Apple Virtual Assistant Siri Saves Toddler’s Life

Apple is knowing for its high quality products and its future innovation technology such as SIRI. Siri is the most advanced Virtual Assistant that can help you with your daily use of smartphone. Apple’s Siri helps call ambulance and save toddler’s life.

Apple Siri helps call ambulance and save toddler’s life

An Australian mom Stacey Glesson can’t imagine that the voice assistant in her iPhone would save her child’s life someday.

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Seven News reported the news that took place in March in an Australian household where her one year old daughter Giana Gleeson stopped breathing and needed help. Her mother stacey Glesson saw her daughter, picked her up, sat onthe floor and began to check her that what is blocking his breathe. she knew that her iPhone was lying around same place.

Seven News Added Glesson states that she did not have time to find her phone that she dropped in the emergency because her is only one year old and she was helpless to take breath. So she simply called out to Siri,using the words “Hey Siri” to call for an ambulance. The built-in voice assistant was able to direct the call allowing the mother to be with her daughter, while she was able to stay on the line with emergency services while she resuscitated the child.

“Before I knew it the ambulance was on its way and Giana was breathing again,” she said, reported the Sydney Morning Herald. This was not the first incidence where Siri had saved someone’s life. Last year in August, a US teen used the same voice assistant to call an ambulance after he was pinned underneath a truck in an accident and was unable to reach out for his phone.

Apple is expected to be big with Siri and make it available on more devices and across apps. Rumours point to a new SDK that will let more developers use Siri integration in their third-party apps. Siri is also expected to finally appear on Mac OS (laptops and desktops) or OS X at the WWDC announcement.

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