AT&T Offer Unlimited Data for Customers

At&T Unlimited Data

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At&T Unlimited Data

AT&T Inc. is an American multinational telecommunications corporation, headquartered at Whitacre Tower indowntown Dallas, Texas.[4] AT&T is the second largest provider of mobile telephone and the largest provider offixed telephone[5] in the United States, and also provides broadband subscription television services. AT&T is the third-largest company in Texas (the largest non-oil company, behind only ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips, and also the largest Dallas company)

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Does At&T Have Unlimited Data

At&T Unlimited Data Yes on Monday its DirecTV and U-Verse subscribers can sign up for unlimited wireless data. A single line costs $100 a month, with $40 for each additional line. Enrollment starts Tuesday. For AT&T unlimited data spent $49 billion to buy DirecTV last year in an effort to serve the  customer bundles of wireless, home broadband, video and home phone services. It comes at a time when consumers are dropping their pay-TV service, or never signing up for it in the first place.

Cheapest At&T Data Plan

At&T provide there cheapest data plan is $25 dollar per month and AT&T also said the starting price to sign up for a TV subscription plan is $20 a month. The rate rises to $50 a month after the first unlimited data

Does At&T Slow Down Data

In February, AT&T plans to increase the price of its unlimited data option by $5 to $35 a month for customers who have stubbornly clung to the grandfathered plan.Customers seeking unlimited data have had to turn to T-Mobile or Sprint. (Verizon also killed off its unlimited option.) But even those carriers have been raising their rates for unlimited data as the cost to deliver those services unlimited data

At&T make a big step into the internet indusrty to provide there customer a valuable service absolutely free. Its a small step to connect the world faster. at&t unlimited data

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