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PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One, PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One which one is better, PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One graphics

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One, PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One which one is better, PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One graphics

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One :- Sony’s PlayStation 4 console isn’t the most popular console ever, but it’s getting there. The PlayStation 4 is just shy of reaching 60 million consoles sold – an impressive number of the crest in just 3.5 years.

Check out the chart below for more basic details on how the consoles compare.

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One:- Which is Better

Microsoft has the lead in the 4K gaming sphere with the powerful Xbox One X – a system that’s capable of playing games in native 4K resolution. The PS4 Pro, on the other hand, is only capable of upscaling games to 4K but has the advantage of having a stronger stable of first-party exclusive games.

Xbox OnePlayStation 4
Price$499    Buy Now$399    Buy Now
US availabilityNovember 15, 2013,
Dimensions (WDH inches)13.5 x 10.4 x 3.210.8 x 12 x 2
Weight15.2 pounds9.2 pounds
Hard driveBuilt-in, nonremovable (500GB)Built-in, removable (500GB)
Motion controlNew Kinect (bundled)PlayStation Camera ($60)
CPU8-core x86 AMD8-core x86 AMD
USB 3.0YesYes
WirelessYes (802.11n w/Wi-Fi Direct)Yes (802.11n)
Gigabit EthernetYesYes
HDMIYes (in and out)Yes
Analog video outputsNoNo
External storage supportYes, USBNo
Power supplyExternal brickInternal
Can also stand verticallyNoYes
IR remote supportYesNo
Suspend/resume game supportYesYes
Background downloadingYesYes
Gameplay sharing/DVR (video)YesYes
Real-time gameplay streamingYesYes

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One Exclusives

PS4 Exclusives                                                                       Xbox One Exclusives

Bloodborne                                                                              Halo 5: Guardians
Horizon: Zero                                                                         Dawn Gears of War 4
NieR: Automata                                                                         Forza Horizon 3
Until Dawn                                                                                    Halo Wars 2
Uncharted 4                                                                                 Killer Instinct
The Last Guardian                                                                      Quantum Break
Street Fighter V                                                                       Sunset Overdrive

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PS4 vs Xbox One Price Comparison

The PS4 and Xbox One prices seem to change by the week, with price drops and bundle deals coming and going faster than handheld PlayStation systems.

While all these bundles are great for consumers, it can be hard to keep up with the latest pricing info. So, in an effort to cut through the noise, here are the latest prices and bundles for each console.

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One Graphics

Both systems can play many of the same games. Performance, though, is dependent on the console you’re using. The PS4 is the more powerful machine, albeit slightly, with the ability to display games in 1080p resolution (as opposed to the Xbox One’s upscaled 920p). The difference isn’t always drastic, but on most TVs, PS4 titles will simply look better. There are some claims of the PS4 dropping frames on some games, and while it hasn’t been reported as a widespread issue — many games run at smooth 30 or 60 frames per second without issue — it’s still worth keeping in mind.

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One, PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One graphics, PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One sales, PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One exclusive

The best course of action is to see how your favourite games perform on each before making your decision. Many gaming websites upload side-by-side graphics comparisons for big releases, which can give you an idea of what to expect.

In any case, these differences only really apply to third-party games where the two versions can be compared side-by-side. First-party titles tend to take better advantage of the system they’re developed for, and therefore will look great regardless of which console they appear on. Still, the third-party performance concerns are enough to give the nod to PS4 in this regard.

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One Games 

Each console has amassed a hugely impressive library of games since November 2013, many of which you can’t play anywhere else. The best selection is down to your personal taste, with each company hosting a variety of essential first-party talent.

We’ve put together some of our favourites below, all of which are worth checking out.

Best PS4 Games | Best Xbox One Games

Best PS4 exclusives

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Nathan Drake’s swansong is an utterly captivating adventure that tells a heartfelt story while thrusting you through a series of explosive set-pieces.

The Last of Us Remastered – Yet another masterpiece by Naughty Dog, Joel and Ellie’s post-apocalyptic tale sets a new benchmark in gaming storytelling that isn’t to be missed.

The Last Guardian – After ten years of waiting for The Last Guardian is finally here. Team Ico’s latest effort is a beautiful tale of companionship propelled by its mystifying world.

Bloodborne – This could be From Software’s finest work yet, transcending the masterful Dark Souls with a dark, gothic setting and truly brutal combat.

Yakuza 0 – This hugely underrated series features varied combat, hysterical minigames and a genuinely compelling narrative based on the Japanese Mafia.

Ratchet and Clank – Acting as a complete remake of the original platformer, this is easily one of the best-looking titles on PS4. It’s also a lot of fun!

Best Xbox One exclusives

Gears of War 4 – Marcus Fenix is back with all new characters and enemies in Gears 4. The gruesome mixture of cover-based movement and melodic shooting is arguably better than ever.

Halo 5: Guardians – 343 Industries has done an excellent job with The Reclaimer Trilogy thus far, with Guardians acting as a solid middle chapter in Master Chief’s journey.

Ori and the Blind Forest – This gorgeous platformer will make you cry like a baby and scream in frustration with its touching story and challenging gameplay.

Rare Replay – Compiling over 30 games from the legendary developer, Rare Replay is a nostalgic trip well worth taking. I mean, who can say no to Viva Pinata?

Forza Horizon 3 – One of the finest racers of this generation, Horizon 3 is absolutely packed with hundreds of cars, events and a blistering open world to explore.

Quantum Break – This time travelling shooter boasts some commendable star power alongside its range of time-bending abilities.

Upcoming PS4 Games | Upcoming Xbox One Games

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