How To Earn Bitcoin Free Without Investment | Online | Fast


How To Earn Bitcoin Free Without Investment | Online | Fast

Do you want to earn bitcoin online free without any investment? is this possible? most of the time all are scammers or fraud but this-this time is real, you can earn bitcoin without investing or without even doing any work. literally, nothing and you start to earn bitcoin in a matter of time with even investing a single penny.

Now let’s talk about the method how to earn bitcoin

How To Earn Bitcoin Free Online

Now about the method, you’ll see the step by step method to earn bitcoin by using your browser, You can use any browser you want, even internet explorer. You have to register on a website and click on a button for start mining and you are done. You’ll get bitcoins for only registering and click a button.

Now the step you have to do to make bitcoins

How To Earn Bitcoin Fast 

By this simple method, you can Earn Bitcoin Fast.

Step 1: Open your browser and Go to this site 

Step 2: Register with you any email id.

Step 3: After sign up process, log in again with your username/email-id and password. you’ll see this page:-

Step 4: All the cryptocurrency mention on dashboard panel like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, dogecoin, dash, ripple, Zcash, BlackCoin. Etc. and an “MH/S panel”. In this panel, you’ll see how much Mega-Hash power per second you get for the mining (for each cryptocurrency).

Step 5: Now hover the mouse over any of the cryptocurrency, let’s say Bitcoin, you’ll see the option of start mining and the current rate of 1 bitcoin in dollars. Just click on Start Mining and your mining will start immediately.

Step 6: Now if you want to increase your bitcoin mining speed, you have to purchase MH/S. now here is the best part you can exchange your bitcoin that you earn here with more MH/S power.

Step 7: For increasing hashing power go to Tools and click on Exchange and choose your currency which you are mining currently, let’s say you are mining bitcoin then choose bitcoin and you’ll get the amount of Megahash per second power you are getting and then click on the Exchange Button.

Your bitcoin now exchanges with megahash per second. You speed of bitcoin mining or other cryptocurrency mining is increased.

Step 8: After earning bitcoin you can withdraw them into your bitcoin wallet just put your country and your wallet number and you’ll receive your bitcoin in your bitcoin wallet

Now, this is a very simple process to earn bitcoin online and fast. bitcoin earning is not that simple before. If anyone not getting ideas with the pictures that what you have to do actually then just go through this below-explained tutorial How To Earn Bitcoin Free Without Investment. The tutorial of bitcoin earning is in Hindi, but you’ll understand everything I’m doing in the tutorial.

Guys if you have any question regarding anything then comment down below and we’ll try to solve your problem. Till then……….


  1. I wouldn’t work, the site won’t let me register as i tends to return back to the registration page each and every time after i have filled in my details. I really had high hopes for this. Any other way around this? Does it even work at all?


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