Here Are 7 Cool Inventions That Will Make You Go Wow


1.Finger Ruler-Now measure distances by just moving your fingers. That’s it.

2. Portable Mini Printer-No needs for coming back home or going to a store. This printer can be controlled by your smartphone.

3.Finger Reader-A boon for the disabled. This gadget read out loud the text you scan it over.

4.A glow-in-the-dark plant-This tobacco plant is now glow-in-the-dark, thanks to some genius biotechnology hobbyists.

5.The off-grid messenger-This magical gadget lets you send text messages to people without cell service and WiFi.Wow!

6.Dog-to-Human Translator-Now talks to your dog in English, with this futuristic gadget that converts their woofs to words.

7.Scan and draw pen-This blockbuster gadget lets you scan on any surface with a pen, and then write in the same color.

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