Don’t Open This Link For WhatsApp Video Calling

New Delhi: WhatsApp has recently launched video calling service on its app. The new feature will be rolled out to WhatsApp’s over one billion users over the next few days.

However, the new video services have given a chance to hackers and spammers, vying for people to fall into their trap.

A similar link, inviting people to join the video calling has surfaced in the online space. The link has been very carefully crafted. At first glance, it will surely deceive the users.

The link first invites users to opt for video calling. It says “You’re invited to try WhatsApp Video Calling feature. Only people with the invitation can enable this feature”.

It then very craft-fully takes you to a spam website seeking your details. Once you verify yourself, it asks you to invite your friends through the same link.

Beware and don’t fall into the trap, as, after giving all the details, you might be prone to hacking.

If you must, go to Google play, and download video calling.

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