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Android Technology is a mobile operating system currently developed by Google, It is an open source based on Linux kernel platform and designed by a touchscreen phone and tablets.

Android has a wide variety of mobile phones because they are developing Android operating system with handset manufacturing companies which give them more free hand to experiment with Android feature and make their functions like Samsung introduce and have the patent of display clock on the screen while the phone is locked. That’s why Android is more famous than other operating systems like IOS, Blackberry and Windows.

Android based on direct manipulation using touch gesture of your hand or finger that loosely correspond to real-world actions such as tapping, pinching and swiping, to manipulate on-screen objects. It has a virtual keyboard for text input same as your desktop computer keyboard.

android technology, android technology ppt, android technology definition, android technology ppt free download,

Google now further using their Android technology in Tv, watches and even on cars. Google Announces Their Google Car in CES 2016. Wearable watches that connect to your Android device and have a specialized user interface variants Android also used in notebooks, game consoles, digital camera, and other electronic items.

Android is the largest installed base of all operating system of any devices which used the operating system to work. Android achieve a milestone reaching best selling operating system since 2013 and on smartphone, it is dominant by any metric.

Android inc. was founded California in October 2003 by Andy and his colleagues. They wanted Android as a digital camera operating system but they refuse this idea begin working for a mobile operating system. ANdroid wanted to be compete with symbian and Microsoft’s Windows operating system. In july 2005, Google acquired Android Inc. for at least $50 million. Google’s prototype had a close resemblance to a blackberry phone with no touchscreen and a physical QWERTY keyboard with slid function, but later re engineered to support a touchscreen to compete with other announced devices such as LG Prada and Apple iPhone.

Android technology has many update to it’s operating system like cupcake, Donut, ginger, lollipop, kitkat, jelly bean and the latest marshmallow. They always come up with a new update of their operating system in Nexus Phone. Nexus Phone act as a flagship of android device but from 2013 google offered several Google Play edition devices over Google Play while carrying the Google Nexus branding. These were google customized Android phones and tablets that also ran the latest version of Android, free from manufacturer or carrier modification.
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Android Technology PDF Free Download 

Android technology based on Linux kernel platform and very highly customization operating system for smartphones. You can do what you want in your smartphone, Change what app you wish to show first and add a widget to the display. Almost change anything you don’t like it………………….. Continue Reading 

Android Technology Definition

You want to know Android Technology definition, well this is going to be a little bit hard because understanding the technology of any tech device is a bit of difficult and Android is much complex than you thought. Google made easy to you to use and play or even to customize but to understand the definition you have to take some……… Continue Reading

Android Technology PPT | 2016

Android is become fastest growing os those days. every one love to have his own smartphone with android os as the company provide the lots of features in cheap price and with name of big brands like Samsung, Nokia, HTC etc. with may features. Here, we will share few android technology ppt with for free download with easy……. Continue Reading

We can say that runtime is the heart of any Android based device. Runtime is using for the using of running an application in the phone and any software which are used to function properly Android applications are compiled to Dalvik bytecode and run ART. That’s what i explain above in this detailed post.

These are the basics of Android based applications:
• Android applications are composed of one or more application components (activities, services, content providers, and broadcast receivers and runtime format)

• The main file must declare all components in the application and should also declare all application requirements, such as the minimum version of Android required and any hardware configurations required.

• Non-code application resources such as picture, strings and layout files should include alternatives for different device configurations such as different strings for different languages

• Each component performs a different role in the overall application behavior, and each one can be activated individually even by other applications

Google software development and application development, had launched two competitions ADC1 and ADC2 for the most futuristic applications for Android. It offered prizes of $10 million combined in ADC1 and 2. ADC1 was launched in January 2008 and ADC 2 was launched in May 2009. These competitions helped Google a lot in making Android better and more user friendly, advanced and interactive.


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