How To Access Deep Web on Android Phone

Deep Web is kind of secret place for those who are searching for something new and unusual and weird too. You can easily access Deep web on the internet on Windows and iMac. But if you want to access the deep web on Android Phone you have to take some precautions before accessing deep website links.

How To Access Deep Web on Android Phone

It depends on which mobile device you’re using (and also which network).  Since Tor is the most popular way of accessing the deep web, I’ll explain that first.

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If you have an Android Device, the best app to use is Orbot which helps you to connects to the Tor network and a second app in which you browse the links called Orweb

  1. First Download Orbot App and long press the circular button display on the screen. Click Here for Download 
how to access deep web on android phone
  1. Now Download Orweb or Orfox App . Click Here For Download 
how to access deep web on android phone

On an iPhone, there’s a similar app called “Onion Browser,” which essentially has the same functionality as Orweb (but is configured for iOS devices).

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I2p, while not as popular as Tor, is also available for Android devices (and iOS, I believe).  It’s available on Google Play here: I2P – Android Apps on Google Play

I’ve always found I2P a little more difficult to configure than Tor (because you have to do it all manually), and that most likely goes for mobile devices too.  You have to configure your proxy and VPN settings, so that your device will be able to properly connect to the network, but there are quite a few instructional sites and videos that can help with that.

Beyond these two, there are many, many anonymity tools (like VPNs) and proxy apps available for mobile phones as well.  In addition to using Tor, you can use apps like CyberGhost VPN, Psiphon, and TunnelBear to add to your encryption while browsing the dark web.

As always – be careful!!  Your identity is sacred!

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If you Want to access Deep Web Desktop then Watch This video

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