you can message people and there are many people


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