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Electronic Arts Presents Xbox One

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Although the Xbox One isn’t the best gaming machine, it is the best total media hub, bringing all your entertainment to one box.The Xbox One is an awesome media hub, though some of the design choices make it less exciting as a gaming console XBOX ONE is Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set .
With the console war in full on, Microsoft had to reverse many of its policies with the Xbox One. However, all of the changes to the new console are for the awesomeness, and gamers will see many high-devastating games in the coming years. The Xbox One is now a no. 1 video game console that will keep families entertained for years and years. As a media hub, the system combines great gaming experiences with cable TV,  The system lags behind the PlayStation 4 in terms of raw power, but it is leaps and bounds ahead of the Nintendo Wii U.Xbox One, Electronic Arts

many of the Xbox One gimmicks are starting to disappear, including the promise of cloud computing and the new Kinect. and  without the Kinect bundled with the console, the Xbox One is on equal grounds with the PlayStation 4, and some of the true and best gaming experiences are coming exclusively to Microsoft’s new console. Because it is the best all-in-one media hub

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The Xbox One is an awesome media hub, though some of the design choices make it less exciting as a gaming console. For the same price you would pay for an Xbox One, and when you looking purely at specs, this new console does not stand against the PlayStation 4. The lacking console power could be bolstered by cloud computing, but few games utilize the technology.Xbox One, Electronic Arts

Microsoft’s biggest oversight in the Xbox One is its lack of hard drive upgrades. This console have 500GB hard drive, which can fill up quickly with game and app installations. Fortunately, you can utilize an external hard drive to store games, apps and data.

On its own, the Xbox One is a far more powerful console than the Nintendo Wii U and all previous consoles, but it’s not quite as powerful as the PS4. At launch, games suffered from lower frame rates and resolutions than the PS4, but with the removal of the Kinect, developers have access to more power from the GPU, and future games will look comparable to the PS4.

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