8 Best Hidden Ways How to Make Money on WhatsApp 2021

8 Best Hidden Ways How to Make Money on WhatsApp 2021 | Making Money Online

Who does not want to earn money online from WhatsApp? Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube have become part of our daily lives. Everyone, from a child to an old person, opens these apps in the morning and not just once, many times a day. Our world is also growing rapidly digitally. The number of people shopping online is increasing daily basis. Its trend is going to increase even further. Many of you may not know the ways to earn money from WhatsApp.

earn money online, make money on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is now the most running app on smartphones. In such a situation, when the money can be earned from YouTube, can also be earned from Facebook, then why not from WhatsApp too? So in this money earning article you’ll see “How to Make Money on WhatsApp 2021”? Yes, WhatsApp recently has started the transaction of money, but we also found some ways how to make money with a WhatsApp account.

There are some ways through which you can make money online on WhatsApp. Now you must be thinking is Whatsapp will give you money to work? We’ll make it very clear here that Whatsapp does not give you money for any work you do. But you can earn money using WhatsApp and you’ll get benefit more than this because WhatsApp has the biggest market in the world. This means if we go viral with even one message, then you can not imagine how many people it can reach. In this article, we’ll try to teach you guys how to make money online with WhatsApp.

How to Make Money on WhatsApp in 2021

If any of you do not know what is WhatsApp, Whatsapp is a social media messaging app that is available on both smartphones and personal computers. By using WhatsApp you can interact with your friends, relatives, and also share photos, videos. This is a very simple app that can be run by any person.

How much money you can earn from Whatsapp is depends on you. There are many ways of How to Make Money on WhatsApp and using this app you can earn as much money as you want, it depends on you only how you are using it. The best thing is that you can work from home and you do not need to pay any fee or purchase any plugin or something for this. It is also a trick of making money online.

Now the main question we have is, how to make money on WhatsApp? Whatsapp will not give you money directly for any work you do. So in this article we will tell you about how do I make money on WhatsApp? So let’s start without delay. What is the basic requirment to earn money with Whatsapp?

Smartphone:- In which you can use WhatsApp app whiteout any problem

Internet connection:- A reliable internet source

Gmail ID:- You must have a Gmail account.

Whatsapp Group: – A group where you can message people about what we are going to share. The more WhatsApp number and WhatsApp groups you have, the easier it will be for you to earn money. That means the more Whatsapp contacts you have, the more money you can earn online. If you use all the earning methods, you can earn a lot. Therefore, you have to create many WhatsApp groups or you have to join the groups. When you have a lot of WhatsApp numbers, then you can create a WhatsApp group or you can also create a broadcast list. You can add a maximum of 256 people to a WhatsApp group or broadcast list. If you have all these essential things, then you can start earning money from today itself.

Now know that how to make money online with WhatsApp, without giving any money to anyone. We will tell you about all the ways by which you can earn from Whatsapp.

How To Make Money Through WhatsApp Status

Now you’ll read how can i make money from WhatsApp? We’ll show how all this can be possible. Let me show you the methods one by one, every one wants to earn from whatsapp. right? Below are some methods by using these methods you can earn money from whatsapp.

8 Ways to Make Money From WhatsApp

Link Shortening Website

Affiliate marketing


Marketing for others

Sending blog/YouTube video link

Teach people

Expand your own business online

Make money via link shortening websites

This is also a very easy way to earn money. In this, you only have to create a link and share in WhatsApp groups and whenever someone clicks on this link, you earn some money. just clicking the link, isn’t it amazing? right?

“How to make money on WhatsApp”, is a very trending topic to be searched on google and everyone won’t know about these methods. You’ll have to work on such a viral topic, after seeing that contact people can not live without opening the link.

Now after finding such a post copy its link and now you have to shorten it by copying its link and putting it on the link shortening website. For this, you can use many websites. We have given you the names of the websites below. After shortening the URL, you have to share it in your Whatsapp groups. You must have often seen that people send you such small links, then say that by pressing on it you will get money or by pressing on it you can see or read something unique. But the person who sent this message Only by opening that link to you once, you will earn money.

Whenever someone clicks on the link, he will see the advertisement, which will earn you some money. By using this method people are earning a small amount of money, but if you can send that short link to a lot of people, then it goes on the increase when you see it. All these online money-making tips are very effective. And the best part is that you get to know how to earn from home.

How to Earn Money Online URL Shortener | Online URL Shortener website List

Shorte .st

How to Make Money Online Through Affiliate Marketing

Earning money online from Affiliate Marketing and is a very powerful medium through which you can earn money online. This is a great way to earn a huge amount of money if you can sell goods to people on WhatsApp. If you do not know what Affiliate marketing is, then in short it means that you have to sell people goods to others through people and If a person buys anything from the particular link given, then you get some commission.

Affiliate marketing is used not only on WhatsApp but on many platforms like blogs, youtube, Instagram, etc. Nowadays many people are crazy about online shopping. You will find many people around you who buy goods online. Maybe your family, friends, and many other people are interested in shopping online. This is a very powerful way to earn money from the internet.

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You have to make a WhatsApp group of all those people. After this, then you have to register in affiliate programs like amazon, Flipkart’s affiliate programs, and then you have to share that product links on WhatsApp and WhatsApp groups. If someone buys goods from your given link then you’ll get some commission. It is a very powerful medium. I myself have seen a lot of people changing their lives by using affiliate marketing.

This fastest making money online trick is very unique. You may have seen some people selling sarees, sometimes washing powder or a new product. They would not have made that stuff, they are just selling it and for this, they take a little commission. But how far will they reach, one village, one city? You can do the same thing on WhatsApp. If they buy through that link then you will get 8-10% commission from it. That too by just sitting at home.

These are some Platform where you can register as a Affiliate

Tata Cliq

How to make money on WhatsApp by referral programs?

you will messages on WhatsApp groups that if you download the app from this link, both of you will get some money. You must have seen in many apps that you give money to share that app. If you share your link, and someone downloads the app from that link, you’ll get paid. The more people download the app from your link and signup, the more money you earn.

You can share your link with the help of any platform. You can also share the referral link on whatsapp. But the purpose of sharing it is not just to send it, but to get those people to download the app and signup. This online money making trcik is very unique.

Apps that give you money to share: –


How to earn money by Paid Promotion on WhatsApp

There are so people who want to make their business big. Nowadays people are selling their products and services online. They need such people who have a large audience, means they have access to many people, so that they can promote your product to them. you can help in growing a business and earn money by sharing it on whatsapp. It is important that you have a number of people. Then you can post a message on facebook, whatsapp or to your peers, “I can help you to spread your business to others.” Contact me if you want this service ”.

If you have a lot of WhatsApp groups or WhatsApp numbers, then you can do paid promotion. This online making of money is very effective.

Let’s see what you can earn on WhatsApp by doing paid promotion:-

You can earn money by promoting apps.
You can earn money by promoting local businesses.
You can earn money by promoting new products.
You can earn money by promoting blogs or youtube channels.
You can promote a Facebook page or Facebook group.
You can promote the Instagram page.

Earn money on WhatsApp by promoting websites and youtube channels?

You can also earn money by promoting other websites and youtube channels. You have to need to increase your reach. If you have many WhatsApp groups, then you will be able to do this work very easily. Now try to contact new bloggers, YouTubers and send them a message that you can send traffic to some people on their website or YouTube channel or videos, and in return, you can ask for money per thousand. You have to tell them that the people who come visit your content will be real no bots or scams, fake people.

New bloggers and YouTubers waiting for a promotion, want to share their content with people. In return, they will never refuse to give money. The secret to running a good blog is to reach a good number of people. For this, we can make our blog accessible to many people through WhatsApp. If you want to know what is Blog? and how to do blogging? then please check out Neil Patel blog

Teach People Online on WhatsApp and Make Money?

Nowadays there are many ways to teach people online, and you can teach people on WhatsApp. If you are an expert in your field, then you can share your knowledge with others and teach them online for which you can charge money. Whatsapp’s call and video calls can this task very easy. People now giving lectures to others and earning money, without even meeting them in person. But not only one person, but you can also make a group of people and by using WhatsApp’s video call feature you can teach everyone. If people are interested in your subject, they will definitely contact you. You can teach people any new skill. Such as: making food, exercising, doing yoga, etc.

How to Make Money By Selling product on WhatsApp by selling?

You already know that people want everything in their homes. In this scenario, why not expand your business with the help of WhatsApp? If you have a business, then you can share your WhatsApp number with people so that they can contact you on your business number. For example, if you have a grocery store, or a confectionery store, a medicine store, recharge, or a vegetable shop, you can take your order from WhatsApp and deliver it to your customers.

WhatsApp also launched its business app business, where you can add your business number and take orders from people. You can also add more than 256 people at once and trade with them in your WhatsApp group.


So, friends, the conclusion Is that by using WhatsApp you can earn money and a fortune out of it, it will take just a little hard work. The advantage of this money making trick is that you dont have to go anywhere, everything can be done sitting at home. and yes anyone can do it.

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If you want to make money online in the quickest way then I will suggest you, earn from the short links, it will not give you that much money but it will make you money, if you take a little time and want to earn more then you should start affiliate marketing, blog or youtube.

I hope you guys liked this article “How to Make Money on WhatsApp”. Here you’ll find information that you need to earn money from WhatsApp. I request all of you to share this information with your relatives, neighbors, and friends so that we can raise awareness and benefit everyone. I want you to share this information with as many people as possible.

All these money-earning tricks are absolutely real. If you have anything to ask, you can feel free to comment down below or ask your question or email us directly. We will try to answer each and every question.

Q1. How to make money with WhatsApp?

1) Link Shortening Website
2) Affiliate marketing
3) Referral
4) Marketing for others
5) Sending blog/youtube link
6) Teach people
7) Expand your own business

Q2. What is required to earn money from WhatsApp?

1) Smartphone: – In which Whatsapp is installed and does not hang.
2) Internet connection: – a reliable internet source
3) Gmail ID: – You must have a Gmail account
4) Whatsapp Group: – A group where you can message people and there are many people

Make Money From Home

8 Effective Ways You Can Make Money From Home This Year

Are you looking for some super effective ways you can make money from home this year? You’re not alone! Since the pandemic has turned the world upside down and thrown our daily routines into chaos, many people are questioning whether they truly want to continue doing the work that they have been doing. More and more people know that they need to protect their income should anything happen to their 9-5 jobs, and some want to give up their 9-5 jobs for something more freeing altogether. If this sounds intriguing to you, here are 7 effective ways you can make money from home this year. Take a look and you might just change your life! 

Become An Affiliate For Products That You Believe In

Becoming an affiliate means first joining an affiliate program, such as the one you can join with Amazon. You then promote products you believe in, either using a blog, vlog, or your social media – but always sharing links. When people click on these links and purchase something you have recommended, you take a cut. However, don’t make making money your only goal. You want people to trust you, so make sure you really do only recommend products that you believe in. 

Sell Items That You No Longer Use or Try A Dropshipping Business 

Go through your cupboards, drawers, and look under your bed to see if there’s anything you can sell. Clothes, unwanted gadgets, CDs, books, and games can all be sold for money. You may need to be patient, and you may need to explore various platforms, such as Depop, Vinted, and Ebay to see where your items sell best. However, you can make money from stuff you simply don’t use anymore. You could even look into starting your own dropshipping business, so you sell products online but don’t need to buy any stock at all. In that case, you will need to look into eBay shipping services to make sure your items arrive on time and that you develop a good reputation as a seller. 


Create Content Around A Subject You Are Knowledgeable In

If there’s a specific subject that you are knowledgeable in, it’s a good idea to create content around it. You could create YouTube videos, for example, or even create a course that people can pay for depending on how specialist and advanced your knowledge is. 

Become A Virtual Assistant 

You could become a virtual assistant, taking messages and doing odd jobs for an entrepreneur or business person. 

Start Trading Cryptocurrencies

Trading cryptocurrencies is an excellent way to bring in some extra income. With tons of different currencies and exchanges to choose from, there are countless ways to earn money by buying and selling various types of crypto. Swyftx.com is an online platform you can use to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies online. Trading crypto is an exclusive way to make money from home that can be highly profitable if done correctly. To ensure that you do it correctly, you should first do your research and practice with a demo account. So if you’re interested in learning a new skill and earning an additional income online, then trading cryptocurrencies might be the perfect thing for you!

Get Crafty

Are you good at painting, making jewellery, or sewing? Get crafty and see if you can start your own side hustle! 

Rent Out Your Car or Driveway

If you have a driveway with room on it, see if you can rent it out to somebody who needs a parking space. You could even rent out ad space on your car

Tutor People Online 

If you want to help people and share your knowledge, you could offer your tutoring services online. You could help with a language, musical instrument, or another subject. 

how to earn bitcoin fast and online 2

How To Earn Bitcoin Free Without Investment | Online | Fast

How To Earn Bitcoin Free Without Investment | Online | Fast

Do you want to earn bitcoin online free without any investment? is this possible? most of the time all are scammers or fraud but this-this time is real, you can earn bitcoin without investing or without even doing any work. literally, nothing and you start to earn bitcoin in a matter of time with even investing a single penny.

Now let’s talk about the method how to earn bitcoin

How To Earn Bitcoin Free Online

Now about the method, you’ll see the step by step method to earn bitcoin by using your browser, You can use any browser you want, even internet explorer. You have to register on a website and click on a button for start mining and you are done. You’ll get bitcoins for only registering and click a button.

Now the step you have to do to make bitcoins

How To Earn Bitcoin Fast 

By this simple method, you can Earn Bitcoin Fast.

Step 1: Open your browser and Go to this site www.brmine.net 

Step 2: Register with you any email id.

Step 3: After sign up process, log in again with your username/email-id and password. you’ll see this page:-

Step 4: All the cryptocurrency mention on dashboard panel like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, dogecoin, dash, ripple, Zcash, BlackCoin. Etc. and an “MH/S panel”. In this panel, you’ll see how much Mega-Hash power per second you get for the mining (for each cryptocurrency).

Step 5: Now hover the mouse over any of the cryptocurrency, let’s say Bitcoin, you’ll see the option of start mining and the current rate of 1 bitcoin in dollars. Just click on Start Mining and your mining will start immediately.

Step 6: Now if you want to increase your bitcoin mining speed, you have to purchase MH/S. now here is the best part you can exchange your bitcoin that you earn here with more MH/S power.

Step 7: For increasing hashing power go to Tools and click on Exchange and choose your currency which you are mining currently, let’s say you are mining bitcoin then choose bitcoin and you’ll get the amount of Megahash per second power you are getting and then click on the Exchange Button.

Your bitcoin now exchanges with megahash per second. You speed of bitcoin mining or other cryptocurrency mining is increased.

Step 8: After earning bitcoin you can withdraw them into your bitcoin wallet just put your country and your wallet number and you’ll receive your bitcoin in your bitcoin wallet

Now, this is a very simple process to earn bitcoin online and fast. bitcoin earning is not that simple before. If anyone not getting ideas with the pictures that what you have to do actually then just go through this below-explained tutorial How To Earn Bitcoin Free Without Investment. The tutorial of bitcoin earning is in Hindi, but you’ll understand everything I’m doing in the tutorial.

Guys if you have any question regarding anything then comment down below and we’ll try to solve your problem. Till then……….


Let Your Browser Solve Complex Tasks And Earn Cash

Want to earn money online and without even doing much and this is not a scam or other frauds it’s just a simple method. This website lets you earn by only using your browser’s tab. It’s like you are ranting your browser to the website and then after they finish there work you’ll get your rent from your browser. This is as simple as that. You let your browser solve some complex task and you’ll get paid because this is your browser.

How Does it Work

This website run complex mathematics tasks and your computer will become part of this company computing network. their servers will give a workshop for your computer and your computer will send finished work back to the website. You will get a reward for each completed work part. To complete each work takes between few seconds to few minutes depending on your computer power.

How Do You Get The Money?

Collected points can be exchanged for USD and will be paid out via PayPal or other payment gateways like bitcoin Etc. You can also choose one of the prizes and they’ll deliver the prize to your address.

The rewards you can get

How Much Can You Earn?

It depends on which type of computer processor you have. Basically, the high-end hardware computes more work and you get paid more. Please test the application to see how many points you can get. You can also increase the “Intensity” of computing tasks to get more from your computer.

And the best thing is this website give you your first 1 000 000 points just for signup. If you Sign Up by this Link Below Link

Click Here For Sign Up and Get Your $10 Instantly

Can you Run This Application On More Computers?

Sure thing! The more computers do the work for you (us) the more points you receive. All points are collected directly to your account.

Ready to join?

Sign Up 

Make Money Online From Digitize India The Real Data Entry Job

Make Money Online From Digitize India | The Real Data Entry Job

Searching for data entry jobs online? Well, look no further. Digitize India(Deity) is an initiative of the government of India which offers an opportunity for government agencies to transform themselves into digital enterprises and for digital contributors (people like us) to make money online by doing simple data entry work.

Make Money Online From Digitize India | The Real Data Entry Job

Digitize India Platform (DIP) works under Digital India Programme to provide digitization services for scanned document images/environmental documents for any organization. They just want to make all the existing content( in different formats and media, languages) usable.

Make Money Online From Digitize India  The Real Data Entry Job
Make Money Online From Digitize India The Real Data Entry Job

For doing this DIP provides a secure and automated platform for processing and extracting relevant data from document images in a format that is further used for meta-data tagging, IT application processing and analysis. You probably have heard of some other popular crowdsourcing platforms before, like Mturk, Microworkers, etc. , Deity works similarly.

You just type the word which appears on your screen exactly like Captcha typing jobs although here they are called Snippets.

How DIP works?

Digital India Platform helps to digitize the documents for willing Govt. organizations. The whole Process takes following steps-

  1. Digital India Platform collects scanned images from the various Govt. organizations and shreds images into snippets with meaning full data.
  2. These snippets are randomly served to the contributors.
  3. Contributors type the words shown in Snippets.
  4. A match engine checks if contributor typed the right word.
  5. Correct entries get reward points for each exact words digitized.
  6. DIP innovative system organizes the snippet text scanned by contributors.
  7. Document are re-assembled and provided back to the organizations

Who Can become a Digital Contributor?

Any Indian Citizen who fulfills following prerequisites can apply. A valid Aadhar number is mandatory for sign-up process.

  • Basic computer literacy
  • Aadhar number
  • Bank Account linked to your Aadhaar number
  • Access to the internet
  • Access to any smart device ( to download their app)

How to Make Money online with Digitize India?

  • Sign up – Sign up here to become a digital agent. Fill all the details such as full name, email, phone number, etc. on sign up form and submit the form. The system will validate your Aadhar number before signing up.
  • Log into your account by entering username/email and password. You will be redirected to your account dashboard where you will see the available snippet and your work records.
  • Complete your Profile by clicking on My account on the right top corner.  Complete basic profile by entering valid information such as your state, district, Pin-code, academics, etc. The incomplete profile may lead to suspension of your account.
  • Complete Bank Profile. If your Aadhar is already linked to your bank account, then click on Check Status button. The system will automatically verify the bank details. Otherwise, go to your bank and get your Aadhar linked to your bank account. This is the only way how it works.
  • Work and Earn – Go to dashboard and see if any snippet is available to work on.  Once your job gets approved, you will receive points. Usually, they provide details of No. of captcha you entered, your accuracy after 1-2 days and you receive your reward after 4-5 days for that. You can check your earning by clicking on Rewards and redeem your points there. Compensation rate is 2 Paisa per character, although your earnings depend on your accuracy levels and speed.

How to Redeem/withdraw Your Points From Digitize India Platform

There are two things you can do with your points. You can donate your points being a volunteer, or you can redeem/withdraw your points for cash. Here is the process of withdrawing money from your Digitize India Account –

  • Update Your Bank Profile – Login to your Digitize India Platform. Hover mouse cursor on “My Account” and click on Bank Profile. You don’t need to give your account details like account holder name, account number, and IFSC, etc. , just click on “check status” button there. If your Aadhar is seeded into your bank account, it will pick up all the bank details automatically and will show you with what bank account your Aadhar is linked otherwise it will show Error: Aadhaar number is not available. 

Note: If you have not attached your Aadhar with your bank I would suggest you link your Aadhar through your online internet banking account. Once you submit your Aadhar details in your internet business account, they will send a message to your registered mobile number that your Aadhar has been seeded into your bank account successfully. Now login back to your Digitize India Account and check status. I hope I will work.

  • Set a Transaction PIN – Transaction PIN is a four digit code you have to insert each and every time while redeeming your points. To set it, click on “Transaction Pin” from My Account Tab. Now click on “Generate OTP” button. An OTP(one-time password) will be sent to your registered mobile number. Submit OTP,  set a transaction PIN and save it after captcha verification.
  • Redeem Your Point – Click on “Rewards” to withdraw your money from Digitize India Account. A further click on “Redeem Your Points” button from the info panel at the right side of the screen. Insert the no. of points you want to redeem in the form, add a remark, insert your wallet pin if you enter correct wallet pin it will show status as correct. Finally, click on Submit. That’s all you need to do.

Note: Remember two things here. You can’t redeem twice in a month, and Minimum withdrawal limit of Digitize India Platform is 2500 points. I mean you need to have at least 2500 points to be able to withdraw your money to your bank account.

Payment Proof of Digitize India

There were so many comments that Digitize India is not sending their payment in Bank account. So one day I typed 3395 snippets with an accuracy of 86 to collect 3064 reward points. I applied for withdrawal (2500 Reward Points) on 10th October 2016.

After waiting  23 days, Digitize India deposited my Payment in my bank account on 3rd November 2016. Here is the screenshot of my internet banking account –

People who have not received payment yet,  please stop checking payment status in your DIP account. It might keep showing status as “initiated” even after they have paid you.  Either Open your internet banking account and check all the transactions or get your bank passbook printed. Also remember, you might not get Bank Transaction SMS on your registered mobile number.

How many days should you wait to get your money from Digitize India?

Believe me, Waiting 30 days for payment is not a big deal. Many of sites take 4 to 6 weeks to make payments. So have a lot of patience and keep working. This is how it works online.

How much money can one earn from Digitize India Platform?

Well, it depends on your typing speed, accuracy and internet connection speed. An average person can earn 2500 reward points typing 1 and half hour. As you already know, 2500 bonus points are worth INR 50. So at this rate, one can make about INR 8000 every month by typing 7-8 hours every day.


How To Make Money Online, Like 1000/- Week

How Can a Student Make Some 1000/- Week Online

Online Survey Taking

I got started with taking online surveys with
1. Toluna.
To receive relevant surveys, I needed to complete my profile 100%, which can be done in a jiffy. With regard to earning capacity, there is no real limit because I can earn unlimited points through surveys and sponsored polls. All payments are made to my PayPal account, with an exception to paper vouchers, which are sent to my postal address.

To maximize my earnings, I also registered at
2. SayBucks.
It was crucial to complete my profile 100%, post which I was receiving regular and relevant surveys. SayBucks pays me anywhere between Rs 50 and Rs 500 for each survey that I take. All payments are made via PayPal, which means security is never a concern.

Another lucrative online-taking site is
3. Opinion World.
With this site, I get a chance to earn some new e-vouchers that are redeemable at superstores such as Flipkart, amongst others. What’s more, I get an opportunity to take an active part in their quarterly draw, whose winner wins a cool Rs 25,000.

I am adding payment proof of my first payments from Toluna, although the amount is not too much, i was very – 2 it was my first online earnings.

Online Ad Posting

Also, I also had a go at online ad posting. This, too, is a lucrative way to make money online. All I need to do is post ads on several classified sites with an excellent speed from the comfort of my home. In a given day, the primary requirement is posting around 25 ads on classified websites. This was an incredibly simple job from Day 1.

Classified websites offer a one-of-its-kind opportunity to make easy money online through the promotion of products by posting and promoting advertisements on several websites. I get paid for each ad that is successfully posted on classified sites, which are plenty in number.

This video will help you to understand more.

By Freelance Content Writing

Besides online survey taking and online ad posting, I gave a shot to freelance blogging. Because my command over written English was excellent, I was proficient with this type of job. Because most business websites have blogs of their own, this is an extremely promising and growing field.

I need to pay attention to specific requirements like keyword density and the total amount of words. I am getting paid almost Rupee 1 per word, and I write for 4-5 blog posts each day for different clients. Thus, at the end of the day, I make a right amount of money. To get started, I just needed to work on some samples, after which I was writing professionally.

The icing on the cake is that most clients make the payment via online funds transfer.

To know how to find clients, please follow this link 8 Websites To Find Paid Freelance Writing Work: [Updated]


By clicking pictures: This is the easiest way to make money, but you should understand that what kind of pictures can be used in industry, I have done some research its like people like articles around keywords, I click pictures around relevant keywords!

Let me know if you want to understand more; now I am going to share some of the best websites out there to sell your photographs online and make some hard bucks. There are some payout options and a minimum payment of each website. But some sites didn’t mention the minimum amount clearly; maybe you can withdraw them as soon as you get.

Check this article for more ways to make money online 40+ Awesome Websites To Sell Your Photos Online

Source: How can an Indian student make easy money online (Rs. 2000 – 5000 PM at least)?

Source: Riya Singh’s answer to What are some tricks through which I can make some easy money like 5000 to 8000 per month online?

make money online

Make 2000 to 3000 Online Money in a Legit Way

Want to make make money online then Try Dream11. It is entirely safe and legit to play on Dream11. I was hesitant in the beginning, but later gave them a chance, and it paid off. Also, they are amongst top 100 emerging startups of India, so not a chance of fooling around people. Also giving a shot to them isn’t a bad idea. Initially, they provide you with ₹250 as joining bonus. So you can utilize this money to put in a league. If you find your skills to be worthy enough to win, you can multiply your chances by putting the winning money, and you won’t even have to pay a single penny. Sounds Cool?

Make Money Online

make money online


Here are the steps to follow to play on Dream11-

1. Go to Dream11 Fantasy Cricket Page – Fantasy Cricket Leagues – Daily Fantasy Games in India | Dream11 (Use this link only to get ₹250)

2. A list of upcoming matches will appear.

3. Click any one match on top and click on Create, a team

4. You will get 100 credits to make your team

5. Select 11 players from list (11/22 from both teams), including wicket-keeper, bowlers, batsmen, all-rounders; and create a team

6. After creating a team, choose captain and vice captain for your team. Captain gets 2x ponits and VC gets 1.5x points. So choose the best 2 players.

7. After that, sign up your account using your google account / facebook account or by entering your details like email, password, manually

8. Now to verify your mobile number enter your mobile number and click onVerify now

9. Then Verify Mobile number by giving a missed call

10. After Mobile number verification, you will get Rs.25

11. Then verify your email. (Again 25 will be credited)

12. Now you have a total of Rs.50 on account

13. Then upload your PAN card (get extra ₹200)

14. To redeem your earnings, you should have to upload PAN card details. It takes 3–4 days takes to verify the PAN Card.

15. After pan card verification, Enter bank account details and redeem your earnings.

16. The points are awarded according to criteria – Fantasy Cricket Game of Skill | Play T20 Leagues Online | Fantasy Sports Game of Skill | Play Online Sports Leagues | Fantasy Sports Game of Skill | Play Online Sports Leagues | Dream11.com.

17. Join any league you want. Transfer the winning cash to bank a/c (min. ₹200). Usually takes 3–4 days for the same.

P.S. Register using above link only, else they won’t provide you with any joining bonus. (Happened to me while trying to download the pro app through their website 😛 ). Happy Earnings!