Top 10 Best Download Manager 2020

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Best Download Manager 2020 We have hundreds of browser for web browsing but it’s a Posttestt surprising to know that even some quite popular web browser cannot satisfy the need of the user for downloading the documents or the other huge amount data. Even the google chrome and Mozilla Firebox didn’t satisfy us. You would have hated the lack of resume download feature and enhanced download speed. In traditional web browser you can’t even manage the order of the downloaded file. Thier number of limitations, actually you can’t do anything the web browser’s download manager. even though they are Chrome Mozilla or internet explorer.

We have listed Top 10 Best Download Manager 2020 for windows. We hope the given list help you to find out stable and improved internet download manager for the fan of internet speed.

Top 10 Best Download Manager 2020 for Windows

10Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager also knows as FDM, is a mixture of powerful features and other coll stuff it’s like alternative of Internet Download Manager, Which is cost $29 dollar after 30 days trial. You will notice when you download your data in free download manager their is slight increasing in the downloading speed. Free Download Manager have the features such as pause and resume downloads anytime and your downloading file doesn’t affect of it. Apart from HTTP and FTP, FDM is offering support for torrent downloading as well, which too is quick when compared with other tools out there.

It also include the feature of to store different files in a different folders, making thing lot more easier. FDM has a integrated media player which play the downloaded media files and music files. Free Download Manager is the simple and excellent download manager for windows  Official Website

9Internet Download Manager

Internet Downlaod Manager is the most popular and used download manager in the most of the world. Internet Downlaod Manager also call IDM claims to bring a more increased sped and stability during downloading the data. Apart from google chrome and mozila firefox out there, IDM gives you the drag and drop system and command line support when you want to manage your download. There is also a timer which allows you to schedule your download. If you want to test your internet speed then click here speedtest. Internet download manager also the basic features of managing the files in different categories and queue support

IDM coming to the latest version which support Windows 10, ability to capture downloadable link of videos from the web player, that is called MMS protocol. There is also fair usage policy for set quotas and if you are a developer then you’ll love the site spider and grabber.


In addition, when coming to the latest version of IDM, you can see support for Windows 10, ability to get video from web-players, MMS protocol support etc along with a wide range of performance improvements. Also, if you have fair usage policy-based connections, the feature to set quotas will be quite useful. If you’re into the developer-based scenario, you will love the Site Spider and Grabber.

If you are ready to spend , Internet Download Manager will surely enhance the way you download files, let that be in terms of speed or stability. It costs $29.95 but if you want to download it free then Click Here IDM FREE DOWNLOAD WITH SERIAL KEY. Official Website 

8Download Accelerator Plus

Best Download Manager 2020 Download Accelerator Plus is another free internet download manager, Which meant to be designed accelerate the downloading speed of the data. Which use the dynamic download engine. DAP can give you the best downloading speed you ever had because it breaks down the source of the single file and reassemble them after downloading. There are lots of excellent feature in DAP but an ultra simple user interface killing it. There is also a premium version of Download Accelerator Plus with some more advanced capabilities.

The best feature of Download Accelerator Plus like Internet Download Manger, it is also support downloading from youtube and other popular video streaming sites. Also convert online youtube videos in Mp3 files. It’s has a option to play video even in the middle of the downloading, FTP browser, inbuilt video convertor and more stuff. In the premium version of DAP, you get more features like File Shredder, ZIP Preview and Trace Cleaner

Download Accelerator plus which is a premium version has a easy user interface and powerful download engine. The premium is costs $24.95 dollars. Official Website


Best Download Manager 2020 Jdownloader is free and open source download management. It brings stands some cool features in a simple looking User Interface. This java written software helps you to pause and resume downloading files along some smartly features such as multiple downloading files on one time, Support for popular streaming site like youtube, my space, Vimeo. Jdownloader also come for MAC, Linux and other developer based operating system

This download manager helps you when you get blocked from availing the full speed when they changes the IPs od downloading file after a pause.There are 300 different types o plugin with various service like wordpress and UCMS which help you in your work. They also giving the best customer experience by 24 hours of help you clear your queries. In terms of looks and User Interface, you can install various themes and multiple language. Despite all these features, JDownloader is a minimalistic solution for download managing.

When you prefer open-source and free to the premium ones, JDownloader is indeed a good-to-go solution, not only for Windows but also Mac and Linux. Official Website


Best Download Manager 2016 Download them all is not an Internet download manager but an extension of the Mozilla Firefox web browser which bring you the advance download management feature inside the firefox web browser. You are right we have not to compare this small extension with the fully loaded download manager mentioned above but it definitely an impressive solution when you need high speed inside the web browser and you can also customize the downloading files as per your priorities

In the matter of fact that DownThemall is a completely integration with mozilla, it can not work alone. the feature to spider pages quite useful in downloading huge amount of data. DownThemAll is one of the best built-in download manager you are going to have but with just Mozilla Firefox Web Browser. Official Website

5Orbit Downloader

Best Download Manager 2016 Orbit downloader is the fully loaded downloadmanager for the windows, which gives you the option of downloading anything and everything at high speed and performance. They call themself the Download Manager Revolution. It has the ability to download the content from the site like Pandura, Youtube etc. All this stunning features in simple user interface, which consume relatively smaller amount of the resource only. It has also some additional features.

Orbit Downloader support different types of protocol like HTTP, FTP, MMS, RTSP etc. Using Orbit Downloader you can set up proxy server along with general options for general management. It also support sites like Rapidshare, which let you download files quickly from the hosting sites.

In short Orbit Downloader is small but powerful tool foe windows,m and its totally free to download. Official Website


Best Download Manager 2016 FlashGet is the most powerful download manager after internet download manager. FlashGet has lots of download management based features to offer and they all come together in simpler User Interface. It can Optimize your downloading data giving you the speed that is very fast enough. At the same time FlashGet also support the protocols like other download manager such as HTTP, FTP, BT and eMule. All this set of cool features let you manage your files and documents you have downloaded, like search the list, rename, drag and drop transfer.

Despite the size of this application is very small, it has the superb features to offer, such as support for skin that you can download and install. There are alos add on for the FlashGet. It lets you get files downloaded in a remote PC through an email (given that FlashGet is installed in that PC).

FlashGet promise to deliver the best experience after using this software. You can also use this application for managing the downloads in your Windows PC. It has some features that can do well in professional environments as well. and it’s totally free to use. Official Website

3Download Ninja

You already know that Google Chrome don’t let you manage your downloaded files files, But the Download Ninja do that work for you. Download Ninja is the fully grown up download manager but It also added to Google CHrome to give the experience to manage your downloaded files using only your browser, you don’t have to run two different application for one thing. You can add your download to Download Ninja in a click as simple as that. All that cool features in one extension.

Apart from pausing and resuming downloads, This software also include like Downloading queuing speed limiting, shredding files. Download Ninja also support multi language and different types of themes, and you can also edit those theme which you are using to download ninja. If we are to consider all these, Download Ninja is indeed a great Chrome extension you have. Official Website

2Internet Download Accelerator

Internet Download Accelerator have so many impressive features, internet download accelerator is just awesome software when it comes to the case of downloading the huge amount of the data and managing them in an effective manner and yes user interface is so simple that you will love using it for download management. It also as active visual cart that let you run the tool without actually opening it in a fully loaded window. Internet Download Accelerator is look like a cheap rip off a Internet Downlaod Manage. The user interface is the same as IDM and managing the downloads file are the same as IDM.

It has a lot of features such as the ZIP Preview, option to watch videos even when download is halfway, FTP Explorer & a lot of others.

Of course, taking the availability of features and other capabilities into the account, IDA is a good-to-go option when you don’t mind the old-looking UI. Indeed, you can go with it. Official website

1Microsoft Download Manager

We end our list of top 10 download managers for Windows with a tool from Microsoft! Microsoft Download Manger is a simple-enough tool, which weighs less than 2 MB to manage your downloads, whether they are broken and paused for the convenience of yours. The tool is now available for Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10, and it comes as an integrated solution for devices running later versions of Windows. You cannot expect that many features but you can manage your downloads smoothly regardless the size of files you’ve to get. Official Website

Hope you like it List of Top 10 Best Download Manager 2020. If you want to add other downloader then tell in comment below and we’ll add them to our post and tell your name and social profile of your on the internet. Till then happy surfing.


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