Best Free Antivirus For Windows 7

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When you buy a computer the first thing come into your mind is that you are going to work on this and make yourself some entertainment by playing online games and watching movies. But you forget to remember one thing when you connect to the internet how you protect your data and your machine from intruders and hackers. The hacker’s job is only to hack a system and just ruin thing in your computer and some bad hackers uses your personal data to ruin your life and they do it by attacking by a virus to your PC. Here you find best free antivirus for Windows 7

Best Free Antivirus For Windows 7

I don’t know why people make virus but i do know that people want to destroy things and that’s why they make these horrible Malware, Spyware and viruses to damage our thing. but if there is evil there is good. For defending those bad guys, good guys make a program that defend your computer from viruses, Antivirus. If you own a Computer, you have to install Antivirus otherwise your data , you computer and your whole thing going to be very unsafe and it been to risky to not install any antivirus in your Operating System.

You have to pay lot for an antivirus but its worth it, but if you don’t want to then there are hundreds of Best free Antivirus available to protect your system.Here you find the list of best free Antivirus to defend you computer from viruses, spywares, malware.

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5Avast 2016

Avast 2016 tops the our list for best free antivirus for windows 7. It has everything what you want in an antivirus. Avast protects with advanced features such as intelligent antivirus, home-network security, Software Updater and others. And if you are planning to upgrade your Windows from Windows like Vista, 7, 8, or 8.1, Avast is fully ready to keep your Windows 10 PC virus-free. Just make sure you are running the latest version of Avast, and you will be safe even on Windows 10.

Avast is approved for every version of Windows even for Newly arrived Windows 10. Avast is fully tested for older and newer versions of Windows to protect your pc.


4Comodo Antivirus Free 8

Comodo Dragon Antivirus is the absolutely free Antivirus for you to use to protect your system from spyware, malware and even from phishing, that use for hacking your email and other social network data.

Comodo AV also features the Default Deny Protection which, as opposed to other security softwares, denies access to a program if it’s not in Comodo’s comprehensive whitelist. The cloud-aware security features are light on the system and provide constant scanning and behavior analysis report.


3360 Total Security

This lightweight and Free Antivirus is very fast and smart. It include everything with internet secuirty to speed up your computer and clear old junk data which has no use and consuming your ram and hard disk.

There is also a sand box which let you install software which have doubt that they are virus, so you can run that software in sand box and check whether it is harmful or not. With one click you can optimize your Windows boot time to 10 or 12 second (depending on your all computer’s speed).


2Panda Free Antivirus 2016

Panda protect you when you browse play or play online, and you won’t even notice panda is there and working for you. It is extremely light as all work done in cloud. You don’t have to worry about updates and those complex setting for you panda got it all for you.

It deliver maximum and fast delivery protection for against the latest viruses. There is no need to do massive signature files and daily updates.


1AVIRA Free Antivirus

Avira is the one the best free antivirus fro windows 7 and run smooth without system slow downs and clean ad free GUI, AD-free installer, No pop-ups. Avira has high quality signature and has a daily update for more protection and detection.

It can do deep scans with very less false positives information and the cloud protection makes an excellent cloud engine.

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Well that’s all folks. These above mentions are the best free antivirus for windows 7 and if you are looking for an lightweight and free antivirus then you can choose from here. Till then safe surfing and stay away from the viruses by using these Antiviruses


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